2020 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1631Not So Pretty In Pink2312:40 PM4 Person Men OpenBelgian Waffle Ride, Quick n Dirty, The Lost Abbey Brewery
2772Team Low T2212:33 PMCorporate TeamArea 51
3473Black Mountain Boyz2212:45 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
4778Granite Green221:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
5614Coffee Peddlers2112:01 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSingle Speed Coffee Roasters, ,
6445Primal Audi Denver2112:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
7587Bloomington Cycle and Fitness Racing Team2112:06 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
8599Exhale Bikes2112:14 PM4 Person Men OpenExhale Bikes, ,
9441Atl Peeps2112:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeL5 Flyers, Peach tree Bikes,
10586veloworx/ronbrocks.com2112:23 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
11436Roca Roja ROLLERS211:15 PM4 Person - Single SpeedRoca Roja Bicycles, Lots of cool people...., Do NOT fake the FUNK on a nasty KLUNK!
12766ZWIFT211:23 PMCorporate TeamZwift, ,
13282Chico, Baby2012:00 PMDuo Male, ,
14522RACECO/No Ride Around2012:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
15625Swipe Right and Do It All Night2012:14 PM4 Person Men OpenSmith's Pest Management, ,
16451Swipe Right and do it all night2012:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
17465Legends Racing Team2012:18 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeRon Brock's, Trek Store West Phoenix,
18114Toast2012:19 PMSolo MaleSanta Cruz,, Shimano, Infinit Nutrition
19223Don't Make Me Consult Urology2012:24 PMDuo - Female, ,
20611OVB Presents Peer PreSSure2012:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeOro Valley Bicycle, The Tucson Fuzz, 32 x whatever
21602Apex Phat Five2012:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeApexNetwork Physical Therapy, Sierra Vista, ,
22501WUBes2012:30 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
23442Carpe Cruciamen!2012:30 PM4 Person - Single SpeedAspen Cycles, ,
24756Maiden Voyager\'s2012:31 PMCorporate TeamAZ Crown Center, Dynamic Devo, Four Peaks Family Dental
25458Man vs Cholla2012:37 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
26279Veggie Swine2012:41 PMDuo Male, ,
27567Spokes Folks2012:48 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSun and Spokes Bicycle Shop, ,
28623Weapons of Ass Destruction2012:53 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Stans NoTubes, ,
29621Pivot Burrito Factory2012:53 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgePivot Cycles, ,
30712Drop Em’ Out!2012:55 PMCorporate Team, ,
31717Team Cedarbrook2012:56 PMCorporate Team, ,
32537Wet Dream Team2012:58 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
33609Slim and Knobbies201:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeWist Business Supplies, City of Hope,
34720Two Wheel Jones201:03 PMCorporate TeamRob, ,
35459More Poops than Loops Single Ply201:33 PM4 Person - Single SpeedMr., ,
36246Dirt Whispering Rainbow Unicorns Duo1912:01 PMDuo MaleUSMES, ,
379Taylor Lideen1912:01 PMSolo Male, ,
38457Freakfactor Classic1912:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
39300Dumb and Dumber1912:07 PMDuo MaleIncycle, Kenda tires, Bell helmets
40413Chafing the Dream1912:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
41512primo bros1912:13 PM4 Person Men OpenOur wives, ,
42597Pedro’s Posse1912:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
43288Type 2 Fun, BRO!1912:14 PMDuo MaleRocca Roja, Bicycle Ranch AZ,
44278Beaver Slayers1912:16 PMDuo Male, ,
45407El Grupo Cinco1912:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
46275Hubba & Bubba1912:23 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
47410El Grupo Cuatro1912:41 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
48152AWI Racing1912:42 PMSolo Male, ,
49422Chicken Noodles1912:50 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
50752Get out the dam way!1912:57 PMCorporate TeamJF Brennan, ,
51722All Nighters191:00 PMCorporate TeamTwo Wheel Jones, ,
52415Zia Rides New Wizona191:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
53500Hindsight is 24/OP191:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
54532Father, Son & Holy Spoke191:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeDSD, Hammer Nutrition,
55443Slow N Tyred191:09 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
56723Seven Barrel Sucker Punchers1812:00 PMCorporate Team, ,
57592Fig1812:03 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
58740Yuma Yummies1812:05 PMCorporate Team, ,
59626Snow White and the 4 Old Guys1812:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeRide Cyclery, ,
60409El Grupo Uno1812:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
61775Team Cirrus - Blazed and Confused1812:07 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual, ,
62540Leftovers1812:08 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
63481OuttaBounds Hawaii1812:09 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
64272He made me do it1812:13 PMDuo Co-edEast Fork Bike, Team Stages Cycling,
65446Useless1812:17 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
66546THE PURSUIT OF HOPPYNESS1812:19 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
67777Team Cirrus - Dazed and Confused1812:20 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual, ,
68705TT_TucsonTandem1812:22 PMCorporate Team, ,
69483Foundre Racing1812:23 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeBluCor Contracting, ,
70248bAcKcountry Racing1812:26 PMDuo Co-edBackcountry AK, ,
71552Team Cycle Paths-MTB1812:27 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
72511Los Toadies North1812:31 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
734643 Dudes and a Cock1812:35 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
74402Steel Joints1812:39 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Wist Business Supplies, City of Hope,
75710Sleep When You're Dead1812:41 PMCorporate Team, ,
76732The Rubber Broke...again1812:41 PMCorporate TeamData Doctors, Orange Theory Fitness, HB Industries
77596We're just here for the Whiskey Tree1812:44 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
78731Do it in the dirt1812:44 PMCorporate TeamAz Kidney Diseae, ,
79439Sparkle Pony 21812:54 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
80525Alpha Dogs1812:57 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
81408El Grupo Tres1812:58 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
82404Team Fourth Dimension1812:58 PM4 Person Men OpenNorthwest Pet Clinic, ,
83776Team Cirrus - Hazed and Confused1812:59 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual, ,
84484Mt. Goats181:00 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
85779Granite Chill Team181:01 PMCorporate Team, ,
86724casas coci181:10 PMCorporate Teamcasas coci, ksh,
87435Team PCP181:15 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeMark Pepe, Mark Pepe, Mark Pepe
88534Ain’t Misbehavin181:16 PM4 Person Men Open87 Cyclery, Payson, AZ, ,
89527Copa Cabana181:18 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
90632the Gorillas181:35 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
91566High Altitude181:36 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeHigh Altitude, Specialized, Stans no Tubes
92628F®ED1712:00 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
93563Sierra Nevada Mommas1712:00 PM4 Person Women Open1999, Sierra Nevada Brewery,
94477Dirty Desert Grinders1712:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
95494The Carny Ride1712:04 PM4 Person Men OpenCliffird the Traildog, ,
96425Muad'Dibs1712:10 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
97521Spoke'n Hot1712:10 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+AZWR, MMC, ,
98400Om Gurus1712:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeTucson Endurance Performance Center, Guru Suspension,
99480Weapons of A$$ Destruction1712:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
100496The Fookerz1712:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
10111IMMOunited Racing Team1712:17 PMSolo MaleIMMOunited, MAVIDA Hotel Zell am See, NICApur
102498Los Mariachis1712:19 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
103523HIGH EXPECTATIONS, POOR EXECUTION1712:21 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeRedington Realty, ,
104746Apex Speedsters1712:23 PMCorporate TeamApexNetwork Physical Therapy, ,
105786Team Archer1712:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
106595Conway Bearcats1712:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeBell and Company, Specialized Bikes, The Ride
107758Picture Me Rollin1712:26 PMCorporate TeamThe Bike Shop, ,
108505Invictus1712:27 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
109589Durty Dugongs1712:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
110759The OG's1712:33 PMCorporate TeamThe Bike Shop, ,
111770Deceptively Slow1712:38 PMCorporate TeamFarhang & Medcoff, ,
112715Psomas Psycling1712:41 PMCorporate Team, ,
113469We Lost Our Captain1712:45 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
114461Team OTB1712:46 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
115708Apex Sessions1712:55 PMCorporate TeamApexNetwork Physical Therapy, ,
116782Pivot Fireblades1712:56 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles, ,
117257Team Nasti Nati171:06 PMDuo Male, ,
118711El Paso: Spanish for the Paso171:17 PMCorporate Team, ,
119748Hobbs Masonry 2171:19 PMCorporate Team, ,
120789Bicycle Ranch Tucson171:24 PMCorporate TeamBicycle Ranch Tucson, ,
121620The Filfy Basterds171:25 PM4 Person Men OpenTransit Marketing Group-, Lucky Turtle Craft Extracts,
122178FT3171:37 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
1236054Mundas171:37 PM4 Person Men Open 
124456Inner 2 Winner171:39 PM4 Person Men OpenElastic Laser, ,
125593LARALS171:44 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
126524Sisters of no mercy1612:02 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
127488The Offspring1612:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
128550Think MTB 21612:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
129491False Bravado1612:10 PM4 Person Men OpenWist Office Products, City of Hope,
130716Countertop Crew1612:13 PMCorporate TeamThe Countertop Shop, LLC, ,
131228Elevate MTB1612:15 PMDuo Male, ,
132767PSYCLE-PATHS1612:20 PMCorporate Team, ,
13393Boardtown Bikes1612:20 PMSolo MaleBoardtown Bikes, ,
134703Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies1612:22 PMCorporate Team, ,
135743Mountain G.O.A.T.1612:27 PMCorporate Team, ,
136733Prescott College Cycling1612:27 PMCorporate TeamPrescott College, ,
137725Hobbs Masonry1612:33 PMCorporate Team, ,
138417Baaad Hombres1612:36 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeThe Thing?, Catalina Brewing, Mulholland Art & Design
139769GEOST1612:39 PMCorporate TeamGEOST Inc., ,
140463BEANS & RICE1612:44 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
141479Epic by VanWorks1612:44 PM4 Person Men OpenVanWorks, ESI,
142150Whytanium1612:44 PMSolo MaleWhy Cycles, ,
1435603 salchichas, a taco, y dos peaches1612:46 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
144627Ketchum If You Can1612:46 PM4 Person Women OpenLiv, Red Bull, Garmin
145576Rock Drop Junkies1612:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeCorvus Ecological Consulting, ,
146411El Grupo Chicas1612:51 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
147554Copa Alumni1612:53 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
148497Drankin' Mashers1612:55 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
149412Humpback Chubs161:04 PM4 Person Men OpenArisawa Tech, ,
150438CKAS161:09 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
151253Old Pueblo Bike Gang161:16 PMDuo MaleArizona Cyclist, ,
152195FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers-Windber161:24 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
153291Bike League1512:01 PMDuo Male, ,
154434Age, Don't get old!1512:01 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Ben's Bikes, Giant,
155476The Johnsons1512:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
156235Brown and Down1512:02 PMDuo Male, ,
157610Canyon Crew1512:02 PM4 Person Men OpenCanyon Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehabilitation, ,
158243Pink Pivot Power1512:03 PMDuo - FemaleKenda, Pivot, Wins Wheels
159485The Misfits1512:03 PM4 Person Men OpenWeist/ City of Hope, ,
160509Think MTB 11512:03 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
161562Pork n Beans1512:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
162504Cooter Cruncher Delight1512:04 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
163622Scared Shiftless1512:04 PM4 Person - Single SpeedThe Broken Spoke, ,
164199JAKROO1512:05 PMSolo - Single Speed Female, ,
165294Breakfast Pie1512:05 PMDuo MaleElevated Legs, CarboRocket, Fluid
166714Team Accelerate1512:05 PMCorporate Team, ,
167787Team Hustle1512:06 PMCorporate Team, ,
168437Just Here for the Beer1512:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
169578Some Michiganders and a Michigoose1512:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeSpring Lake Yacht Club, ,
170763Nashville Dirty Birds1512:06 PMCorporate Team, ,
171482Chugin' Beers N Changing Gears1512:08 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
172736Sweethearts1512:12 PMCorporate Team, ,
173472Linked Cycling1512:13 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
174615Ride Faster, Not Harder1512:16 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
175594The World's Sixth Sense1512:17 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
176745PICOR1512:19 PMCorporate Team, ,
177561CULIACAN PRO1512:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
17882A guy on a bike1512:21 PMSolo Male, ,
1797413AM Trainwreck1512:22 PMCorporate TeamBohn Biofilter, ,
180788Pretty Raw for a White Claw1512:24 PMCorporate TeamCabling Solutions Group, Copper Spoke Cycles,
181520Delta Sc00ty1512:31 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
182507Have a Beer Take a Lap. Repeat1512:34 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
183270Friques & Giques1512:34 PMDuo - FemaleTransit Cycles, ,
184719OTB Skid Mark Racing1512:35 PMCorporate Team, ,
1855833 sorry old guys 1 kid1512:36 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
186744Toro Horos Dos1512:46 PMCorporate Team, ,
187416MonkeyPunks1512:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeThe Thing?, Catalina Brewing, Mulholland Art & Design
188256Perky knobs squishy grips1512:59 PMDuo Male, ,
189784Catalina Brewing Company151:05 PMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing, Far End Gear, The Jersey Grill
190516People of the Sun151:11 PM4 Person Men OpenJefferson Gerwig, Jefferson Gerwig, Jefferson Gerwig
191558MichiZona151:13 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
192427Everybody get down, this is a robbery!151:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
193762NYC Velo1412:00 PMCorporate TeamNavesink Home Loans, ,
19450Ant likes bikes1412:00 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTeam OVB, ,
195145Rich Maines1412:01 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleENVE Racing Hammer Nutrition Vassago Cycles, ,
196449The Revolution By Night1412:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
197551Crack Monkeys1412:01 PM4 Person Men OpenO'Neil Building Corporation, ,
198444Laser Cats1412:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
199742Punch Drunk Monkeys1412:01 PMCorporate Team, ,
20091In It For The Mind Games1412:02 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
201706Crank Spankers1412:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
202147Dylan Johnson1412:02 PMSolo MaleNiner/Starlight, ,
203783Pivot FireChickenzzz1412:03 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles, ,
204729Rubber Side Down1412:03 PMCorporate Team, ,
205555Off The Road Again1412:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
206765GMF team 21412:04 PMCorporate Team, ,
207502Roo Rat Crushers1412:08 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
208624We'd win, but Joe's on the Team1412:10 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSun & Spokes, ,
209234The Cowboy & His Cowgirl1412:15 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
210774Pedal to the Medal1412:16 PMCorporate Team, ,
211262To bad Guy didn’t make it1412:20 PMDuo MalePinetop Brewery, Showlow Ford,
212734Team Maddog1412:20 PMCorporate Team, ,
213757Let's See Them Aliens!1412:21 PMCorporate Team, ,
214572Tropic Pinners1412:24 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
215283Soul Crushed1412:24 PMDuo MaleWheat Ridge, ,
216730Toros Horos Uno1412:27 PMCorporate Team, ,
217707Brazen Saddles1412:28 PMCorporate TeamFull Spectrum Sports, ,
2185334 Old Cool Arrows1412:28 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
219735Off Pace Again (OPA)1412:31 PMCorporate Team, ,
220515Silver Law PLC1412:44 PM4 Person Men OpenSilver Law PLC, Bicycle World TV, Dynamite Auto
221519Squirrel Abomination III1412:45 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
222753Hold My Beer1412:49 PMCorporate Team, ,
223702Los Borrachos1412:59 PMCorporate Team, ,
224747High Level of Mediocrity141:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
225781Visit Tucson141:05 PMCorporate TeamVisit Tucson, ,
226426Skid Marks141:08 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
227204I'm with Stupid1312:00 PMSolo MaleUniversity of Idaho, ,
228165El Viejo1312:01 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
229146Drew Geer1312:01 PMSolo MaleAlchemist, ,
230403Whiskey Tree Huggers1312:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
23134LaJuan Kelley1312:01 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleExhale Bikes, ,
232700Wingnuts 21312:02 PMCorporate TeamG & J Development, ,
233475Saddle Tramps1312:02 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
234764Cemex1312:02 PM4 Person Men OpenCemex, ,
235506Team Safety Third1312:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
236440Team Knot Fast1312:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
237174Honey Stinger/Bontrager1312:04 PMSolo FemaleHoney Stinger, Bontrager, Tailwind Nutrition
23897Cycle-Paths MTB1312:06 PMSolo MaleVelofix-Corona, ,
239127Steve Schaefer1312:08 PMSolo Male, ,
240543OneNinerOne1312:14 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
241780Posers & Dozers1312:14 PMCorporate TeamEmpire/CAT, JT Racing,
242531Grubs1312:19 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
243428Chain Gang1312:21 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
244168Team Schaffner1312:25 PMSolo Male, ,
245136Cyclepath1312:27 PMSolo Male, ,
246210Chuck Wheeler1312:28 PMSolo Male, ,
247175Gnarwhals1312:29 PMSolo Male, ,
248423SkinSideUp-BloodSideIn1312:39 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+P3 Solar, Cisco Systems,
249542Hot1312:42 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
250569Floss Monkeys1312:45 PM4 Person Men OpenChapman Automotive, ,
251406el Grupo Dos1312:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
252189Airwolf Helicopter Attack131:00 PMSolo Male, ,
253751College Minus Shota's Mom131:14 PMCorporate Team, ,
254608No Fork n' Brake131:17 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Altuscare.com, ,
255419McDowell Family Racing131:26 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
256754El Nino, Spanish for the Nino131:39 PMCorporate Team, ,
257295Circadian Rhythms131:53 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
258249Strand Duo1212:00 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
259575It Doesn’t Pencil Out1212:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
26038Juan Quixote de La Mancha1212:01 PMSolo Male, ,
261420Shift For Brains1212:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
262264Team jmc1212:02 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
26333Kimmi Runner1212:02 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleFenix Cycling, Kenda Tire, GUP
264768flirting with disaster1212:03 PMCorporate Team, ,
265606The Walmart Greeters1212:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
266564Bad Decisions1212:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
267674 Peaks Racing1212:04 PMSolo Male4 Peaks Racing, ,
268233Kunch of Bunts1212:04 PMDuo - Female, ,
269101Ethan Sanchez1212:05 PMSolo MaleDad Rocks, ,
270460Taints Don't Cry1212:05 PM4 Person Men OpenKirk's RV, ,
271144David Smeeth1212:05 PMSolo MaleOver The Edge Sports Sedona, ,
272478Pinal Pounders1212:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
273721Goon Skwad 20201212:10 PMCorporate Team, ,
274601Pinoys on Wheels1212:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
275600RADAR Company1212:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
27659Kirk Telaneus1212:13 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleIbis Cycles, ,
27770fireduck1212:13 PMSolo Male, ,
278553Cyclo1212:14 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
27948Sully1212:18 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleRock N Roll Lubrication , Lupine lights, ,
280273A Dry Rain1212:26 PMDuo MaleTransit Cycles, Swift Industries,
281240Pivot Cycles | Injustry Nine1212:27 PMDuo Co-edMichael Taylor Architects, MRP - Shimano, GU - UltraMTB
282232Team Sparklepony 11212:29 PMDuo Male, ,
283184ESBRealEstate.com1212:45 PMSolo Male, ,
284432Cold Snacks- Presented By Malted barley, hops, water, yeast, and awesomeness1212:48 PM4 Person Men OpenMontucky Beer, Magical Unicorns, Awesomeness
285194SM121:03 PMSolo Female, ,
286401Chaffing the dream121:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
287131Tap121:34 PMSolo Male, ,
288267Old Shoes1112:00 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
289761Cemex Go1112:00 PM4 Person Men OpenCemex, ,
290238Don't Stop Til You Drop1112:01 PMDuo Male, ,
291701Can You Cactus?1112:01 PMCorporate Team, ,
292299Just Us1112:03 PMDuo Male, ,
293549I think I can1112:03 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
294169Kason1112:03 PMSolo Male, ,
295529Pulp Friction1112:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
296155Marques with a C1112:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBack of the Pack Racing, ,
297148Renegades1112:05 PMSolo Female, ,
298619Slay’d by Teatons1112:05 PM4 Person Men OpenFlo Chiropractic, ,
299499Braking Bad1112:05 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
300467Los Horny Toadies1112:08 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
301471The Young and the Rest of Us1112:09 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
302447DiRTT BALLeRS1112:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
303462Skynet1112:09 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
304585Cog Gobblers1112:10 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
305726My mom thinks I\'m fast1112:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
306514My Crankset is Bigger than your Crankset1112:20 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgePinetop Brewing Company, ,
307466Low Speed High Drag1112:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
308739Los Cajones Grandes en Fuego1112:22 PMCorporate TeamGSW, ,
309269Entry Level1112:39 PMDuo Male, ,
3104314DudesBrew1112:39 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
311737Team MM1112:43 PMCorporate Team, ,
312612Hops and Watts1112:44 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
313545The Crop Dusters1112:44 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
314261DTF: Down To Find bugs1112:48 PMDuo - FemaleSpecialized Bicycle Components, ,
315728MSM1112:53 PMCorporate TeamMSM, ,
31678Bitches be Crazy1012:02 PMSolo MaleGroove Subaru Racing Team, ,
3177Crossed UP1012:02 PMSolo MaleEl Grupo Cycling, David Cross Interiors,
318103Thrive and prosper1012:02 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
319255Dillydally Duo1012:02 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
320225Hullo1012:03 PMDuo Male, ,
321414Tamale Snatchers1012:05 PM4 Person Men OpenOur MTB Rides, ,
322630Hold My Beer1012:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
323603Team ToDoIT1012:05 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
324539Old Pueblo MTB1012:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
325207ballard1012:08 PMSolo - Single Speed Female, ,
326430Team Hairier1012:09 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
327582Consolation is Still a Prize1012:17 PM4 Person Men Open1980, ,
328492Tropic Thunder1012:20 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
329221Willow Ufgood's Hippie-Foot Tree Squids1012:22 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
330598Woodpecker Lips1012:24 PM4 Person - Single Speed2 Wheel Jones, ,
331418Wolfpack1012:24 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
332704The Sore Taints1012:25 PMCorporate Team, ,
33362Solo Together1012:25 PMSolo MaleSolo Together, ,
33447Spleeny McGee1012:25 PMSolo MaleSolo Together, ,
335536MTBeers1012:34 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
336547Tire Treads1012:44 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
3376Team Coco1012:50 PMSolo FemaleLone Peak Physical Therapy, Gallatin Alpine Sports,
33855Oracle Mountain Gearheads1012:55 PMSolo Male, ,
339487Lunatic Fringe VI101:13 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
340170Bike Hardcore101:34 PMSolo Malebikehardcore.com, ,
34114101:36 PMSolo Male, ,
342200Team Heroes912:02 PMSolo MaleMotion Cycling, ,
343538The Flying AzTex912:02 PM4 Person Men OpenTeam Rhino, ,
34449Living the dream912:03 PMSolo Male, ,
345607Girls with Gas912:03 PM4 Person Women OpenOn Your Left Fitness and Timing, ,
34669Descent Race Team912:04 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleCycleogical, Crank Brothers, Maxxis
347206Mike Rice912:04 PMSolo MaleStans Notubes, ,
348109Bill Valleroy912:04 PMSolo MaleBill Valleroy, Bill Valleroy, Bill Valleroy
349191Old, fat, and slow912:05 PMSolo MaleUMassMemorial Healthcare, Bloomington Cycle and Fitness,
350102Twin 1912:06 PMSolo MaleMe, ,
351214Kim Bear912:08 PMSolo Female, ,
352588Side Swiping Sally912:13 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
353771Scrambled Legs912:14 PMCorporate Team, ,
354274Butch and Sundance912:15 PMDuo Male, ,
355424Fireball Faeries912:18 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
356161S team chasing B Team912:18 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleExhale Bikes, ,
357157B team chasing S912:18 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleExhale, ,
35835Team Dave912:37 PMSolo MaleI wish, ,
359556Foundre Racing912:39 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
360785Willow Springs Ranch Hands91:13 PMCorporate Team, ,
361760Brew Crew91:17 PMCorporate Team, ,
362123Dem Proctor Boyz812:00 PMSolo Male, ,
363226Walker Bros812:01 PMDuo Male, ,
364709Arizona State Radiology812:01 PMCorporate TeamArizona State Radiology, ,
36537Single Minded812:01 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
366290Padded Cell Psycholists812:03 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
367211Beating Dad812:03 PMSolo MaleExhale Bikes, ESI Grips, Mom and Dad
368541TRAZER812:04 PM4 Person Men OpenTRAZER, ,
369197Dan Quick812:05 PMSolo Male, ,
370591The MISFITS812:05 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
371535Sweet Caroline...Braap, Braap, Braap812:05 PM4 Person - Single SpeedNone, ,
372265Ironbetic812:06 PMDuo MaleKappius Components, Fullerton Bike Shop,
37353Twin 2812:06 PMSolo MaleMyself, ,
374718Ill Tempered Sea Bass812:07 PMCorporate Team, ,
37587More Gears Than Friends812:07 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBlue Dog Bike Shop and Meth Lab, ,
376241Tenacious Tortoises812:10 PMDuo Male, ,
377230King Mateos812:10 PMDuo Male, ,
378209Team Mad Luke812:10 PMSolo MaleSaguaro Solar, Oro Valley Bicycle,
37946Soaring Eagle812:14 PMSolo FemaleDNA, ,
38051Flying Kangaroo812:16 PMSolo MaleComans Cloud Solutions, ,
381421Slow Rollers812:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
38272G M812:18 PMSolo Male, ,
383237The Procrastinators812:44 PMDuo Male, ,
38442Ignorance is...812:44 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
385616Team Might Cry812:51 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
38658Team Purple Haze812:57 PMSolo MaleAlpine Brewing, ,
387481:03 PMSolo Female, ,
388263Beauty and The Beast!81:05 PMDuo - FemaleDaddy, ,
389113Seano81:34 PMSolo MaleSilicon Valley Sports Medicine, ,
390171Tour de Heart712:01 PMSolo FemaleBoston Scientific, ,
391112Casarona712:01 PMSolo Male, ,
392202Joe Solo712:02 PMSolo Male, , MMC
393106Proctor712:02 PMSolo Male, ,
39443Turd Ferguson712:02 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSpam, Steel Panther, Schlitz
395182Kevin Johansen712:03 PMSolo Male, ,
396258Rice and Beans712:03 PMDuo Male, ,
397570Flying Derelicts712:03 PMDuo MaleSpring Creek Farms, ,
39881Shunkadelic712:03 PMSolo Male, ,
399604Tucson MTB Addicts712:05 PM4 Person Men OpenTucson MTB Addicts, Von's Car Star, Comfort Reponse Cooling & Heating
400158Blue Bird712:05 PMSolo Female, ,
401573Gears n Beers712:05 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
402242Riding in Circles712:15 PMDuo Co-edBackcountry Bike and Ski, ,
403429Red ?? Fox712:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
404192Joy Ride Bikes712:21 PMSolo MaleJoy Ride Bikes, ,
40520Solo Together712:25 PMSolo Male, ,
406203Solo Spatula712:29 PMSolo MaleMyself, ,
407448Dirty K and the Boys712:38 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeMan Monday, ,
408613The Forkoffs712:51 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
40964Solo Cup712:57 PMSolo MaleSolo Together, ,
410118Antonio Morales712:59 PMSolo Male, ,
411517Spanks and Cranks71:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
412216Estamos Borrachos612:00 PMDuo MaleFair Wheel Bikes, ,
41310Why?612:00 PMSolo Male, ,
414205Common Side Effects Include...612:01 PMSolo Male, ,
415217Only One Asshole612:02 PMDuo MaleDikens Cider, ,
416286Father and Son612:03 PMDuo MaleHammer Nutrition, ,
417167Team JDA612:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
418208Jeri Kremer612:05 PMSolo Female, ,
419296Dos pobres Mexicanos612:05 PMDuo Co-edDove Soap, Filibertos,
420244S&M612:05 PMDuo Male, ,
42125Scott Nicholas Sawyer612:06 PMSolo Male, ,
422224Peaches & Cream612:06 PMDuo Co-edMetal Works Precision Machine & Tool,Inc, ,
423727Scrambled Legs612:08 PMCorporate TeamWist, City of Hope,
42473YARD SALE612:17 PMSolo Malesponsored by my WIFE, ,
42524Sexual Chocolate612:20 PMSolo Male, ,
42623Solo Mojo612:22 PMSolo Male, ,
42775To the Stars612:27 PMSolo Male, ,
42830HFS Designs612:47 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
429617The Most Crank612:51 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
430121Bikers61:02 PMSolo Male, ,
431186Handy & A Hundo61:11 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleP, B, R
432227Too Crazy61:14 PMDuo Male, ,
433183Handy & A Hundo61:16 PMSolo Male, ,
43426K-Nut61:35 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
435247Ginger Flash Racing512:00 PMDuo Male, ,
436115Brazel Bros512:01 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
437196512:01 PMSolo Male, ,
438252Just gettin some miles in512:02 PMDuo MaleTriplex Training, ,
43956Merten512:03 PMSolo Male, ,
440239Barbra Streisand's Illegitimate Kids512:04 PMDuo Male, ,
441126Jeff Kellywood512:04 PMSolo Male, ,
44298Team Physical Phatness512:04 PMSolo Male, ,
44318Yay Booze!512:05 PMSolo Male, ,
44471Caveman512:05 PMSolo Male, ,
445468Vagiants512:06 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
446213Om Guna Move512:09 PMSolo Female, ,
447229Singer/Scott512:18 PMDuo Male, ,
448120....Science with Soul512:30 PMSolo MaleWist, City of Hope,
449474TULEÑOS512:33 PM4 Person Men OpenGonzalo Reyes, Gonzalo Reyes, Gonzalo Reyes
450159Team Green512:34 PMSolo Male, ,
45127SS bliss512:44 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleAlchemist, ,
4523651:18 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
453212Chasin' Chase412:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleExhale Bikes, ,
454254Two Wheeled Attack Team412:03 PMDuo MaleM3 Engineering, ,
45532Drunk Cycling412:04 PMSolo Male, ,
456134412:06 PMSolo Male, ,
457188Wolfpacks412:08 PMSolo Male, ,
45829Don Singer412:24 PMSolo Male, ,
459111The Miracle…412:34 PMSolo Male, ,
46028Team Papagiorgio41:40 PMSolo Male, ,
4613Jeff Hughes312:02 PMSolo MaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles, ,
46276Mama Tried312:02 PMSolo Male, ,
46316Goat Show The312:11 PMSolo Male, ,
464180Slow geriatric312:22 PMSolo Male, ,
465260Oracle312:24 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
46613312:31 PMSolo Female, ,
46766Joey the human312:31 PMSolo Male, ,
46860Ride with Verv312:34 PMSolo Female, ,
469293Fatbikers Anonymous312:52 PMDuo MaleTMC, ,
47012The Goat Show212:00 PMSolo MaleClydesdale Lives Matter, ,
4711323rd Degree212:03 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF629Presta Coffee1911:38 AM4 Person Men OpenShimano, ,
DNF493West Coast134:00 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF579Chupacabras1110:19 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF490Thrift Store Singlets1111:10 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF44The Kitty Song91:26 AMSolo MaleTwo Wheel Jones, ,
DNF574What? What Happened?98:17 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF571Outta Beer Hawaii99:36 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF548Shifterbrains910:16 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
DNF187GC Termite Control / Gilberto Cortez Coaching / Dons Bicycle Shop - Solo Adventure910:23 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF154Ezra Shumway911:55 AMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
DNF31Team Abero810:47 PMSolo MaleInstrument, ,
DNF149Ashley Carelock811:11 PMSolo Female, ,
DNF790Fear No Flats811:29 PMCorporate TeamGÜP Industries, Belo Customs, La Veta
DNF177Margarita Boi86:38 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF277Gene Yang Gang87:13 AMDuo MaleBrutinel Plum,bing, ,
DNF584Tortuga810:03 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
DNF280Montucky Cropdusters810:06 AMDuo Male, ,
DNF518ThePenIsMightier810:54 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF297Imaginary collective710:33 PMDuo MaleFactor, Araphaoe Resources, Champion system
DNF749GMF Team 1711:41 PMCorporate Team, ,
DNF508D Ninjas72:46 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF513Cheer for Shroads to stop being cheap and buy a new bike already!711:08 AM4 Person Men Open1987, ,
DNF2Stayin’ Alive61:54 AMSolo MaleMcKinney Velo Cycling Club, ,
DNF8Stayin' Alive611:29 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF495Crash & Burn611:32 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF618Team Doggie Door58:20 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Tucson Medical Center, ,
DNF17ACID511:02 PMSolo MaleSebastian Blackwell White, Sebastian Blackwell White, Sebastian Blackwell White
DNF40Rare Disease Cycling59:37 AMSolo FemaleOrange Mud, Squirt Lube, Keswick Cycles
DNF220Snaggle D59:40 AMDuo - Female, ,
DNF141The Deuce Bag510:06 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF96Wolfpack511:33 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF95Wolfpack511:37 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF142EL LOCO DEL CCRE45:08 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF4147:11 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF266Can Am No Can47:30 PMDuo MaleM3 Engineering, ,
DNF201Heather Thiry47:48 PMSolo - Single Speed FemalePivot Cycles, Gravity Sports, Jug Mountain Ranch
DNF181Roon Toon42:48 AMSolo MaleNone, ,
DNF143Anthony48:03 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF557Dude, Where’s my bike49:08 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF6334:46 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF245Missoula Mules35:52 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
DNF236Walking again36:24 PMDuo MaleWalker Engineering, Terry & Donna Walker, Terry & Donna Walker
DNF39KELLY Benefit Strategies36:12 AMSolo MaleKelly Benefit Strategies, ,
DNF85Beard39:14 AMSolo MaleMy Wife, ,
DNF166Wolfpack310:41 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF222The Fat and The Furious23:05 PMDuo Male, ,
DNF80Jason Ranoa23:14 PMSolo MaleSocal Endurance, Socal Enduro,
DNF138Latespeed24:31 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF153Team JTmoney25:56 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF119DURAZNO26:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
DNF231Super Levario Bros27:19 PMDuo Male, ,
DNF285Smoking Tortoises28:04 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF581Maroon 5211:20 AMDuo Male, ,
DNF99Lorne Trezise11:29 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF107Pops11:48 PMSolo MaleJaxon, Westin & Marie, ,
DNF52patmcc12:02 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF129Sweaty T12:04 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF68Todd McC12:38 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF57Team Free Lunch13:00 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF292Trix are for (old) Kids13:28 PMDuo Co-edTMC HealthCare, Benson Hospital,
DNF130Snake bite15:55 PMSolo Male, ,