2016 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1490Feed Zone Table2311:53 AM4 Person Men OpenSkratch Labs
2713Fist Pump Chumps2211:08 AMCorporate TeamMacho Man Randy Savage and AC/DC
3503Victoria's Secret2211:19 AM4 Person Men OpenNeed Sponsor Name
4757Team Hosie Cows2211:46 AMCorporate TeamCirrus Visuals
5512Epic Endurance Cycling2211:54 AM4 Person Men OpenCannondale/European Auto Body
6707Two Wheel Jones Corporate Sellouts 2211:55 AMCorporate TeamTwo Wheel Jones
7602The Pivot Burrito Factory2212:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgePivot Cycles
8530Pactimo2111:06 AM4 Person Men OpenPactimo
9706Team Rhino2111:14 AMCorporate TeamOVB Bikes
105818 Rubbers2111:33 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
11463To Be Decided2111:46 AM4 Person Men OpenSun and Spokes Bicycle Shop
12447M & M Cycling2111:53 AM4 Person Men OpenM & M Cycling
13582Bacon Powered2112:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSkratch Labs
14227Beltchdillo2011:00 AMDuo Male 
15612Stan's No Tubes2011:05 AM4 Person Men Open 
16535Golden Girls2011:12 AM4 Person Men OpenMission Workshop ACRE Supply
17281The Old man and the Ian C.2011:13 AMDuo MaleNo one would
18556Midwest Speed Demons2011:15 AM4 Person - Single SpeedBloomington Cycle and Fitness
19450Ziagem2011:17 AM4 Person Men Open 
20550El Grupo Uno2011:25 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo
21297Dos Retardos2011:29 AMDuo MalePivot Cycles
22735Justified Racing/ 87 Cyclery2011:32 AMCorporate TeamJustified Racing, 87 Cyclery
23586bikeworks albuquerque2011:36 AM4 Person - Single Speedbikeworks albuquerque
24571The Dukes of Elfin Forest2011:46 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+El Camino Bike Shop
25505Team Touchstone2011:47 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeTouchstone Climbing
26599Breck Bike Guides2011:51 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeThebeau Construction
27755Team Serious Visuals2011:54 AMCorporate TeamCirrus Visuals
285311 OLD MAN AND 3 YOUNGSTERS2012:10 PM4 Person - Single SpeedDNA CYCLES
29233Pro Dream Is Alive2012:14 PMDuo Male 
30275Back 4 More1911:14 AMDuo MaleHammer / El Freako
31547Rock Dropped1911:16 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeSan Tan Racing
32445Where's Jamie1911:25 AM4 Person Men OpenThe Bike Way
33452Rain, What Rain?1911:28 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
34408Cycle Mania Mixin It1911:31 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeCycle Mania
35551El Grupo Dos1911:34 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
36467TBD1911:36 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
37589Team Soundpony1911:37 AM4 Person Men OpenTriad Bank
38552El Grupo Tres1911:43 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
39775Fart Tire Bike Shart1911:44 AMCorporate Team 
40767Granite1911:48 AMCorporate TeamGranite Construction Company
41746OVB Ocho Too1911:49 AMCorporate TeamOro Valley Bicycle
42548Melo Velos1912:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
43733Hey Hugo! NvM...1912:11 PMCorporate Team 
44519We're All Idiots1912:20 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
45230The Legends!!!!1912:21 PMDuo MaleSonoran Cycles
4645392fifty / Elevated Legs1811:00 AM4 Person Men Open92fifty / Elevated Legs
47161Nate Ginzton1811:00 AMSolo Male 
4846624-Hr of Southern Discomfort1811:02 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
49739Sal T Nuts1811:04 AMCorporate Team 
504764 Married Men and a Frenchie1811:11 AM4 Person Men Open 
51532Stan's No Tubes Junior Team1811:12 AM4 Person Women OpenStan's No Tubes
52432Dirt Whispering Rainbow Unicorns 2.01811:27 AM4 Person Men Open 
53240Speedy Utard and the gimp1811:27 AMDuo MaleGrumpy Dog Brewing
54517Shredded Sticky Notes1811:28 AM4 Person Men OpenCity of Hope, Wist Office Products, HSM of America
55715safety 1st1811:30 AMCorporate TeamLoves
56465French Toast Mafia1811:32 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Pogson & Matt Wealth Management Group
57576Squiggle Pants1811:36 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSummit Bike Club - Competitive Cyclist
58430Say Watt?1811:36 AM4 Person Men OpenBen's Bold Beef Jerky
59584Team Jurassic Fantassic1811:36 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
60443Papa's con Huevos1811:36 AM4 Person Men OpenTeam Tats and Smelly
61607Squeeky Wheels1811:38 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
62427J.E.T.S.1811:39 AM4 Person Men Open 
63402cycle mania chaingang1811:39 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeCycle Mania
64294ChaseTech1811:41 AMDuo Co-edFlagstaff Bike Revolution, Paragon Athletics
65166Only Lonely1811:42 AMSolo MaleSun & Spokes
66734two wheel jones1811:46 AMCorporate Teamrob
67120Zee master1811:50 AMSolo MaleM&M cycling
68540Sange Fatigue1812:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
69538Annoyed Grunt1812:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
70282Shake It Off!1812:01 PMDuo - FemaleTaylor Swift and Katy Perry
71752Shut Up Legs1812:04 PMCorporate TeamStar Glass
72400Testing Grayson's patience1812:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
73702Spacely Sprockets1812:06 PMCorporate TeamR-Team
74423Has anyone seen my bike?1812:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
75585Gannis's Gang 1812:18 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
76772Team Colleen1812:25 PMCorporate Team 
77514Yeti Beti1711:00 AM4 Person Women OpenYeti Cycles
78529Cops and Docs1711:03 AM4 Person Men Open 
79537Pouncing Pumas1711:03 AM4 Person Men OpenRMH Investment Management, LLC
80572Wooooooooooo-hooooooooooooooooooooo!1711:04 AM4 Person Men Open 
81404Lo Pan and the 3 Storms1711:05 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
82221Prescott College III1711:05 AMDuo Co-ed 
83575#growMTB1711:06 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeSummit Bike Club - Competitive Cyclist
84401Pop A Wheelie1711:08 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
85406Egg McMuffins and a Canadian Bacon1711:09 AM4 Person Men Open 
865833 Dudes and a 19-01711:09 AM4 Person Men Open 
87553El Grupo Cuatro1711:10 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
88714Arizona Single Speed Cult and Gears1711:14 AMCorporate TeamTronix, Arizona Single Speed Cult
89727Deceptively Slow1711:14 AMCorporate TeamFarhang & Medcoff
90172Wookieone1711:14 AMSolo - Single Speed MalegO Griggs orthopedics , Ibis
91287Chafing the Dream1711:18 AMDuo - Female 
92520Damn Good Beer1711:23 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeIron John's Brewing Company
93409Maple Syrup Spaceship Fantasy GradeB1711:25 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
94471Finish your beer. It's your lap. 1711:31 AM4 Person Men Open 
95472No Fork n' Brake1711:31 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeArea9
96528TEAM INCYCLE1711:35 AM4 Person Men OpenINCYCLE
97231ODB1711:36 AMDuo Co-ed 
98477Multisport Ministries 21711:38 AM4 Person Men OpenMultisport Ministries
99573SV Leftys1711:39 AM4 Person Men Open 
100541Cinco Stinko Pinkoes1711:39 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
101475Duck Butter1711:40 AM4 Person Men OpenJOB
102533Bad Assets1711:43 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Bike Barn - Phx
103525I Can't Believe It's Not Butt Butter1711:44 AM4 Person Men OpenNeed Sponsor Name
104558"We Warren-D you"1711:48 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
105279Team Roundhouse1711:56 AMDuo Male 
106597Deez Nuts1712:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
107510Arizona Oncology Rides for Bag It!1712:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeArizona Oncology
108455No Brakes1712:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeDundee Cycles/Peace Surplus
109588Fat n Cranky1712:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeThe Sports Ranch
110483Team Catbird1712:21 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeOro Valley Bicycle
111759Expendables 21712:23 PMCorporate Team 
112570Los Pollos Hermanos1611:00 AM4 Person Men Open 
113194Scott Engstrom1611:01 AMSolo Male95Fifty Racing
114462Team Sticky Note1611:02 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeCity of Hope, Wist Office Products, AZ Outback Adventures
115415Not Your Father's Team1611:03 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
116278UNUM1611:03 AMDuo - FemalegO Griggs Orthopedics
117743Area 51 Segunda1611:03 AMCorporate TeamArea 51 and Farmers Insurance, Alex Paterson
118236EXHALE 1001611:04 AMDuo MaleEXHALE BIKES
119426Cuatro Cadenas1611:04 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
120754Rolling Mayhem1611:05 AMCorporate TeamBen's Bikes
121546Team Oldenphat1611:05 AM4 Person Men OpenGeorge Harris
122497We Will Keep Our Day Jobs1611:06 AM4 Person Men Open 
123509ThinkASG 1611:07 AM4 Person Men OpenThinkASK
124196Goold for Gold1611:08 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleRacelab
125405Us Three and Minnie 1611:10 AM4 Person Women OpenTwo Wheel Jones
126420All About Fun1611:13 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
127250GriggsOrtho1611:15 AMDuo Co-edGriggs Orthopedics
128708Lunch Loop Lunatic1611:17 AMCorporate TeamLTR Sports, beer, bike, your mama
129135Eddie Urcadez1611:18 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
1306Kaitlyn Boyle1611:20 AMSolo FemaleSalsa Cycles
131771Fair Wheel Bikes1611:22 AMCorporate TeamFairwheel Bikes
132609Argyle Advantage1611:24 AM4 Person Men Open 
133218Single Minded1611:24 AMDuo Male 
134577Arizona trail chasers1611:26 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
135764RAAd Riders1611:29 AMCorporate TeamRadiology Associates of Albuquerque
136703Shit Tons o' Fun1611:31 AMCorporate Team 
137417Canyon PT MTB Team1611:37 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeCanyon Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehabilitation
138555El Grupo Seis1611:37 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo
139464Balls Deep1611:38 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeHudson's Ex-Wife
140495Sasquatch1611:45 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
141175James Bruce - Watermark1611:52 AMSolo MaleWatermark Wealth Strategies and Estate Planning
142756Team Seriously Hosed1612:07 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visuals
143487MTBR Mountain Flyers1612:14 PM4 Person Women OpenMTBR, Mountain Flyer Magazine
14443Backcountry Racing1511:00 AMSolo FemaleBackcountry Bike and Ski
145765Beyond Bread1511:00 AMCorporate TeamBeyond Bread
146513Okie Boys1511:01 AM4 Person Men Open 
14798El Freako Racing1511:01 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleKokopelli Bike and Board
149411Dirt Slayers of Las Vegas1511:02 AM4 Person Women Open 
150441Slippery Pig1511:02 AM4 Person Men Open 
151569Put a Ring On It1511:03 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
152470Big Test Icicles1511:03 AM4 Person Men OpenGlobal Warming
153527Struggle Bus1511:04 AM4 Person Men OpenSpecialized Appraisal Services
154773Bottoms Up!1511:04 AMCorporate Team 
155545Stinky Burritos1511:06 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
156216Dos Spandexos 1511:06 AMDuo MaleSRAM
157262Narcissistic Fu's1511:07 AMDuo MaleNeed Sponsor Name
158565ROUS Reunited1511:07 AM4 Person Men Open 
159516Shift for Brains Rides Again1511:07 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
160566Lunatic Fringe1511:08 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
161766Pivot Cycles1511:14 AMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles
162741Idiotas del Pueblo 11511:19 AMCorporate Team 
163596Cosby's Puddin' Pops1511:19 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
164554El Grupo Cinco1511:26 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo
16529The Kitty Song1511:26 AMSolo MaleAggress
166762Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists 1511:28 AMCorporate TeamSDMB
167604Vailocity1511:30 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
168720Psycle-Paths1511:30 AMCorporate TeamSturgeon Electric
169422Chain Gang1511:33 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
170749Espatula De Gordo1511:34 AMCorporate TeamNet Zero Solar
171740Idiotas del Pueblo 21511:36 AMCorporate Team 
172468Free Mammograms1511:41 AM4 Person Men OpenSun & Spoke Bike Shop
173719Leaky Seals Who TRI Hard1511:44 AMCorporate TeamTucson Endurance Performance Center
174473The Dust Huffers1511:49 AM4 Person Men OpenThe Wives
175718Visit Tucson1511:54 AMCorporate TeamVisit Tucson
176412Prescott College II1511:58 AM4 Person Men Open 
17767Enact Rhino1512:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleNeed Sponsor Name
178760Pedal to the Medal1512:06 PMCorporate TeamTDC of Arizona
179563Perky Knobs / Squishy Grips1512:08 PM4 Person Men OpenTEPC
18023John Schumaker1411:01 AMSolo Male 
181763Catalina Brewing Company1411:01 AMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing Company
182299Valley Boys1411:02 AMDuo Male 
183753Beauty and the Beasts1411:02 AMCorporate TeamBikes and Brews, Dragoon Brewing Company
184433Cranksters 1411:03 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
185567Team MM1411:03 AM4 Person Men Open 
186431Beer and Poptarts1411:03 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
187736Fuzzy Crox1411:05 AMCorporate TeamThe Rock Drop
188723Latitude1411:05 AMCorporate TeamLatitude Engineering
189587Team Maddog1411:06 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeOurselves
190732Search for the Holy Trail1411:07 AMCorporate Team 
191419Resurgence1411:07 AM4 Person Men Open 
192496Saddle Rash1411:09 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
193730We Love Yoga Pants (and beer)1411:10 AMCorporate TeamFlat Tire Bike Shop
194264Sparkle Pony1411:14 AMDuo Male 
195109Misery1411:16 AMSolo - Single Speed MalePain
196561Drunkcyclist Endlessly Singlespeed1411:19 AM4 Person Women OpenDrunkcyclist
197721Biggknutz1411:20 AMCorporate TeamBohn Biofilter Corp
198600Steal Reserve1411:23 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
199726Desert Knights1411:24 AMCorporate Team 
200174SplitSac1411:30 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleDNA Cycles and Family
201186Paul Boudreaux1411:36 AMSolo Male 
202482Team Toast1411:36 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
203580Coyote Dynamite1411:52 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeCisco Systems
20437Every Trail Connects1412:00 PMSolo MaleREI
205265MULE1412:19 PMDuo Male 
206413Prescott College I1412:23 PM4 Person Women Open 
2072322 Gears 12 beers1412:38 PMDuo MaleThose dudes mothers ^
208478Multisport Ministries 11412:39 PM4 Person Men OpenMultisport Ministries
20922Lance Strong1311:00 AMSolo Male 
210424Phatty Phatty Boom Boom1311:02 AM4 Person Men Opensee team name
211258Team Sticky Note1311:03 AMDuo - FemaleCity of Hope, Wist Office Products, AZ Outback Adventures
212557Ruidoso Weak-End Warriors1311:04 AM4 Person Men Open 
213745Fortune and Glory Too1311:05 AMCorporate TeamTeam Rhino
214451Most Interesting Men Alive1311:09 AM4 Person Men OpenThe Universe
215261Giant Liv.....ing1311:13 AMDuo Co-edLiv, Giant, Northstar California
216439295 Young and Kicking 1311:17 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Campmor
21788Slow & Steady1311:18 AMSolo Male 
218526Testing the Legs v.41311:18 AM4 Person Men Open 
219429Saddlesore Galactica1311:20 AM4 Person Men Open 
220700Team Accelerate1311:26 AMCorporate TeamAccelerate Diagnostics
221100Back of the Pack Racing1311:31 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleBack of the Pack Racing
222709Tukeeville1311:38 AMCorporate TeamNone yet
223414DNA Dirty Girls1311:38 AM4 Person Women OpenDNA Cycles
224157FourFive Racing1311:42 AMSolo MaleFourFive racing
225492Hickey Racing1311:55 AM4 Person - Single SpeedHickey Auto Racing
226267Mike's Bike Shop1312:05 PMDuo MaleWMBA of COS, KJBikeCoaching
227502Clammy Chammies1312:07 PM4 Person Men OpenPoutine and beer
228169Timari Pruis-Allen1312:10 PMSolo FemalePivot Cycles/Kenda/Wins Wheels
229770Old Pueblo MTB1312:11 PMCorporate TeamOld Pueblo MTB
230131Ashley Carelock1312:15 PMSolo FemaleKokopelli Bike and Board
231716#VKVIP4LIFE Powered by Kittens!1312:16 PMCorporate TeamVanderkitten
232484Grey Matter Racing1312:19 PM4 Person Men OpenGrey Matter Family Bicycle Shop
233410Coaster Culture1312:19 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
23456Pardee of One1312:31 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
235560BRT Roundup Dirty Riders1211:00 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeBicycle Ranch Tucson
236761T.B.D. 1211:00 AMCorporate Team 
237440Sabino Cycho's1211:01 AM4 Person Men Open 
238458Space Camp Mom1211:01 AM4 Person Men OpenButt Stuff
240160Pain1211:02 AMSolo MaleMisery
24118487 Cyclery 1211:02 AMSolo Male87 Cyclery
242574Sheepdogs1211:02 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
243280AZMATTRESSCENTER.COM 1211:03 AMDuo MaleAz Mattress Center
2445682h1s1211:06 AM4 Person Men OpenMom
245543Sallye Says No1211:06 AM4 Person Men Open 
246731Psomas Psycling1211:06 AMCorporate TeamPsomas
247178Yeh1211:06 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleTBD
248418One Niner One1211:07 AM4 Person Men Open 
24962What Was I Thinking1211:08 AMSolo MaleIrwin Cycles
250456Team Pedro1211:08 AM4 Person Men OpenAspect Photography
251744My Generator is Louder Than Yours1211:08 AMCorporate TeamFlat Rat Racing
252206Chuck wheeler1211:09 AMSolo Male 
253444Rogue Squad1211:09 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
254774Tucson Old Pueblo CU1211:10 AMCorporate TeamOurselves
255579KillerBrews1211:12 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeThe Brewer Law Office
256504MesaBlackWorks.com1211:16 AM4 Person Men OpenMesaBlackWorks.com
257738The Cranksters1211:21 AMCorporate Team 
258459Nutslap Racing1211:28 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeTrail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS)
259522Back of the Pack1211:30 AM4 Person Men Open 
26048Need More Coffee1211:39 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
26159C to the aSS1211:40 AMSolo - Single Speed FemaleOro Valley Bicycles
262711Slow, but Thirsty1211:41 AMCorporate Team 
26320Jill Valerius1211:46 AMSolo FemaleBackcountry Bike and Ski/Now Health
264176Jeremy Fields1211:46 AMSolo Male 
265498B&B&B1211:48 AM4 Person Men Open 
266162gO Ride 1211:50 AMSolo - Single Speed FemaleGriggs Orthopedics
267234harristone1211:53 AMDuo Male 
268578Improbability Riders1211:55 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
269474Dannybo and the Traveling Vaca's1212:38 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
270758we made the list1111:02 AMCorporate Team 
271751OVB 8: The Ocho Tres1111:03 AMCorporate TeamOro Valley Bicycle
272296Potbelly Racers1111:04 AMDuo MaleSound Xpressions
273515Arroz con Frijoles1111:04 AM4 Person Men Open 
274454Rooly Valentinos1111:04 AM4 Person Men Open 
275712Wheely Tired Taint Thrashers1111:05 AMCorporate Team 
276226Borracha y Borracho1111:06 AMDuo Co-edFlag Bike Revolution
27730Wattie Ink1111:10 AMSolo FemaleRock N Road
278601Emergency Fleet - Sleeping with the Enema1111:10 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
279416Dope Pedalers and Daytime Dancers1111:10 AM4 Person Men OpenVons Carstar
28051The Hammer1111:10 AMSolo Male 
281485Ragweed1111:10 AM4 Person Men OpenWalsh Energy Consulting
282710Big Test Cycles1111:13 AMCorporate Team 
283704Flying McMullets1111:15 AMCorporate TeamWilliam "Freedom" Wallace
28444892FiftyElevatedLegs1111:18 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age92FiftyElevatedLegs/RobertsonConstruction/Pivot/Felt/Racefac
285436Vegetable Lasagna1111:24 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
286506Team K2P21111:30 AM4 Person Men Open 
287742FAT SPATULA1111:34 AMCorporate TeamBison Witches Bar and Deli
288291Dirt Slide1111:40 AMDuo Male 
289605Pedaling the Good Stuff1111:46 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeSierra Nevada
290284Highway 79 Cow Killers1111:53 AMDuo Co-edMOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
291252Bigelow1111:55 AMDuo Co-ed 
292105Ti-Solo1111:58 AMSolo Male 
293263Team Nubbin1112:06 PMDuo Male 
29477Mark Torowus1112:15 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleOro Valley Bikes
295750Chocolate, Caffeine, Cheetos & Beer1112:18 PMCorporate Team 
296486Loop de loops1112:32 PM4 Person Men OpenHedgehog Landscaping
297243Walker Brothers1011:01 AMDuo Male 
298524Lost Tortoise1011:01 AM4 Person Women Open 
29942Rich Maines1011:02 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleNiteRider Ergon Hammer Nutrition
30028Caveman Productions1011:02 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleRocky Mountain Tiny Houses
301111Global bikes/Potential energy1011:02 AMSolo MaleGlobal Bikes/Potential Energy
302728Mountain Shredders1011:03 AMCorporate TeamCity of Hope, Wist Office, Clover Imaging
303246Hoppy Ending1011:04 AMDuo Male 
304266The Bike Banditos1011:05 AMDuo Male 
305163URF Racing1011:05 AMSolo Male 
306593Team Desertbilly1011:06 AM4 Person Men Open 
307457Are We Done Yet???1011:06 AM4 Person Men Open 
308107Wendy Skean1011:07 AMSolo - Single Speed FemaleHammer Nutrition
309722Phil McCrevis1011:08 AMCorporate TeamA-Team Security
310480MTBer1011:09 AM4 Person Men OpenTuquero ltd
311737Barely Made It1011:09 AMCorporate TeamFLSmidth Krebs
312479Tiny Leaks Sink Ships1011:10 AM4 Person Men Open 
313564Four Modelos and a Tucson Blonde1011:10 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
314769Willow Springs Ranch Hands1011:11 AMCorporate Team 
31585scott smith1011:12 AMSolo Male 
316610Bob Loblaw Lobs law blog1011:12 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
317501GYG4 Kevin Burns1011:16 AM4 Person Men Open 
318747More Sloshed Sloths1011:20 AMCorporate Team 
319428Desert Ninja Turtles1011:24 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
320117Troupe Racing1011:37 AMSolo - Single Speed FemaleTroupe Racing
321268brk73kmh561011:54 AMDuo Maleself
322407CHIKNDIX1011:56 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
323165Team OldenPhat1011:56 AMSolo MaleTeam OldenPhat
324598PleaseUseLube1012:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
325499Girls Gone Wheeled1012:07 PM4 Person Women Open 
326534The Reach Around1012:10 PM4 Person Men OpenHands
327725Goomer1012:13 PMCorporate Team 
328603The B (eer) Team1012:14 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+TMC
329256Team Sticky Note1012:27 PMDuo MaleCity of Hope, Wist Office Products
33073Alex Hardt1012:29 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
33133WTF I am thinking?1012:51 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTeam Cirrus Visual Communications
332494Brethren of Bearded Bikers911:01 AM4 Person Men OpenBrushfire BBQ, Our MTB Rides
333493Team ToDoIt911:02 AM4 Person Men Open 
334222All Night Long Lary911:03 AMSolo MaleLarry
335724Cyclopaths911:03 AMCorporate TeamFarhang & Medcoff
336204Cyclosaurus911:04 AMSolo Male 
337518Balut911:04 AM4 Person Men Open 
338292Me and Fastest wife911:07 AMDuo Co-ed 
339148Marques with a C911:07 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleChubby Dick
340507No is just a slow Yes911:09 AM4 Person Men Open 
341748Sloshed Sloths911:13 AMCorporate Team 
34235Ride for Carlos911:13 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
343255Fok Julle Naaiers911:15 AMDuo Co-edJE Fuller, Walbro Engine Mgmnt., WAKA/JAWAKA
344425Four gears no fear911:32 AM4 Person - Single SpeedM3 Engineering
345571x1911:34 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
346122STIHL EATING THE PIE911:36 AMSolo Male 
347562DC/BPR Super Barrio Bros912:03 PM4 Person Men OpenDrunk Cyclist
34860Graham and the Ovipositors912:05 PMSolo Male 
349113OK n AZ912:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleOro Valley Bicycle
350705M3 Corporate912:13 PMCorporate TeamM3 Engineering
351701Deep Fried Tequila912:13 PMCorporate Team4 Peaks IT / Tranquil Dental Care
35214Bad Dads Cycling912:50 PMSolo Male 
35386Mr Natural811:00 AMSolo MaleASI
354544Putting the FU in Fun811:01 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
35590Angry Beaver811:01 AMSolo MaleAngry Beaver Winery
35612Team Sticky Note811:02 AMSolo MaleCity of Hope, Grey Matter Bicycle Shop, Wist Office Prod.
357130AGGIE811:03 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleCirrus Visual
35894Lorne Trezise811:03 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
359251Rockford Fosgate811:04 AMDuo MaleRockford Fosgate
360768The "A" Team811:05 AMCorporate TeamTMC
361511Girls with Gas811:06 AM4 Person Women Open 
362270TEAM HEAVY 811:06 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleIronwood Tree Experience.org
363442Four Stumps811:06 AM4 Person Men OpenAmeriprise
364539CUDDLY BUT MUSCULAR811:07 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
365274Blumpkin Spice811:07 AMDuo - Female 
36625The Suckas811:08 AMSolo Male 
367434Cranky Old Bastards811:08 AM4 Person Men Open 
368138Bway Jesse Bicycles 811:10 AMSolo MaleBroadway Bicycles
369521Soup #5811:10 AM4 Person Men Open 
37013Fox Head811:10 AMSolo Male 
37170What If811:10 AMSolo Male 
372115Larry Demik811:18 AMSolo MaleLarry Demik and two Wheel Jones
37345Team Anti Social811:19 AMSolo Male 
374298Whose stupid idea was this?811:21 AMDuo Male 
375220Rude Boys811:46 AMDuo Male 
376489State Bicycle Co.812:07 PM4 Person - Single SpeedState Bicycle Co.
377202Erick Lord812:10 PMSolo Male92 Fifty
37834Coonhound812:10 PMSolo MaleBessie & Clyde
379167Kirphtin Joy812:12 PMSolo FemaleRainbow Unicorn Racing
380488Norfolk in Chance711:04 AM4 Person Men Open 
381123Mr. Jones and the Shag wagon711:05 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleTwo-wheel Jones
38263Need Team Name711:08 AMSolo MaleNeed Sponsor Name
383237Need Team Name711:10 AMDuo MaleNeed Sponsor Name
384188Bad idea711:10 AMSolo Male 
385446Because we DGAF711:16 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
386559wunden Hintern711:18 AM4 Person Men Open 
38765Jew Tang Klan711:19 AMSolo MaleTemple Beth Shalom
388134I was young and needed the money711:23 AMSolo Male 
389239Copper Canyon Dental711:27 AMDuo MaleCopper Canyon Dental
390241Oh no, not again!711:28 AMDuo Male 
39182Back of the Pack Racing711:31 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleBack of the Pack Racing
392438Burrito Guzzlers611:00 AM4 Person Men Open 
393145Chukar611:00 AMSolo Male 
394244Dos Hombres611:02 AMDuo MaleSAMBA
395150Bryan Cline611:04 AMSolo Male 
39611AZPS: Table for one611:04 AMSolo MaleeVulture Inc
397128Need Team Name611:05 AMSolo MaleNeed Sponsor Name
39899Dirt Monkey611:06 AMSolo MaleExhale Bikes Racing
399229Professor Criddle611:06 AMDuo MaleMissing Link Racing
400269MTBeers611:07 AMDuo Co-ed 
401271Team Rim Jobs611:07 AMDuo MaleAllMaleCams.com
402181Hanky Doodle611:07 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
403200ktm 611:08 AMSolo Malehalls bicycle
40447Hans Solo611:09 AMSolo MaleHan Solo
405181x1Rider611:10 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleColorado Beer (any)
406403Bollocks on Bicycles611:14 AM4 Person Men Open 
407153TommieStackie611:18 AMSolo Male 
40883Fluffy611:23 AMSolo Male 
40924Mutter Fokker Motorsports611:24 AMSolo Male 
410549El Grupo U23611:29 AM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
411235Revenge of the cowgirls 611:34 AMDuo - Female 
412179Deep Cover611:55 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleBike Shop
41371Kimberly Cole612:29 PMSolo Female 
41427Nationwide Solo511:01 AMSolo MaleNationwide Veloworx, Trek, Carbo Rocket, Flat Tire Bike Shop
415144Shredder511:01 AMSolo Male 
416228They Made Us Do It511:02 AMDuo - FemaleMom and Dad
417608Yavapai Riders511:07 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
4182Yes, The Carpet Matches the Drapes511:07 AMSolo FemaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
41953Jason Bowersock511:07 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
42040Tour of Abide511:08 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleKeener Cycle Works
421217Los Animales Salvajes511:08 AMDuo Co-ed 
42254Testudinidae511:09 AMSolo Malenone
423158El Kabong!511:09 AMSolo Male 
42461Brian Eagen511:12 AMSolo Malenone
425106Turd Ferguson511:15 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleSpam, Schlitz, Steel Panther
42676w511:19 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleBroadway Bikes
4275Soaring Eagle511:20 AMSolo Female 
428103Who needs sleep, anyway?511:26 AMSolo Male 
42950TMRMTB32511:31 AMSolo Male 
430245The Levario Bros511:31 AMDuo Male 
431126Colin Dobson512:12 PMSolo Male 
4327Dirt Bitch512:13 PMSolo Female4Peaks IT, Sunday Cycles
43379Back of the Pack Racing51:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBack of the Pack Racing
434248Home Brew Wrecking Crew411:00 AMDuo MaleBrushfire BBQ
435536Regulators 411:01 AM4 Person Men Open 
436159Princess Stephanie411:01 AMSolo MaleGoLOCOjerseys.com, Arizona Bicycle Experts
437104Ride Like Hell411:01 AMSolo MaleLubert
438260Orale411:03 AMDuo Male 
4391The Cholla Magnet411:04 AMSolo Female 
440154Team Rigid411:04 AMSolo MaleRigid Industries
44149Go Team!411:04 AMSolo Male 
442247Voltage Spikes411:08 AMDuo Male 
443225Nights Templar411:08 AMDuo Male 
444101Twin 1411:08 AMSolo MaleMe
44595Twin 2411:08 AMSolo MaleMe
446112K-Blue Racing411:11 AMSolo MaleNeed Sponsor Name
447136Bone on Bone411:14 AMSolo Male 
448151Richard Webster411:45 AMSolo Male 
449108Trina Dobson412:03 PMSolo Female 
450156Easy Rhino412:12 PMSolo MaleThe voices in my head
4513Totally Lost MTB Gurl41:22 PMSolo Female 
452259Absurd311:00 AMDuo Co-ed 
45378Potential Energy Training 311:01 AMSolo FemalePotential Energy Training & Nutrition
4548Fromage311:05 AMSolo FemaleEpic Endurance Cycling
45572Fanatik Hot Flashes311:07 AMSolo FemaleFanatik Bikes
456199Roam Life311:10 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
457173Virgil Carnage311:16 AMSolo MaleVirgil Carnage
45869Back of the Pack Racing31:21 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleLudocracy
45915Back of the Pack Racing31:21 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleShadeTree Bikes
460203Brian Suzuki211:02 AMSolo Male 
46152Oracle211:04 AMSolo MaleSelf
46280FourFive Racing211:05 AMSolo MaleFourFive Racing
46396fourfive racing211:05 AMSolo Male 
46432Four Five Racing211:05 AMSolo MaleFour Five Racing
465118Wet Leather211:08 AMSolo Maleme
46689tires gears and beer oh my211:09 AMSolo Maleme
46768Bacchus211:09 AMSolo Male 
46844Sugar Snap P211:09 AMSolo Female 
46910Mr. Dirty111:19 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleDrunkcyclist.com
470198Kaolin Cosmo Cummens112:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleFlat Tire Bike Shop
DNF469Area9 Denmark1710:37 AM4 Person Men OpenArea9 Inc.
DNF729Trailhead Racing147:36 AMCorporate TeamTrailhead Bike Shop
DNF437Single Speed Coffee132:58 AM4 Person - Single SpeedSing Speed Coffee Roasters
DNF523Biciterra134:16 AM4 Person Men OpenNine Bikes Mexico
DNF133Neil Becwar135:09 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF152Mi Chorizo1210:14 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF461Moo-Tain Bikers 1110:45 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
DNF185Simon James108:32 AMSolo Male 
DNF55Just for fun109:30 AMSolo Male 
DNF435The Worms109:47 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF500BeerShart Flyers95:21 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF491We ❤️ Large Johnson910:16 AM4 Person Women Open 
DNF125Taco...Bell910:40 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleTwo-wheel Jones
DNF164Trillville810:27 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleCutthroat
DNF7171 Lap Wonders811:27 PMCorporate TeamIntuit
DNF421Ridin Dirty87:06 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
DNF155Mike Rice810:20 AMSolo Male 
DNF129Reuseable78:41 PMSolo Male 
DNF75The Rob Job712:46 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF273big horn66:48 PMDuo Co-ed 
DNF253Fast and slow Levine68:34 AMDuo Male 
DNF295Los Perros 68:56 AMDuo MaleMom
DNF272Morning Wood69:00 AMDuo Male 
DNF191Danger Zane Cycling 69:43 AMSolo MaleKenda Tire
DNF254Stinky Fist51:52 AMDuo MaleTwo Wheel Jones
DNF594Team Debauchery Ball510:09 AM4 Person Men OpenRike Bike
DNF201Chris Branson44:43 PMSolo Male 
DNF102Tony Steffan45:27 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF508So fist icated46:44 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF119Team Eric Gutierrez47:05 PMSolo Male 
DNF592Rogue Squadron49:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF449Chavos Rucos47:56 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF124jeff poitras410:40 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF481The Transactions33:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
DNF183shut up legs, lungs, heart, and live31:27 AMSolo - Single Speed Malelandis cyclery
DNF87Back of the Pack Racing310:39 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleBack of the Pack Racing
DNF285Masa & Magellan22:21 PMDuo MaleThe Sonoran Pirates
DNF93Speed Dream22:41 PMSolo MaleNeed Sponsor Name
DNF205Zozo lightning 23:09 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleTherapy Associates, Inc.
DNF257Ken & Carson24:31 PMDuo Male 
DNF147Phillip Edgars25:18 PMSolo MaleM3 Engineering
DNF97Me, myself and I28:42 PMSolo MaleTrailhead Bike Cafe
DNF208All Night Long Larry211:39 PMSolo MaleLarry
DNF283Fire Breathing Penguins29:48 AMDuo Co-ed 
DNF190Steve Fannon210:08 AMSolo MaleBio Remedies
DNF192Alex Fannon210:09 AMSolo MaleBio Remedies
DNF143Rocky 2112:31 PMSolo Male 
DNF209Gone a little crazy112:36 PMSolo MaleLarry Demik and two Wheel Jones
DNF110Shut up legs, lungs, heart,and liver11:50 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF139Solo, Single, Rigid & STILL Available12:00 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMcDowell Mountain Cycles
DNF211Kokopelli Bike and Board12:54 PMSolo FemaleKokopelli Bike and Board
DNF210Fighting Back Forty13:52 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleLaura Gurvine
DNF595The Team With No Name16:11 PM4 Person Men Open