2017 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1402Nine Inch Males2412:49 PM4 Person Men Open 
2556Stan's No Lube2212:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
3631WEDU2212:06 PM4 Person Men OpenWEDUSPORT
4726Make This Race Great Again2212:07 PMCorporate TeamNumericraft
5441Roca Roja ROLLERS2212:11 PM4 Person - Single SpeedRoca Roja Bicycles
6630Stan's-Pivot / AZ Devo2212:40 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeStan's NoTube, Pivot Cycles
7526Midwest Speed Demons2112:06 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
8534Epic Endurance Cycling2112:18 PM4 Person Men Open 
9463#bikelivesmatter2112:21 PM4 Person - Single SpeedVeloZoom Mobile Bicycle Service
10611El Grupo Tres2112:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
11736Team Rhino211:03 PMCorporate TeamOVB, Specialized
12429Single Speed Coffee2012:00 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSingle Speed Coffee Roasters
13613El Grupo Uno2012:10 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
14541Melo Velos2012:24 PM4 Person Men Open 
15741Sonoran Cycles2012:40 PMCorporate TeamSonoran Cycles
16563DRT-Cycleogical 4 Man2012:40 PM4 Person - Single SpeedJax Bicycles - Lagunitas Brewing Co.
17409Tee Watt Blasters2012:50 PM4 Person Men Open 
18779Flat Tire Flyers201:00 PMCorporate Team 
19536Coach Fan Club201:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeMiracle Racing
20404Pogson & Matt / Sienna Werks201:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgePogson & Matt Wealth Mgmt
21552Four Men and a Little Lady201:14 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+McDowell Mountain Cycles
22546Midnight Cholla Club201:26 PM4 Person Men Open 
23562Belle's Angels1912:06 PM4 Person Men OpenHarrison Wealth Management
24435Oldnfast1912:09 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSingle Speed Coffee Roaster
25497Biergarten Bicycle Racing Club1912:11 PM4 Person Men OpenBiergarten
26515Why Cycles1912:11 PM4 Person - Single SpeedDunkcyclist
27401She-Rippers 1912:15 PM4 Person Women OpenBeer, donuts and estrogen
28452Man vs. Cholla1912:17 PM4 Person Men Open 
29231Hammer Time1912:18 PMDuo MaleHammer Nutrition
30501Feedback-Cycleton1912:19 PM4 Person Men OpenFeedback Sports, Cycleton Denver
31706Gears and Beers1912:21 PMCorporate Team 
32781Granite Construction1912:24 PMCorporate Team 
33431Desert Riders on the Storm1912:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
34475ATX Insomniacs1912:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
35241Prescott College Team 51912:30 PMDuo Co-edPrescott College
36430Speed Brothers Vail1912:34 PM4 Person Men OpenRocky Mountain GC
37473OVB presents Return of the Shredi1912:35 PM4 Person - Single SpeedOro Valley Bicycle: Foothills Edition
38172MTZOOM.COM1912:39 PMSolo MaleMTZOOM.COM
39521Dynamix Devo Velociposse1912:42 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeFour Peaks Family Dentistry
40610El Grupo Cuatro1912:44 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
41268The Legends 21912:49 PMDuo Male 
4251924HR of Southern Discomfort1912:51 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
43621Sueshi and the Banshees 191:04 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Incycle, Giant Bicycles, 2nd Ave Sports
44449USS Two Wheel Jones1812:01 PM4 Person - Single SpeedTwo Wheel Jones
45618Shredded Sticky Notes1812:03 PM4 Person Men OpenCity of Hope/Wist Office Products
46179Crusher Knutson1812:06 PMSolo Male 
47545Coffee Time1812:06 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
48558we got this1812:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
49273Los Chingones1812:06 PMDuo Male 
50289Pivot Races Mt. Zoom1812:07 PMDuo Co-edPivot Boompods & Mt. Zoom
51482Pogson & Matt Wealth Mgmt1812:08 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Pogson & Matt Wealth Mgmt
52438Oooo LaLa Pivot1812:13 PM4 Person Women OpenPivot
53524U. S. Eh1812:14 PM4 Person Men OpenWarriorOne
54624Kootenay Riders1812:20 PM4 Person Men OpenSutco Gericks
55603THE JAcKaLS1812:27 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTeam Seagal
56504Stop and Smell the Cholla1812:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
57612El Grupo Dos1812:32 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
58479Los Guepardos del Desierto1812:35 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
59282Two Brothers Racing1812:35 PMDuo MaleSilicon Valley Sports Med
60585Team Bonk1812:40 PM4 Person Men OpenN/A
61590Tre Jefe Krusen the Bush1812:52 PM4 Person Men OpenMcDowell Mountain Cycles
62450Hank's bait and tackle Tabernacle1812:52 PM4 Person Men Open 
63411Dirt Whispering Rainbow Unicorns 3.01812:58 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
64580Old Pueblo Bike Gang181:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
65758I Can't Believe It's Not Butt Butter181:13 PMCorporate Team 
66705TriSports Fun Squad181:29 PMCorporate TeamTriSports.com
67227where's the mud?1712:00 PMDuo Male 
68620Rubber Stamps Down1712:00 PM4 Person Men OpenCity of Hope/Wist Office Products
69609El Grupo Cinco1712:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
70180Fat Fish Adam1712:02 PMSolo MaleCrazy Pedaler Bike Repair, Fat Fish Racing
71702Spacely Sprockets1712:03 PMCorporate TeamJDA Pool Care LLC
72468Duck Butter 1712:03 PM4 Person Men OpenYo Mama
73605El Grupo Nueve1712:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
74617The Most Fun Wins!1712:04 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
75522Nash Potatoes w/ AZ Gravy 1712:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeTrace Bikes, Liv Giant, American Bunnyhop
76771Team Cirrus B - Hosed Visuals1712:05 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual
77426Team Village Chevron1712:06 PM4 Person Men OpenVillage Chevron Sedona
78532Guanacos on acid1712:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
79500KALE1712:07 PM4 Person Women OpenGuthrie Bikes
805681 Old Man and 3 Youngsters1712:09 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
8146andrew bovard deadgoat racing1712:11 PMSolo Male 
82457Woo Chee Scream Team1712:21 PM4 Person Men Open 
83770Team Cirrus C - Visual Cow1712:23 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual
84418Cactus Crushers1712:26 PM4 Person Men Open 
85773Fair Wheel Bikes 1712:29 PMCorporate TeamFair Wheel Bikes
86711Team More Laps More Tacos1712:31 PMCorporate Team 
87597Annoyed Grunt1712:39 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
88732Donor Awareness1712:44 PMCorporate TeamArizona Kidney Disease and Genesis Ob-Gyn
89437Brick Oven/Rivet1712:44 PM4 Person Women OpenBrick Oven - Avery - Sports Garage
90477Crank it up to 241712:45 PM4 Person Men Open 
91471Gorillas1712:47 PM4 Person Men Open 
92549The Men1712:56 PM4 Person Men OpenCity of Hope / Wist Office Products
93622Countertop Crew171:11 PM4 Person Men Openthe Countertop Shop, LLC, Bentar Development
94102The Kitty Song1612:00 PMSolo MaleNo Hay Nadie
95427Stretchy Pants1612:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
96608El Grupo Sies1612:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
97565Sharknado1612:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
98567Left Sharks1612:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
99507Fat N Cranky1612:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgePWR
100410Constant Pain1612:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
101772Team Cirrus A - Visually Hosed1612:05 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual
102538Absolute Bikes1612:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeAbsolute Bikes, Salida
103422Fat Rebirth1612:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeThe Spatula
104261ODB1612:14 PMDuo Co-ed 
105147Carver Bikes/NiteRider Technical Lighting1612:16 PMSolo MaleCarver Bikes/NiteRider Technical Lighting
106263Skip skop bee bop1612:17 PMDuo MaleRoadrunner Bicycles
107578Almost Dyna-Mita1612:20 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeDyna Racing Team
108267gO United Nations of Unicorn Magic1612:26 PMDuo - FemaleGriggs Orthopedics gO
109548Fat Fish 1612:28 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeFat Fish Racing
110151Kit Plummer1612:33 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleOro Valley Bicycles
111776Chasing Our Youth1612:36 PMCorporate TeamMyself
112733Return of the Storms1612:38 PMCorporate TeamLopan, LLC
113502Backcountry Racing1612:40 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeBackcountry Cycles
114628NO BRAKES1612:44 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeAbsolute Bikes
115432NumbNuts1612:45 PM4 Person Men OpenSan Tan Racing
116569Inner 2 Winner1612:51 PM4 Person Men Open 
117716Shred Trail, Sip Ale, Chase Tail1612:52 PMCorporate Team 
118778Pivot Cycles161:43 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles
11916Bicycling p/b Saucon Valley Bikes1512:00 PMSolo MaleGiant Bicycles
120443Argyle Advantage1512:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
121615Canyon PT MTB Team1512:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeCanyon Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehabilitation
122627RIP, Granny, RIP!1512:00 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Blackwater Bikes & East-West Printing
123433K-Blue Racing Dudes1512:02 PM4 Person Men OpenNative Eyewear, Polar Bottle, WolfTooth Componets, Stelekon
124760Squirrel Abomination1512:03 PMCorporate TeamBacon, Wives, Degoba
125589Double Double Dutch Rudder1512:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
126544Maple Syrup Spaceship Fantasy GradeB1512:04 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
127595Dont Disgrace the Family Name1512:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
128739Team MM1512:05 PMCorporate Team 
129579There is a light that never goes out1512:06 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
130177Honey Stinger / Bontrager1512:06 PMSolo MaleHoney stinger, Bontrager, Trek Bikes
131285Caletti Cycles1512:06 PMDuo MaleCaletti Cycles
132478Bicycle Ranch Tucson1512:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeBicycle Ranch Tucson
133560O-Town Dirt Riders1512:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
134553Put down your beer and take your lap1512:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
135554Cholla Diving Team1512:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
136573Nice Cactass1512:10 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
137752Tucson MTB Addicts1512:10 PMCorporate Team 
138247Project Bike Love1512:11 PMDuo - FemaleZOCA
139632Joe is afraid of the dark1512:13 PM4 Person Men Open 
140489K-Blue Racing1512:13 PM4 Person Men OpenStan's No Tube, GU Energy, Adventure Medical, POC
1418Flagstaff Bike Revolution 1512:14 PMSolo FemaleFlagstaff Bike Revolution and Paragon Athletics
142505The Missouri Quintet1512:18 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
143149Rock out with your Cog out 1512:18 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleVassago Cycles
145238Pretty Dirty1512:28 PMDuo - FemaleVelofix
146625No Fork n' Brake1512:35 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
147527The Tired Knobs1512:45 PM4 Person Men OpenBloomington Cycle and Fitness
148606El Grupo Ocho1512:54 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
14945Artec Durham151:02 PMSolo MaleFlagstaff Bike Revolution
150407Chain Gang151:18 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeLew's Automotive
151720Beauty and the Beasts151:30 PMCorporate Team 
152100Fast n' Loud151:32 PMSolo FemaleRacelab, rudy project, honey stinger
153295Sparkle Pony1412:00 PMDuo MaleTucson Performance Endurance
154425Cactus If You Can1412:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTweezers and Peroxide
155755Area 51 Segunda1412:03 PMCorporate TeamArea 51 Audio Engineering
156727Deceptively Slow1412:05 PMCorporate TeamFarhang & Medcoff
157633Fire and ICU1412:05 PM4 Person Women Open 
158516Swipe Right And Do It All Night1412:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeSmith's Gopher Trapping
159777RAAd Riders1412:06 PMCorporate TeamRadiology Associates of Albuquerque
160616Hit 'em with the Hein1412:06 PM4 Person Men OpenMesaBlackWorks.com
161264Backcountry / Samurai1412:06 PMDuo Co-edBackcountry Samurai Cereal
162498Bikey McBikeface1412:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeCisco Systems
163525K-Blue Racing 1412:13 PM4 Person Men OpenCrankBrothers, Geigerrig, Lizard Skins
164761Team Accelerate1412:19 PMCorporate TeamAccelerate Diagnostics
165587Big Bonk & the Miss-Shifters1412:19 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
166701Lunatic Fringe III1412:20 PMCorporate Team 
1675473 Crosses and D'Meatball1412:30 PM4 Person Men Open 
168730Hobbs Masonry1412:30 PMCorporate TeamHobbs Masonry
169542Arizona Oncology Rides For Baggit1412:32 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeArizona Oncology
17070Specialized Canada1412:33 PMSolo FemaleSpecialized Canada/Infinit Nutrition Canada
171704Terror in the Corn1412:37 PMCorporate TeamBuckelew Farm
172746Gears, Beers, Babes, & Boys1412:39 PMCorporate Team 
17317Saucon Valley Bikes p/b Liv Cycling1412:40 PMSolo Female 
174780Granite Chill Team1412:50 PMCorporate Team 
17571Team Schaffner 1412:56 PMSolo MaleMichael Schaffner
176576No Limits141:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
177712Vailocity141:07 PMCorporate TeamG&J Development Inc
17849Alexander Hardt141:17 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
179721LeatherBootBadA$$es141:41 PMCorporate TeamBohn Biofilter Corp
1802Kokopelli 1312:01 PMSolo Female 
181494Racer X 4-person1312:02 PM4 Person Men OpenRacer X
182456Sheepdogs1312:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
183413Back of the Pack Racing #21312:04 PM4 Person - Single SpeedBack of the Pack Racing
184265Wilder & Wilder1312:05 PMDuo Male 
185508Team Bear Claw1312:05 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
186511Blazers1312:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
187756Crank Yankers1312:09 PMCorporate TeamNorth Mountain Brewery & Bicycles of Phoenix
1887Christopher Broering1312:10 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleKrispy kreme
189245Prescott College Team 21312:21 PMDuo MalePrescott College
190483Declan and the Dad Bods1312:52 PM4 Person Men Open 
191759Fat Spatula1312:54 PMCorporate TeamBison Witches Bar & Grill/NetZero Solar
192737City of Hope1312:56 PMCorporate TeamCity of Hope / Wist Office Products
193539Spoken Not Stirred131:09 PM4 Person Men Open 
194607El Grupo Siete131:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
19518K Wild1212:03 PMSolo FemalePinetop Brewing Company
196718Los Toadies1212:03 PMCorporate Team 
197734PMF Race1212:04 PMCorporate TeamPrecision Metal Fabrication
198144Patrik Gunnarsson1212:04 PMSolo MaleCal Coast Bikes
199417Waste(d) Of Taxpayers Dollars1212:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
200400Terrainocyclists Wrecks1212:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
201225really1212:05 PMDuo Male 
202421Chafe and Bake1212:05 PM4 Person Men OpenYo mama
203104Mark Torowus1212:06 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleOro Valley Bicycles
204277Lap Busters1212:06 PMDuo - Female 
205623Saddle Tramps1212:06 PM4 Person Women Open 
2069Telemama1212:07 PMSolo FemaleGuthrie Bikes
207454F**K the BITCHES1212:13 PM4 Person Men Open 
20834Beth Shaner 1212:19 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleGriggs Ortho
209529UBO1212:25 PM4 Person Men Open 
210434Too Skids Two Marks1212:30 PM4 Person Men OpenArizona Cyclist
211543Just in time?1212:34 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeUs
212740Optic Strength Systems 1212:36 PMCorporate TeamOpti Strength Systems LLC
213165Zito Bandito1212:38 PMSolo Male 
214176One Ol' Manxman1212:45 PMSolo MaleOld Pueblo Firefighter Association
215564Bad Assets1212:57 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Bike Barn
216476ABC2Z121:09 PM4 Person Men Open 
217493Drop Bar Army121:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
218584Girls with Gas121:27 PM4 Person Women Open 
219747Grey Bellies Rule121:34 PMCorporate Team 
22029Ezra Shumway121:39 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
221271Grandma and Grandpa Crawford1112:00 PMDuo Co-ed 
222709GMF Racing1112:00 PMCorporate TeamGMF Bicycle Shop
223598Paws and Claws1112:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
224748The Minimally Proficient1112:00 PMCorporate Team 
225594We Brake for Kangaroo Rats1112:02 PM4 Person Men OpenTeam Rhino
226754All Your Heart1112:02 PMCorporate TeamAll Your Heart Fitness
227745Groms Rule1112:04 PMCorporate Team 
228725Desert Knights1112:05 PMCorporate Team 
229266Dos Gringos con Vanos1112:05 PMDuo MaleGrumpy Dod Brewing
230599Fifty A.F.1112:05 PM4 Person Men OpenSan Tan Racing
231442Sperm Have Face1112:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
232531Dirty Desert Grinders1112:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
233729Pedal To The Medal1112:14 PMCorporate TeamTechnical Documentation Consultants of Arizona
234491Prescott College Team 11112:21 PM4 Person Men Open 
235185Thy number for counting shall be 3 - Gary Derheim1112:22 PMSolo Male 
236448The Lazy Susans1112:28 PM4 Person Men OpenCorvus Ecological Consulting
237592Generation Gap1112:30 PM4 Person Men OpenNone
238492Prescott College Ecoshredders1112:41 PM4 Person Women OpenPrescott College
239735Crotch Nachos1112:42 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
240555Slowsteady1112:48 PM4 Person Men Open 
241582Biliskleta1112:51 PM4 Person Men Open 
242470Chicas Sin Chonies111:05 PM4 Person Women OpenTucson Tri Girls
243453Dust Huffers111:09 PM4 Person Men OpenOur Darling Wives
244742Sweethearts111:12 PMCorporate Team 
2453Riding single111:28 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleClubRide Julbo
246403STUDS111:46 PM4 Person Men Open 
247713Metric Monstars1012:00 PMCorporate TeamMetric Roofing
248487This is our name1012:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
249138C21012:00 PMSolo Male3 Pretty Ladies
25020Team Fun1012:01 PMSolo Male 
251559Pedalfliers 1012:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeRainbow Unicorn Racing
25267OneLapTwoLapThreeLapFour1012:02 PMSolo Male 
253714Broken bones1012:03 PMCorporate Team 
254717The Backshop Boyz1012:04 PMCorporate Team162nd Wing
255469Crazy wheelers1012:04 PM4 Person Men OpenLegacy Home Health Care
256762Punch Drunk Monkeys1012:04 PMCorporate TeamHandlebar Fabrication
257440Chunky Out The Chute1012:05 PM4 Person Men OpenGreen Light Photography
258750Public Brewhouse1012:05 PMCorporate TeamPublic Brewhouse
259495Fat Fish #21012:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeFat Fish
26092Troupe Racing Co1012:06 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleTroupe Racing Co
261566Shaqtus1012:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
262506Where My Bitches At?1012:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
263535High Rollers1012:15 PM4 Person Men Open 
264420Fantastic 4 (W)1012:19 PM4 Person Women OpenWorldBikeParks + Icicle Brew
265255Purple People Eaters1012:24 PMDuo Male 
266460Cinelli PBR Race Team1012:27 PM4 Person Men OpenCinelli PBR
267719The Sore Taints1012:27 PMCorporate Team 
268768Pedal Heads1012:31 PMCorporate TeamTucson Medical Center
269445Wight Lighting1012:38 PM4 Person Men Open 
270279Roll Right1012:40 PMDuo Male 
271596Cholla Hunters1012:44 PM4 Person Men OpenHedgehog Landscaping
272485brown bottle flu1012:45 PM4 Person Men Open 
27396Chad Dailey1012:47 PMSolo Male 
274509Toasted Unicorns 1012:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeAbsolute Bikes, Litespeed, Bernie Sanders, Che Guevara
275406Mountain Ten1012:53 PM4 Person Men Open 
276244Prescott College Team 3101:07 PMDuo MalePrescott College
277604El Grupo Diez101:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
278586Miss Lippy's Blue Ducks101:35 PM4 Person Men OpenMadison Hotels
279533MeowPOW!101:56 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
280537Singlespeed and Ready to Mingle912:00 PM4 Person - Single SpeedThe Broken Spoke
281530Dr. Hammerlov912:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
282513Hairier912:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
284570Pinoy MTB Arizona912:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
285119Cape Town Kid912:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
28631Team Broadway Bicycles912:06 PMSolo MaleTeam Semper Fi, Broadway Bicycles
2876Melsa Smith912:06 PMSolo Femalevive la tarte
288764Willow Springs Ranch Hands912:06 PMCorporate Team 
289724We're ALL Doping912:08 PMCorporate TeamCycling Anti-Doping Foundation
290593Team JDA912:09 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
291405Slow and Tired912:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
292160Solo Pink Jersey Dude912:11 PMSolo MaleI need one
29315Sully912:12 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleRock N Roll Lube Firefly Bicycles
294154Dave Webber912:21 PMSolo MaleCanyon Ranch
295242Prescott College Team 4912:21 PMDuo MalePrescott College
296184Mo' Butt'r912:24 PMSolo Male 
297436Slippery Pig Bike Shop912:27 PM4 Person Men OpenSlippery Pig Bike Shop
298164J5912:34 PMSolo MaleLawley Automotive Group
299744Vegetable Lasagna912:35 PMCorporate TeamPillar Communications
300707Catalina Brewing Company912:38 PMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing Company
301769Biketanomyces912:52 PMCorporate TeamTucson Medical Center
30211Sporty Spice91:30 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleSabrosa Cycles and your mom.
303129Dirty_Rider812:00 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleMe, Myself & I
304239Team Sock Monkey812:01 PMDuo Male 
305139Shawnsolo812:02 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
306155Johnson812:02 PMSolo Male 
30743Kason812:03 PMSolo MaleFortner Gardner Racing
308561Team ToDoIt812:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
3092882 BROWN DUDES812:04 PMDuo Male 
310474Hello cactus my old friend812:15 PM4 Person Men Open 
311710Old Pueblo MTB812:20 PMCorporate Team 
312467Apple Pie & Liberty812:27 PM4 Person Men Open 
31350Ryan Woodroffe solo812:30 PMSolo MaleFlat tire bike shop
31462Cyclosaurus812:30 PMSolo Male 
315233DRT-Cycleogical Coed812:33 PMDuo Co-edJax
316751SDMB81:13 PMCorporate Team 
31761924 Problems but the Bitches Aint One81:17 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
318276Chilly Pepper81:54 PMDuo Co-ed 
31990Timari Pruis712:00 PMSolo FemalePivot Cycles/Kenda
320230Mr. Natural712:00 PMSolo MaleASI
32194Happy's solo aloneo712:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
32273Solo searching712:05 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
32327sausages and ice cream712:09 PMSolo Male 
32419ROB DINTAMAN712:11 PMSolo Male 
325517Saddlesore Galactica712:12 PM4 Person Men Open 
326703Slow But Thirsty712:15 PMCorporate Team 
327583Dope Pedalers and Daytime Dancers712:24 PM4 Person Men OpenVons Carstar
328512State Bicycle Co.712:34 PM4 Person - Single SpeedState Bicycle Co.
329286Heavy Flow712:38 PMDuo - Female 
330486RideDMC712:41 PM4 Person Men OpenDesert Medical Careers, Inc.
331140Chinchilla612:01 PMSolo Male 
33253Shredder612:02 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
33368Chukar612:02 PMSolo Male 
33481Scott McEntee612:02 PMSolo Male 
335251Walker Brothers612:03 PMDuo Maleabrumpo
336272GRIT612:03 PMDuo Co-ed 
337112Twin 1612:04 PMSolo MaleMe
33899Twin 2612:04 PMSolo MaleMe
33937Comfort Zone Abandond 612:04 PMSolo Male 
340293Hot Wheels612:05 PMDuo Co-edGas Monkey
34198Coonhound612:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSir Clydesdale Huntington McBride
342274Valley Boys612:05 PMDuo MaleSupreme Almonds / VBZ Grapes
343153Weight Weenie Freak612:06 PMSolo MaleMyself, My Wallet, My Bike
344169JohnTodd VanDamm612:08 PMSolo Male 
34591Raging Cajun 612:18 PMSolo MaleEastbank Cyclery
346114Oracle Mountain Gearheads612:23 PMSolo MaleMe
347249Jenny Herbold612:29 PMSolo Female 
348110Turd Ferguson612:31 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSchlitz, Spam, Steel Panther
349465Braun's Bakery612:38 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
350183Thy number for counting shall be 3 - David DeYoung612:43 PMSolo Male 
351167Aggie612:44 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleCirrus Visual
35255Josh1612:46 PMSolo MaleTeam santini USA
3534There's no carpet; it's just hardwood612:46 PMSolo FemaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
354170Soul Rider512:00 PMSolo MaleJennifer Daniels
35575URF Racing512:02 PMSolo MaleURF Racing
356614Putting the FU in Fun!512:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
357235F@&$, Now I have to train!512:04 PMDuo - FemaleOne Two One Photography
358123Team OldenPhat512:06 PMSolo Male 
359447Team SOAZ512:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
360284Brrappin'512:07 PMDuo Male 
36125Soaring Eagle512:17 PMSolo Female 
362270Shake Your Tailfeathers512:25 PMDuo Co-ed 
36379Virgil Carnage512:29 PMSolo Male 
364116GoingSolo512:46 PMSolo Male 
365260Los Mandilones512:51 PMDuo MaleOur Wives
366280Don Quepunches412:03 PMDuo MaleButter Beans Home of the 5 Free Hits
367124Zee Fuzzy Termite412:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleCummings Termite & Pest
368240Team Semper Fi412:13 PMSolo MaleBombhair
369121JU man Broadway Bicycles412:14 PMSolo MaleBroadway Bicycles
370156Bacchus412:20 PMSolo Male 
371157El Kabong412:20 PMSolo Male 
372246Mister cramps and slow pants412:20 PMDuo Male 
37341Kimberly Cole412:29 PMSolo - Single Speed Femaletigertaco
374128Jesus Frias41:11 PMSolo MaleOSN MEXICO
375142Brian Suzuki312:00 PMSolo Malenone
376136Losers312:02 PMSolo MaleTanner's Hotrods
377145Joshua Jenkins312:04 PMSolo MaleFat Fish Racing
378287Team Shasta312:04 PMDuo Male 
37948Bouey312:10 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBouey
38038Yeah Buddy!312:17 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleCirrus Visual Communications
38132Pops312:21 PMSolo Male 
38256Overeducated/Undertrained312:40 PMSolo MaleMy lovely and talented wife
383243Dakotarado312:41 PMDuo - Female 
38413Hammbone31:23 PMSolo FemaleN/A
38539Arvie Webster212:03 PMSolo Female 
386222Oracle112:00 PMDuo Co-edNone
38740Richard Webster112:03 PMSolo Male 
38880Swami112:05 PMSolo Male 
DNF572TexRadoFornia1810:31 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeabsoluteBLACK & Intense Cycles
DNF629Team Maxxis / Pivot Cycles1711:20 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeMaxxis / Pivot Cycles
DNF722Colleen's Bitches159:50 AMCorporate Team 
DNF218BP coaching 1510:19 AMDuo MaleBP coaching- Max performance bike fit - Mot'us wellness
DNF484san Tan four skin145:03 AM4 Person Men Opensan tan racing, MMC, ATS, shimano
DNF166Kaolin Is My Spirit Animal147:42 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleRoca Roja | Racelab
DNF708Always late147:59 AMCorporate Team 
DNF749Equipe Dunning et Kruger1410:46 AMCorporate Team 
DNF757Fuzzy Crox1310:32 AMCorporate Team 
DNF28Chuck Wheeler1211:00 AMSolo Male 
DNF5751 MC and 3 DJs115:24 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF774Here We Go Again117:40 AMCorporate Team 
DNF455Lady & The Tramps Selfresed Edition119:26 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF518Gear Heads103:43 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF415Dust Junkies108:37 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF458Bros and Bra109:28 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
DNF738Team Sticky Note1011:22 AMCorporate TeamCity of Hope / Wist Office Products
DNF462Fat Tire Hawgs912:17 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF168Lost Network912:27 AMSolo Male 
DNF753GOMER93:50 AMCorporate Team 
DNF581Monkey Punks99:28 AM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeThe Thing
DNF600Alpha Bitches99:59 AM4 Person Women OpenSan Tan Racing
DNF61Jeff Glessing911:02 AMSolo MalePrescott College Cycling
DNF220Pedalphiles81:06 AMDuo Male 
DNF700Phil McCrevis84:20 AMCorporate Team 
DNF728Sonoran Desert Social Club 86:53 AMCorporate Team 
DNF480Colombianos Locos87:57 AM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
DNF85Misery89:59 AMSolo Male 
DNF466Cranksters 811:10 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF10Ian Leitch78:11 PMSolo MalePivot Boompods - Great Britain
DNF60Hammer On!79:46 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF419Fantastic Four (M)710:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF412Rucos Chavos711:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF439Bikes and brews712:05 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF550Team Chupacabra712:11 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
DNF414Chavos Rucos712:50 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF219Zia Rides71:45 AMDuo MaleZia Rides
DNF488The Corsairs72:19 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
DNF574Vail Trail Blazers78:32 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF715Discover Desert Dynamo78:48 AMCorporate TeamDiscover Financial Services
DNF731Sonoran Pirates710:57 AMCorporate TeamPatel's Punjabi Chicken
DNF510Seven Tender Testicles711:07 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF57Neil Becwar67:48 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF101Micah clinger68:09 PMSolo MaleExhale bikes / team payntake
DNF21craig Donkin68:39 PMSolo - Single Speed Malecraig Donkin
DNF451Tahoe University69:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age 
DNF551Chub E Pan Ochas610:09 PM4 Person Men OpenTucson Endurance Performance Center
DNF464Slow Flat Rats610:23 PM4 Person Men OpenEmitt Barks
DNF588The Reach Around611:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF472Two Cranks One Cup611:21 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF461The Simpletons611:23 PM4 Person Men OpenSimpleview
DNF490Scarred Stiff611:58 PM4 Person Men OpenMom
DNF416FILDIT612:26 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF250It Runs on Duncan612:32 AMDuo Male 
DNF131Granny with Gears64:02 AMSolo Male 
DNF125Ti-Solo65:29 AMSolo Male 
DNF88Elizabeth Boese65:30 AMSolo FemaleOro Valley Bikes
DNF113Team Veloz New Mexico610:19 AMSolo Male 
DNF141kaitlyn boyle56:31 PMSolo Femalesalsa cycles, ultra mtb consulting, prescott college
DNF126The Hammer56:56 PMSolo Male 
DNF107Scott smith58:43 PMSolo Male 
DNF237wreckers or checkers58:44 PMDuo Male2nd Ave Sports Angelfire Resort
DNF459Los Peros59:25 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF72Lorne Trezise59:31 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF256One in a Series of Bad Descisions510:38 PMDuo Male 
DNF528The Brigade511:14 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF444Crash & Burn55:25 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF228Team Grube57:36 AMDuo Co-ed 
DNF763ROVers 2510:24 AMCorporate TeamVentana Medical
DNF130Split Sac46:20 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMy wife and girls & Two Wheel Jones
DNF723The Cyclopaths47:06 PMCorporate TeamFarhang & Medcoff
DNF258Viudos de Chapito!47:07 PMDuo MaleIt ain't Chapito!
DNF118Bone on Bone47:55 PMSolo Male 
DNF591Cranky Old Bastards48:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF408Back of the Pack Racing48:07 PM4 Person - Single SpeedBack of the Pack Racing
DNF171Matt Pacheco48:11 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF423Slow and the 3 Steadies48:27 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF496I like Turtles!48:39 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF626Drunkcyclist Klunkers49:01 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
DNF571Regulators410:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF503Final Fourgasm410:38 PM4 Person Men OpenThe Biebs
DNF228 Laps410:51 PMSolo Male 
DNF36Dux Nobis412:17 AMSolo Male 
DNF51Almost 30, solo and single43:04 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF26Richard Penning33:33 PMSolo MalePivot Boompods - Great Britain
DNF63Pain33:52 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF33One More Lap!34:43 PMSolo MaleFour Five Racing
DNF259Sunny and Cher 34:51 PMDuo Male 
DNF481Idiotas del Pueblo35:38 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF743The Mighty Epitopes35:59 PMCorporate Team 
DNF44Juan Solo36:24 PMSolo Male 
DNF12Team Charlotte37:24 PMSolo Female 
DNF103Wrenching Rocks!37:46 PMSolo MalePima Street Bicycle
DNF150My Sphincter Hurts38:07 PMSolo Male 
DNF54Oldexsupt38:15 PMSolo Male 
DNF158Chapito Solo39:13 PMSolo MaleM3 Engineering
DNF47hold me closer tony danza31:52 AMSolo MaleLandis Cyclery
DNF42Durazno36:13 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF163Timmuh39:52 AMSolo Male 
DNF523Harambe's Knights310:57 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF291Once Around23:21 PMDuo MaleWalker Engineering
DNF294Um, OK23:22 PMDuo Male 
DNF161If I only had a brain23:24 PMSolo MaleBicycle Ranch
DNF162Ernest Rider23:25 PMSolo MaleHye Tech Network Solutions
DNF173Jack Straw from...23:26 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTrek / Bontrager
DNF226Ham sandwich23:32 PMDuo Co-ednone
DNF296No Hurry23:59 PMDuo Male 
DNF275Raw Taints of the Apocalypse24:57 PMDuo MaleBuffalo Bill's Patented Chamois Cream
DNF74Mark Hahle25:53 PMSolo MaleMark Hahle
DNF127Yum Yum25:55 PMSolo MaleSAMBA
DNF78Moctezuma's Revenge26:18 PMSolo MaleUSMES, Pima Street Bikes, KTM Industries
DNF86MURTAGH27:06 PMSolo Male 
DNF257One Night in Bangkok27:20 PMDuo Co-ed 
DNF133Rigid 27:32 PMSolo MaleRigid Industries
DNF93bryan cline27:34 PMSolo Male 
DNF76Jeff Hempleman11:17 PMSolo MaleSound Xpression
DNF30Red Headed Pimp11:17 PMSolo MaleRockford Fosgate
DNF577Fully Upright Cool Kids Enjoy Riding11:30 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF83Cornhole Brothers11:31 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBroken Riders
DNF64Ok n Az11:33 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleOro Valley Bicycle
DNF109Team Free Lunch11:33 PMSolo MaleBio Remedies
DNF108Unfinished Business11:37 PMSolo Male 
DNF152Circumcised for Speed11:47 PMSolo Male 
DNF134353 Chief11:47 PMSolo MaleBeth
DNF95Big E11:47 PMSolo Male 
DNF97High Plains Drifter11:50 PMSolo MaleRevenge
DNF143Cha Cha Bitches11:52 PMSolo MaleYour Mom
DNF292Revenge of the Cowgirls11:53 PMDuo - Female 
DNF89Brett Carpenter12:00 PMSolo Male 
DNF159Andy Korsmo12:01 PMSolo Male 
DNF446Coaster Culture12:01 PMDuo Co-ednone
DNF174Ron Plantz12:07 PMSolo Male 
DNF24Harrel12:07 PMSolo Male 
DNF232You're Up13:37 PMDuo Co-ed