2018 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1768Team Low T2312:38 PMCorporate TeamNumericraft, Area 51 Audio, Your Mom
2730Roca Roja Rollers2212:05 PM4 Person - Single SpeedRoca Roja Bicycles, Flat Tire Bike Shop,
3542The Average Joey's2212:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
4249TBD2212:33 PMDuo MaleM&M Cycling
5607CZracing2212:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Agethe construction zone, SCOTT Sports, Bike Haus
6588No Shifts Given221:04 PM4 Person - Single SpeedVelozoom Mobile Bike Sales
7435M&M Cycling Youngsters221:07 PM4 Person Men OpenM&M Cycling
8552Best Team Name Ever2112:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
9731Team Rhino2112:05 PMCorporate TeamSpecialized, Oro Valley Bicycle,
10416Enduro Bites2112:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeEnduro Bites, ,
11571Mandingo Mofos2112:17 PM4 Person Men Open 
12609Pivot Cycles Burrito Factory Returns!2112:21 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgePivot Cycles
13549The Dark Horses2112:29 PM4 Person Men Open 
14606NoTubes Weapons of Ass Destruction2112:35 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Stan's NoTubes, ,
15536Speed Brothers Vail2112:48 PM4 Person Men OpenRocky Mountain GC
16589Mines Cycling2112:54 PM4 Person Men OpenPeak Cycles, Skratch Labs, Honey Stinger
17572Texas Connection2112:59 PM4 Person Men Open 
18431FearSome FourSome211:01 PM4 Person - Single SpeedOVB Foothill Thrive Youth Cycling
19439Man vs Cholla211:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
20400El Grupo Uno2012:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeJackson Family Fairwheel Bikes Ride on Cycling
21773Granite Green2012:06 PMCorporate Team, ,
22494Like Last Night2012:06 PM4 Person - Single SpeedRoy's cyclery, ,
23464Fat Gut Racing2012:06 PM4 Person Men OpenM&M Racing Club Nachos Yuengling
24401El Grupo Dos2012:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeJackson Family, Fairwheel Bikes,
2588Taylor Lideen2012:14 PMSolo Male, ,
26272Magically Bikelicious2012:16 PMDuo MaleJoe's Bike Shop Racing Team- Baltimore, MD, Primal Audi- Denver, CO,
27428Rubber Stamps Down2012:18 PM4 Person Men OpenWist Business Supplies City of Hope
28563Quad SSquad2012:25 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
29772Dozers and Posers2012:25 PMCorporate TeamEmpire CAT
30470Three Men and a Baby2012:25 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
31269MTB Additiction2012:30 PMDuo Male 
3227592Fifty/MTBCoach.com2012:30 PMDuo Male92Fifty/Elevated Legs, MTBCoach.com,
33581Team Feedback-Cycleton2012:44 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeFeedback Sports, Cycleton, Specialized
34527Flat Tire Flyers2012:49 PM4 Person Men OpenFlat Tire Flyers, ,
35709Sweethearts2012:50 PMCorporate Team, ,
364851 Beauty and 4 Beasts2012:57 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeWist, City of Hope,
37442Four Men and a Little Lady II2012:58 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+McDowell Mountain Cycles
38611CZracing2012:58 PM4 Person Women Openthe construction zone, SCOTT Sports, Bike Haus
39590Green Machine201:02 PM4 Person Men OpenCarlos O'Brien's Racing
40225two meatheads from reno201:02 PMDuo MaleBills Garage
41761Legends Racing201:10 PMCorporate TeamTrek Bicycle Store of West Phoenix, McDonald Kent, McDonald Kent
42783Pivot Cycles FireChickens201:11 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles, ,
43498West Coast1912:01 PM4 Person Men OpenWist Business Supplies City of Hope
45596Kootenay Chiefs1912:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeSutco, Gericks Cycle, Sovereign Cycle
46402El Grupo Tres1912:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeJackson Family, Fairwheel Bikes,
47474One Fast Guy1912:04 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
48469Descent Race Team1912:05 PM4 Person - Single SpeedCycleogical, Tasco, Crankbrothers
49274BPCoaching1912:05 PMDuo MaleSupreme Almonds, VBZ Grapes,
50404El Grupo Cinco1912:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeFairwheel Bikes, Jackson Family,
51519I got 24 problems, but a bike ain't one!1912:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
52497Send it1912:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
53592Up 7th1912:10 PM4 Person Men OpenSlippery Pig, Joshua Buckheister, Joshua Buckheister
544608 Balls and one pocket1912:22 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeTwo Wheel Jones, ,
55785Team FUn1912:24 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
56490Steve's Santa Cruisers1912:26 PM4 Person Men OpenTWJ
57117AWI Racing1912:31 PMSolo Male 
58412S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants)1912:35 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeDoofenschmirtz Evil Inc., ,
59165Sticky Racing1912:40 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
60528Cholla Surfing1912:45 PM4 Person Men Open 
61444The Short Bus Collective1912:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeMcDowell Mountain Cycles
62456Midnight Cholla Dodgers1912:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
63440Tactical Fitness Racing1912:50 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeSan Tan Bikes Infinit Nutrition
64598Xtreme-N2R1912:51 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
65561KELLY'S HEROES191:06 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
66716The Caretakers191:06 PMCorporate TeamApexNetwork Physical Therapy, ,
67508Hawesaholics191:13 PM4 Person Men Open 
684582 Young, 2 old, 2 diabetics & 4 beer drinkers191:38 PM4 Person Men Open 
69492peter quagmire brian and stewie1812:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
70223Shake it off! v. 2.01812:06 PMDuo Co-edTaylor Swift, ,
71475Ain't Misbehavin1812:10 PM4 Person Men Open87 Cyclery, Payson, AZ, ,
72462Hawes Cats & 100 Rats1812:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
73446Coronado Cranksters1812:15 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
745743Crosses & DeMeatball1812:20 PM4 Person Men Open 
75714All Nighters1812:23 PMCorporate TeamTwo Wheel Jones
76751craft brew brothers1812:27 PMCorporate Teamcatalina brewing company, harvery trucking,
77421Crazy Tandems1812:28 PMCorporate Team, ,
78557the gorillas1812:42 PM4 Person Men Opengorilla industrial coatings, prosok,
79703ALL IN1812:44 PMCorporate Team 
80119Kaitlyn boyle1812:50 PMSolo Female Pivot Cycles
81778Fair Wheel Bikes1812:56 PMCorporate TeamFair Wheel Bikes
82781Blue181:01 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual, ,
83463Fire breathing rubber duckies181:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
84770Cyclepaths181:14 PMCorporate Team, ,
85480Heavy Flossers1712:01 PM4 Person Men OpenChapman Automotive
86146Andrew Bovard1712:01 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleArizona Primary Eye Care, ,
87582Deez Nuts1712:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
88100Zee Master1712:03 PMSolo MaleM&M Cycling
89747Just in Time1712:03 PMCorporate Team, ,
90219Slow Pokes1712:04 PMDuo Male 
91168HTFU1712:05 PMSolo FemaleJoe's Bike Shop Racing Team, Maxxis Tires, ESI grips
92266Make Duos Great Again!1712:05 PMDuo MaleGrumpy Dog Brewing
93553Chafing the Dream1712:06 PM4 Person Men OpenSun and Spokes, The Umbrella Corp, Stranoparts.com
94533DRT - Cycleogical1712:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeCycleogical, Maxxis Tires, Smith Optics
95545The Most Fun Wins!1712:07 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Action Rideshop - Mesa
96486Fat n Cranky1712:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
97758Seven Barrel Sucker Punchers1712:10 PMCorporate TeamMichael Frog Hobson, ,
98541Whytanium1712:10 PMDuo MaleBicyclePubes, discountCondoms.com, Marlboro
99502Los Mariachis1712:10 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
100717Team Cedarbrook1712:11 PMCorporate TeamCedarbrook Senior Living
101555more poops then loops single ply1712:11 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
102784Cirrusly Pono1712:17 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual Communication
103724Two-wheel Jones Bicycles1712:19 PMCorporate TeamTwo-wheel Jones Bicycles, Two-wheel Jones Club and Race Team,
104482Woo Chee Scream Team1712:24 PM4 Person Men Open 
105403El Grupo Quatro1712:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeFairwheel Bikes Jackson Family
106757Filthy Casuals1712:36 PMCorporate Team, ,
107520Beauty and the the 3 Beasts1712:37 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
108733Dirt Whispering Rainbow Unicorns 4.01712:40 PMCorporate Team 
109707Rollin' Grey Horns1712:41 PMCorporate Team 
110512Spoke'n Hot1712:44 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
111762Elevated Legs Team 2 / Training Peaks1712:46 PMCorporate TeamElevated Legs
112780Seriously Leid1712:47 PMCorporate TeamTeam Cirrus
113453Numb and Number1712:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
114562Can I borrow your borrowed bike???1712:53 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
11597Veloworx1712:57 PMSolo MaleTrek, Bicycle Ranch, Watkin Law
116556Pickles and Pocket Bacon1712:59 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
117487Chronologically Challenged Cyclists171:00 PM4 Person Men OpenM&M Racing Club
118729Two Wheel Jones171:14 PMCorporate TeamRob
119534EXLNCE1612:00 PM4 Person Men OpenTucson Endurance Performance Race MTB, JDA Pool Care LLC,
12093LEGENDS RACING1612:00 PMSolo MaleTrek store of West Phoenix
121285gO United Nations of Unicorn Magic1612:00 PMDuo - FemaleGriggs Orthopedics gO, ,
122477thinkMTB1612:00 PM4 Person Men OpenthinkMTB, ,
123284Team Mankini1612:01 PMDuo Male 
124408El Grupo Ocho1612:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeFairwheel Bikes Jackson Family
125108Breck bike guides1612:01 PMSolo MaleBreck Bike Guides,Form Attainment Studio
126423Fourth Dimension1612:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
127418Three Men And A Baby1612:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
128577Elevated Legs Team 11612:02 PM4 Person Men OpenElevated Legs
129710Tucson MTB Addicts 11612:03 PMCorporate Team, ,
130754Area 51 Segunda1612:04 PMCorporate TeamArea 51 Audio
131702RAAD Riders1612:04 PMCorporate Team 
13220Legends Racing 11612:04 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTrek West Phoenix Vassago Cycles ESI Grips
133523Triple D feat. Officer M1612:05 PM4 Person Men OpenWist Business Supplies, City of Hope,
13479Uno mas1612:06 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
135766Pedal to The Medal1612:06 PMCorporate TeamTechnical Documentation Consultants of Arizona
136567Arizona Oncology rides for Bagit!1612:06 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Arizona Oncology, ,
137530Taint gonna lose1612:07 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
138604NAU CM1612:15 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
139256Pivot Powered Ladies1612:17 PMDuo - FemalePivot Cycles, Hyperthreads,
140255Montana to Mexico with Love!1612:18 PMDuo Male 
141504Crazy Wheelerz 11612:19 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
142405El Grupo Sies1612:20 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeFairwheel bikes Jackson Family
143500The Flaming Pandas1612:24 PM4 Person Men Open 
144426abrumpo1612:24 PM4 Person Men Openabrumpo
145771Beyond Bread1612:25 PMCorporate Team, ,
146424Slow and Tyred1612:29 PM4 Person Men Open 
147518Four-play1612:29 PM4 Person Men Open 
148711Tucson MTB Addicts 21612:39 PMCorporate Team, ,
149769Team MM1612:43 PMCorporate Team 
150509Gibbz Arms1612:47 PM4 Person Men OpenGibbz Arms
15131Eddie Urcadez1612:54 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleGroove Subaru My Wife
152278Multisport Ministries Duo1612:56 PMDuo Male 
153254AK backcountry1612:57 PMDuo - Female 
154161Ashley Carelock1612:58 PMSolo FemaleAmy D Foundation
155700Colleen's Bitches1612:59 PMCorporate Team 
156763Say Aloe to My Little Friend161:02 PMCorporate Team 
157713The Fat Spatula 7161:02 PMCorporate TeamSunset West Building Services LLc
15824K-Train161:05 PMSolo FemaleBackcountry Bike and Ski, ,
159268Speed Sold Seperately161:18 PMDuo Male, ,
160568MedCats161:22 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
161535Winter is Coming1512:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
162505Chub Scouts1512:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
163240NFAC1512:01 PMDuo Male 
164779Hobbs Masonry #11512:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeHobbs Masonry, Mobile Force Refueling, Mission Underground
165488Squirrel Abomination II1512:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
166231Victorious Secret1512:02 PMDuo Co-edM&M Racing Club
167701Team Havasu1512:05 PMCorporate TeamHarrison Wealth Management
168414The Ice Bag Cometh1512:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
169723Goon Squad1512:05 PMCorporate TeamDragoon Brewing Company
170726Array1512:05 PMCorporate Team 
171407El Grupo Siete1512:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeFairwheel Bikes Jackson Family
172569sasquatch1512:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
173158Peter Basinger1512:07 PMSolo Male 
174524Need more cowbell1512:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
175782Easy Does It1512:13 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles, ,
176479Trish & the Cactus Kids1512:15 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+GMF Bicycle Shop, ,
177441Sparklepony1512:19 PM4 Person Men Open 
178506beer on the rocks1512:19 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
179468Big Bonk and the Miss-Shifters1512:22 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
180232Tink and Tank1512:24 PMDuo Co-ed 
181564Oh thats gonna hurt1512:25 PM4 Person Men OpenBonney and Busola Group, ,
182432Beasts No Beauty1512:26 PM4 Person Men OpenCabling Solutions Group, ,
183483Not Quite Dynamite1512:28 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
184547Dirty Desert Grinderz1512:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
185732Slow Spokes1512:30 PMCorporate Team 
186409MonkeyPunks1512:31 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeThe Thing?, ,
187465Spoken Not Stirred1512:37 PM4 Person Men Open 
188734Insomne de San Carlos1512:38 PMCorporate Team 
189532Valley Girls1512:38 PM4 Person Women Open 
190133Specialized Canada1512:45 PMSolo Female 
191447Too Legit To Quit1512:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTeam KokoLizard, ,
192451Skin Side Up1512:48 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
19337Tristan Bruce - Watermark Racing1512:50 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleWatermark Estate Planning Molly Bruce Photography Bryan's Black Mountain BBQ
194507Tulenos!!1512:51 PM4 Person Men OpenSushi Factory, Bamboo, Concretti
195250Two Guys One Gear1512:55 PMDuo Male 
196245Ramrod151:00 PMDuo MaleTwo-wheel Jones
197585Ride Libre1412:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
198493#1 IN INNOVATION1412:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
199430Team Pedro1412:02 PM4 Person Men OpenAspect Photography
200410Team Hairier1412:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
201765Broken bones1412:02 PMCorporate Team 
202764UA Anesthesiology and Ortho1412:03 PMCorporate TeamUA Anesthesisology, UA Orthapedics, Jeff Robertson
203584Saddle Tramps1412:03 PM4 Person Women Open 
204612Visit Carson City1412:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
205461Weed Wackers1412:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
206517Fish are friends1412:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
207282Living Life Loudly1412:05 PMDuo Co-ed 
208728G-Man1412:05 PMCorporate TeamBrad Gentner, ,
209719Punch Drunk Monkeys1412:05 PMCorporate Team, ,
210708Psomas Psycling1412:08 PMCorporate TeamPsomas
211743All Your Heart1412:08 PMCorporate TeamAll Your Heart Fitness, ,
212476Bad Assets1412:12 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Bike Barn
21316Nico1412:13 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
214438Going Slow as Fast as We Can1412:17 PM4 Person Women Open 
215445Unicorn Glitterluck1412:20 PM4 Person Men OpenCal Coast Bicycles
216537Chain Gang1412:21 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
217595Flemish Giant Flyers1412:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
218437FlipMode Squad1412:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
219752Them vs Us1412:33 PMCorporate TeamBen’s Bikes
220110Rock n roll Lubrication/ Firefly1412:37 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleRock n Roll lube/ Firefly Bicycles
221450Geri and the Atrics1412:37 PM4 Person Men Open 
222263Peaches & Cream, Ride Again!1412:38 PMDuo Co-edMetal Works Precision Machine & Tool
223554Veggie Burger Apocalypse1412:41 PM4 Person Men Open 
22463Zito Bandito1412:44 PMSolo Male 
225586Old Pueblo MTB1412:47 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
226425LAST DAY Adventures1412:54 PM4 Person Men OpenLasting Adventures, Inc., ,
227526Salty Bacon Horsemen141:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
22890PRP Cycling141:05 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
229594Loose Bolts141:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
230113chuck141:10 PMSolo Male 
231759Lawley's Dirty Half Dozen141:28 PMCorporate TeamLawley Auto Group, ,
23259One more lap!141:39 PMSolo Male 
233739Scrambled Legs142:07 PMCorporate TeamWist, City of Hope,
234157TRENT HOVENGA1312:01 PMSolo Male 
235139Chewie Juan Solo's Co-Pilot1312:01 PMSolo Male 
236429No Brakes1312:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
23717James Bruce - Watermark Racing1312:02 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleWatermark Estate Planning, Bryan's Black Mountain BBQ, Molly Bruce Photography
238704Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.1312:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
239253No Dabs at the Whiskey Tree1312:03 PMDuo Co-ed 
240540Three Amigos1312:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
241454Hammering While Hammered1312:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
242181MootsOne1312:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMoots, BikeFlights.com,
243491TNT1312:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
244746Two Tired1312:06 PMCorporate TeamWist, City of Hope,
24529Old Dirty Bear1312:07 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
246406El Grupito1312:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeFairwheel Bikes Jackson Family
247580Handy & A Hundo1312:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
248756More Poops then Loops Grande1312:11 PMCorporate Team, ,
249286CZracing1312:12 PMDuo Malethe construction zone, SCOTT Sports, Bike Haus
2501Juan Solo1312:13 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
251575Team Turon XL1312:28 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
25230Johnny Uno Palla1312:31 PMSolo MaleKain Performance AR&G, Inc.
253740E.G.O., Its a Helluva Drug!1312:32 PMCorporate Team 
254514Limited Penetration1312:50 PM4 Person Men Open 
255570Sandy Bottom Boys & Girls1312:59 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
256774Granite Chill131:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
257748Public Brewhouse131:03 PMCorporate TeamPublic Brewhouse
258601No Fork 'n Brake131:20 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeAltuscare.com, ,
259579Aces, laces, and paces131:32 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
26062Ezra Shumway131:34 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
261178Kimmi Runner1212:00 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleTroupe Racing Co
26294Sporty Spice1212:01 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleSabrosa Cycles
263608Hobbs Masonry #21212:01 PM4 Person Men OpenHobbs Masonry, Mobile Force Refueling, Mission Underground
264152SHEILA GARDNER1212:02 PMSolo Female 
265419N.A.S.S.A.1212:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
26669The Rob Job1212:03 PMSolo MaleExhale Bikes
267539Slightly Stoopid1212:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
268573Team Speedy Spokes1212:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeRocktown Bicycles, Tradeshowdirect,
269725Biking Vikings1212:05 PMCorporate Team 
270566The Flying Derelicts1212:05 PM4 Person Men OpenJamie Gunderson, Jamie Gunderson, Jamie Gunderson
271472Lunatic Fringe IV1212:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
272484Dirty Freaks1212:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
273241Kunches of Bunts1212:07 PMDuo - Female, ,
274742Us vs Them1212:10 PMCorporate TeamBen’s Bikes, ,
2758Tim Nipper1212:11 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBig Pig Racing Big Pig Cancer Foundation
276222Love bikes, love bleeds1212:11 PMDuo Co-ed 
277478Girls with Gas1212:20 PM4 Person Women Open 
278777We Bike We Brew1212:26 PMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing Company, Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists,
279531MTBeers1212:29 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
281457Prestige Worldwide1212:47 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
282279Crested Saguaro1212:49 PMDuo Co-ed 
28354Twin 21212:58 PMSolo Male 
28470Twin 11212:58 PMSolo Male 
285715Curtis Crew121:03 PMCorporate TeamMetric Roofing, ,
286449Armory Park Mountain Goats121:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
287736Groms121:14 PMCorporate Team 
288737Grey Bellies121:14 PMCorporate Team 
28957Asian Persuasion121:18 PMSolo MaleM & M Cycling MMRC Bank of Mom and Dad
29056Oracle Mountain Gearheads121:31 PMSolo Male 
291127Jonny Mac121:38 PMSolo Male 
292755GMF Bicycle Shop Team 11112:01 PMCorporate Team, ,
293248Bicitetas1112:02 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleSun & Spokes Bicycle Shop
294706The Minimally Proficient1112:02 PMCorporate Team"Closer to being better!"
295455Bryan's House of Pain1112:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
296499Vegetable Lasagna1112:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
297230Dos CG Locos1112:03 PMDuo Male 
298281Team Shocker1112:03 PMDuo Male 
299718Team AZA1112:03 PMCorporate TeamArizona Zipline Adventures, ,
30064Team Backcountry Endurance1112:03 PMSolo FemaleBackcountry Bike and Ski
30152Backcountry Alaska1112:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
3021831112:04 PMSolo MaleCannondale, ,
303741Bike laps matter, let's make the bitches great again!1112:04 PMCorporate TeamBLMLMBGA, ,
304182MootsTwo1112:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMoots, BikeFlights.com,
305576Poolside Cowboys1112:07 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
3064Ryan Williams1112:08 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
307443Fatso's High Performance1112:10 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
3083Webber1112:11 PMSolo MaleI wish
309593Team Do It1112:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
310610WEDU.TEAM1112:12 PM4 Person Men Open 
311265Chasing Unicorns1112:12 PMDuo - FemaleVelofix
312243Team EVL1112:12 PMDuo Male 
31348Dan Ahearn1112:15 PMSolo Male 
314597Hot Carny on Carny Action1112:15 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+TMC
315721Team Mike Latorus1112:19 PMCorporate TeamPhillip McGrevis, ,
316705Spoke & Mirrors1112:20 PMCorporate Team 
317459PHAZ Riders1112:20 PM4 Person Men Open 
318546All Ass No Gas1112:25 PM4 Person Women Open 
319749Beefcake Battalion1112:26 PMCorporate Team, ,
320522Chicas sin Chonies1112:29 PM4 Person Women OpenTucson Tri Girls
321473Pixel Pen151112:30 PM4 Person Men OpenGloss by potato Chris’ mom Ginger Shearsordye
322142Zia Velo High Altitude1112:33 PMSolo Female 
323433Sultans of Singletrack1112:35 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
324131El Gaucho1112:51 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleChapman Honda
325722Heartbreakers1112:52 PMCorporate Team, ,
326503Hootenaney Hollar111:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
327745Little Carr Bombs and Co.111:03 PMCorporate Team, ,
328738Today was a good day111:11 PMCorporate Team 
329735The Breaker of Chains and the Khalasar111:15 PMCorporate TeamJon Snow, Lord Commander of the Knights Watch, Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen,
330141Clownfish111:49 PMSolo Male 
33183IT'S BRETT'S LAP!112:20 PMSolo Male 
33272David Loehrs1012:03 PMSolo MaleTucson Endurance Performance Center
33399AK Backcountry1012:03 PMSolo Male 
334226Duonicorns1012:04 PMDuo Co-edThrive Youth Cycling, ,
335489breakers of chains1012:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
336273Two Vaqueros and their Carbon Ponies1012:05 PMDuo MaleBicycle Ranch Scottsdale, Bicycle Ranch Tucson,
337744GMF Racing Bike Shop 41012:05 PMCorporate Team 
338237Shit Creek Trail Society1012:08 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
339227She Pedals. He Steers.1012:15 PMDuo Co-edSaturday Cycles
340111Cape Town Kid1012:15 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
341767Willow Springs Ranch Hands1012:16 PMCorporate TeamWillow Springs Ranch
342712Wild Hares1012:20 PMCorporate Team, ,
34332Jill Valerius1012:23 PMSolo FemaleBackcountry Bike & Ski
344150SchefterT1012:25 PMSolo FemaleGroove Subaru Excel Racing team
345151Dsummitt241012:25 PMSolo MaleGroove Subaru Excel Racing team
346501What Can Brown do for You1012:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
347427Dudleykin Cycling1012:41 PM4 Person Men Open 
348599casas coci since 19681012:55 PM4 Person Men Opencasas coci, casas tk,
34992Epic Transfer - Andre1012:58 PMSolo MaleRock N Road, Project Bike Love, ZOCA Gear
350495Win Some Booze Some101:36 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
351252Papago Pair912:00 PMDuo Co-ed 
35227Alex Hardt912:01 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
353233Rim Jobs912:02 PMDuo Malewatersports.com
354578Chica sin Chonies con Cojones912:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
355264Sally Says No912:03 PMDuo Male 
35642I got this912:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
357185G Mack912:04 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleVassago Cycles, ,
358559Hops & Watts912:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
359176Pain is my friend912:04 PMSolo Male 
360543Rollin' Fatties912:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
361216Wingfield Wheels912:04 PMDuo Male 
362280Willow Ufgood's Hippie-Foot Tree Squids912:05 PMDuo Male 
36321Zoe Nance912:06 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleZoeFitness
364560The Joy Riders912:06 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
36523Kodiak Tough912:07 PMSolo Male 
366163Male-solo-single speed912:08 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTurd Ferguson
367162Jason Bikes912:10 PMSolo MaleProPhotoRental.com
36880SplitSac912:12 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleStay True Cyclery
369515Thunder Chicken912:13 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
370753Maybe It's Not Miller Time912:15 PMCorporate Team 
371558Tombstone Raiders912:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
372262Sprockets and chains912:22 PMDuo Co-edOur wallet
37353Backcountry Alaska912:26 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
374496No Pricks on These Wheels912:28 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
375565Faster than flying Javelinas912:31 PM4 Person Men OpenTeam Rhino
376156I Should Have Sold This Spot812:01 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
377235Pedalophiles812:02 PMDuo Male 
378180MrNatural812:02 PMSolo Male 
37986Shawnsolo812:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
380129Marques with a C812:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
381513Mike Hunt Hurts812:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeAmerican Bunnyhop, Trace Bikes, Giant - LIV
38247Jackass812:04 PMSolo Male 
383112Whole Brain Collective812:05 PMSolo Female 
38418Prescott College812:06 PMSolo Female 
38567Sowers812:07 PMSolo Male 
386123Shortt812:09 PMSolo Male 
387221Sherpas and Beer812:10 PMDuo MaleKirk - The guy who is going to loan us his RV Dick Sock
388775The Sadow Masochists812:11 PMCorporate TeamDrunkcyclist.com, Oskar Blues Brewery, Industry Nine Componentry
389244Starsky and Hutch812:16 PMDuo Male 
390551Grouchy Johnny's812:18 PM4 Person Men OpenJohnny Yuma's Bicycles
391140Team Gutierrez812:28 PMSolo Male 
392521Gwapings812:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
393120Hill Street Brews812:32 PMSolo Male 
394271Team GRIT812:32 PMDuo Co-ed 
395544Men in Apron812:32 PM4 Person Men Open 
396236Nortenos Trail Bandits812:35 PMDuo Male 
397411Who let the cogs out?812:38 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
3981308 Laps812:42 PMSolo Male 
399107Micah clinger812:46 PMSolo MaleExhale bikes, Team payntake,
400448Team Pfizer, UP for any ride...81:34 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
4015URF Racing712:01 PMSolo Male 
40298Figjam712:01 PMSolo Male 
40338Mr. Spectacular712:02 PMSolo Male 
40482Lorne Trezise712:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
40510Spin Down712:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
406167Jeff Brown712:04 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleJoe's Bike Shop Racing Team
40744Joe Brown712:06 PMSolo MaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
408218Los Dos Pinches Gabachos Borrachos Cuernudos712:06 PMDuo Male 
409159Gonna be a long day712:06 PMSolo MaleDad, Mom, Sonoran cycles
41051Backcountry Alaska712:07 PMSolo Male 
411105Riding with Scissors712:08 PMSolo Male 
412600Pogson and Matt Wealth Management712:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgePogson and Matt Wealth Management, ,
41340Error 504712:13 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
414287BikeFlights.com712:25 PMDuo Co-edBikeFlights.com, ,
415529Team Kanoys712:28 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
416270Only One Asshole712:28 PMDuo Male 
417234H Bomb's712:28 PMDuo Male 
418538Storm Riders712:29 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
419550Beaners Riders Wannabe712:32 PM4 Person Men Open 
420434Grrr-early Birds712:42 PM4 Person Women Open 
42213Jason Drewlo Jason Bjelk71:01 PMSolo MaleSix to Midnight Racing
4236025 Caballeros71:21 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeAltuscare.com
424174Was planning on Duo, but I fell asleep.612:02 PMSolo Male 
425258Don Que Punches612:03 PMDuo MaleFlat Rat Racing
42634Sine Stars612:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
427260The Skill is Gone612:05 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
42895Cajun Rage612:06 PMSolo MaleEastbank Cyclery
429267Team Sock Monkey612:07 PMDuo Male 
43035San Tan Racing612:10 PMSolo Male 
4319Jon Solo612:11 PMSolo Male92Fifty/Elevated Legs
4322392 hairy stones612:14 PMDuo Male 
433471Our MTB Rides612:18 PM4 Person Men OpenTucson Endurance Performance Center Brushfire BBQ Catalina Brewing Company
434525Tenacious Tortoises612:18 PM4 Person Men Open 
43533More Faps Than Laps612:20 PMSolo MaleBrazzers Apple iPhone 8 Verizon Wireless
4362512ofU612:21 PMDuo Male 
43784Solo Manolo612:25 PMSolo Male 
43843Ancient Arrow612:25 PMSolo Female 
439247Two Man Crew612:38 PMDuo Male 
440452Regulators612:39 PM4 Person Men Open 
441104Bill Valleroy612:54 PMSolo Male 
442466Tired Tires61:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
44322Team Grandpa61:14 PMSolo Male 
4442Secret Admirer of Karen61:50 PMSolo Male 
44549Furry Bury Balls512:01 PMSolo Male 
446277The Slow and the Steady512:02 PMDuo Male 
4476Aggie512:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleCirrus Visual, ,
448229Till Tread Do Us Part512:03 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
449164safety 1st512:04 PMSolo Male 
450134Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters512:06 PMSolo Male, ,
451228Dare I Suggest A Duo?512:07 PMDuo Co-edBeeline Liv Cycling
45214Ride Steve...RIDE!512:09 PMSolo Male 
453283The Strange Mlawsky512:15 PMDuo - FemaleTucson Medical Center
454166Vassago Cycles512:16 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
45587Overstreet Racing512:46 PMSolo Male 
456144Felsenziesel512:58 PMSolo Male, ,
45778RED412:01 PMSolo MaleTj Frisbee Bicycles
458115Trail Fodder412:02 PMSolo MaleStage Monkey Productions
459170Brazell Bros412:06 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
46073Got no chance of losin this time412:06 PMSolo MaleMy Family
461138Mark Barden412:06 PMSolo Male 
46266Joey the Human412:06 PMSolo Male 
46360Embrace the Suck #6312:02 PMSolo Male 
46419oneManWolfpack312:03 PMSolo Male 
465276little lebowski urban achievers312:05 PMDuo Co-ed 
46646The Sir Pablo312:10 PMSolo Male 
46777Cholla Love #9312:17 PMSolo Male 
468106El Huevo Ranchero312:34 PMSolo MaleMy Wife
469128Brian Suzuki212:00 PMSolo Male 
470118Oracle212:07 PMSolo Male 
47175Alex Hardt21:32 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
47225Richard Webster112:03 PMSolo Male 
47326Arvie Webster112:03 PMSolo Female 
DNF760We Stand1411:13 AMCorporate TeamUncle Sam, Bourbon, Apple Pie
DNF727GMF Racing Bike Shop 31310:58 AMCorporate TeamMark Doughty
DNF238Los Dos Mojados125:33 AMDuo MaleSun & Spokes Bicycle Shop
DNF148JORGE AYALA1211:25 AMSolo Male 
DNF422Wheel Sorry114:42 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF420Old Cranks119:43 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF145Rich Maines103:24 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleHammer Nutrition, Ergon, Vassago Cycles
DNF85Life Time Fitness108:34 AMSolo Male 
DNF776Catalina Brewing Company1011:02 AMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing Company, Guru Suspension,
DNF58maquina 5:301011:32 AMSolo MaleGuillermo De La Vega Guillermo De La Vega Guillermo De La Vega
DNF587O-Town Dirt Riders94:43 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF417Pedalphiles98:19 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF548Back of the Pack Racing911:47 AM4 Person Men OpenBack of the Pack Racing, ,
DNF103mooto x one by high811:16 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution
DNF179Heroes Racing712:59 AMSolo MaleHeroes Foundation, Gray Goat, Specialized
DNF720Can You Cactus?75:05 AMCorporate Team 
DNF516Spider Pig610:50 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF101Reusable Team56:28 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleVassago Cycles, ,
DNF184Pachanga57:55 PMSolo Male 
DNF750The Disclocated Elbow Gang511:13 PMCorporate Team 
DNF583Multisport Ministries53:55 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF436Absolute Bikes54:52 AM4 Person Men OpenAbsolute Bikes, ,
DNF510M3 Mexicana y Dos Gringos58:49 AM4 Person Men OpenM3 Engineering
DNF220gaston59:02 AMDuo Co-ed, ,
DNF603FMP47:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTMC
DNF116Sittin is quiten'412:07 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF415midtown mauraders49:58 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF413Tour de Friends36:46 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF242My other ride is your mom38:02 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
DNF55Cha Cha Bitches23:29 PMSolo Male 
DNF28Retirement Gift: Sick Idea of Fun23:30 PMSolo Male 
DNF65Team Free Lunch24:44 PMSolo MaleBio Remedies
DNF261Awe brothers28:25 PMDuo Male 
DNF121murtagh210:49 AMSolo Male 
DNF259Ham Sammich13:38 PMDuo Co-edyour mom, these knuts, your mom's face
DNF224Long Dong Silver14:37 PMDuo MaleThese nutz, Your Mom,
DNF132SH15:15 PMSolo Male