Results for 2012 Tour of The White Mountains
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PlacePlate #NameDurationCityStateCategorySponsorAge
1 Wayne Lee01:04:24Las CrucesNM10 Mile  
2 David Whitehead01:15:44AvondaleAZ10 Mile  
3 Darren Cook01:17:55Mayer AZ10 Mile  
4 Sharon Whitehead01:19:56AvondaleAZ10 Mile  
5 Gene Valocchi01:29:29MesaAZ10 Mile  
6 Jamie Valocchi01:30:43MesaAZ10 Mile  
7 Ethan Iverson01:36:34PhoenixAZ10 Mile  
8 Greg Iverson01:36:40PhoenixAZ10 Mile  
9 Mark Madler01:56:54Prescott ValleyAZ10 Mile  
10 Ron Madler01:56:54Prescott ValleyAZ10 Mile  
11 Ethan Austin01:58:18TucsonAZ10 Mile  
12 Paul Austin01:58:20TucsonAZ10 Mile  
13 Chris Stewart01:59:05ScottsdaleAZ10 Mile  
14 Casey Stewart01:59:06ScottsdaleAZ10 Mile  
15 Jonathan Pitts02:09:39Oro ValleyAZ10 Mile  
16 Tate Allen02:52:25MesaAZ10 Mile  
17 Sally Allen02:52:33MesaAZ10 Mile  
18 Frances Pitts02:56:22Oro ValleyAZ10 Mile  
19 Karen Barnes03:05:25PhoenixAZ10 Mile  
20 Carl Cowgill03:05:26PhoenixAZ10 Mile  
21 Jarod Pratt03:09:48PhoenixAZ10 Mile  
22 Amy Pratt03:10:05PhoenixAZ10 Mile  
23 Jessica Owen03:10:21PhoenixAZ10 Mile  
24 Brian Curley03:27:02TucsonAZ10 Mile  
25 Briana Curley03:27:03TucsonAZ10 Mile