2014 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1436San Tan Racing2312:29 PM4 Person Men Open 
2501Pivot/ Evoc Finland2312:41 PM4 Person Men OpenPivot and Evoc
3565VeloWorx MuffNMen231:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeFlat Tire Bikes, Trek, HoneyStinger, SlickLube
4416NoTubes/Weapons of Ass Destruction231:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeStan's NoTubes
5430#realfood2212:02 PM4 Person Men OpenSkratch Labs
6466San Juan Cycles2212:08 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSan Juan Cycles
7404Two Wheel Jones / PH Structural2212:10 PM4 Person Men OpenJet Set
8313Broken Spoke Santa Fe/Rare Disease Cycling2212:21 PMDuo MaleMuscle Milk Specialized
9626Area 51 "Stravassholes"2212:22 PM4 Person Men OpenArea 51 Audio
10758Team Cirrus / Hosie Cows2212:24 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual
11611Single Minded2212:25 PM4 Person - Single SpeedGU Energy
12738The OVB Ocho2212:27 PMCorporate TeamOro Valley Bicycle
13737Fly'n Naked Apes2212:44 PMCorporate TeamHaider Rules / Numericraft
14450Rocinante/LiquidSpace2212:59 PM4 Person Men OpenLiquidSpace
15520OSMO / NorCal Bike Sport221:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
16595Giant Inferior Deckerators221:06 PM4 Person Men OpenGiant Bicycles
1726592Fifty Cycles x22112:00 PMDuo Male92Fifty Cycles
18429Bacon Power2112:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeSkratch Labs
19233Whiskey in water bottles2112:20 PMDuo MaleGriggs Orthopedics
20461M & M Cycling2112:22 PM4 Person - Single SpeedM & M Cycling
21606El Grupo Uno2112:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo Youth Cycling
22719Ride It Like You Stole It2112:32 PMCorporate Team 
23628IE TrouperZ2112:36 PM4 Person Men OpenPeak 7 Performance
24497Bunch of swissies2112:38 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeSwiss American
25281Partially Slammed Stems2112:38 PMDuo Male 
26518Mile High Mtn Bikers2112:39 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeN/A
27486Cannondale - Epic Endurance Cycling2112:43 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age92Fifty.com
28546Bitty Bitty / Nationwide2112:49 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
29590One Geared Ninjas2112:53 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
30592Team Exhale2112:55 PM4 Person Men OpenExhale Bikes INC
31625NICA Auction Winner2112:59 PM4 Person Men Open 
32739Nationwide - Veloworx2112:59 PMCorporate TeamNationwide - Veloworx
33753Colleen's Bitches211:09 PMCorporate Team 
34282El Rootsirachi211:42 PMDuo Co-edSalsa Cycles, Southwest Sounds & Cyclery
35503Marilyn and the Four Kennedys2012:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeTWJ Racing
36570Endoholics2012:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
37421DNA Cycles Quad 1x2012:09 PM4 Person Men OpenDNA Cycles, Specialized
38561Mach 5 Racing2012:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
39548Tuc-Staff Fiver2012:12 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
40442tennessee pass cookhouse2012:24 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
41623AHSCL - Team Wells2012:27 PM4 Person Men OpenArizona High School Cycling League
42405Stan's No Tubes Elite Women2012:29 PM4 Person Women OpenStan's No Tubes
43757Team Cirrus / Serious Visuals2012:36 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual
44224It's My Lap2012:38 PMDuo Co-edProCycling, Exposure Lights, Carmichael Training Systems
45415Thunderchicken Love Machines2012:39 PM4 Person Men Open 
46703Justified Racing2012:43 PMCorporate TeamJustified Racing
47291AZ Eh?2012:44 PMDuo Co-edSouthwest Hand / LJ Design and Consulting
48456Area9 Denmark2012:54 PM4 Person Men OpenArea9 Healthcare
49610El Grupo Tres2012:54 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo Youth Cycling
50407Mid-West Speed Demons201:03 PM4 Person Men OpenBloomington Cycle and Fitness
51402Utah National Guard201:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTwo pieces of bubble gum, some band-aids, and a bike....
52444Jet Lites201:06 PM4 Person Men OpenJet Lites
53469Wasted Lizards201:14 PM4 Person Men Open 
54589Bicycle Outfitters1912:01 PM4 Person Men OpenBicycle Outfitters
55618Dirt Works1912:04 PM4 Person Men OpenEmpire Machinery
56236Happy Jack Cycling1912:06 PMDuo Male 
57446Los Lunaticos Racing1912:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
58597Grunion1912:13 PM4 Person Men OpenProSok
59587Single Speed Coffee Roasters1912:13 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSingle Speed Coffee Roasters
60523Crossmen1912:17 PM4 Person Men Open 
61571Nationwide/VeloWorx SSSMJ1912:27 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Nationwide-Old World Brewery-Flat Tire Bike Shop-Trek Bikes
62720Some Serious Spin1912:31 PMCorporate Team 
63229Ride more, sleep less1912:31 PMDuo MaleBicycle Ranch
64453Bitty Bitty Ranch Kitties1912:33 PM4 Person Women Open 
65495Le Scomparse Dragons1912:37 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeLe Scomparse
66542Nationwide - VeloWorx Grand Masters1912:40 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
67496The Old New Mexicans1912:44 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+High Desert Bicycles of Albuquerque
68712Seven Barrel Sucker Punchers1912:45 PMCorporate TeamN/A
69425Sonoran Sherpas1912:49 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
705Crusher Knutson1912:52 PMSolo MaleFairwheel Bikes
71228Los Poopacabras1912:54 PMDuo Male 
724284 Chiles and a Jalapeno1912:58 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
73569Perky Knobs/ Squishy Grips191:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
74460MOB191:03 PM4 Person Men Opennone
75754Area 51 Segunda191:11 PMCorporate TeamArea 51
76242The Fast and the Furloughed191:11 PMDuo Male 
77472M & M Cycling191:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
78567Pizza Pizza191:14 PM4 Person Men Open 
79761NICA Staff Crew191:15 PMCorporate Team 
80708Ridin' Dirty191:15 PMCorporate Team 
81487Garmin Posers191:16 PM4 Person Men Open 
82465 rollin rollin man r nuts r swollen191:19 PM4 Person Men Open 
83736Rhinolicious!1812:00 PMCorporate TeamOro Valley Bicycle, RC Bicycle, Specialized
84601Team Rockford1812:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
85594Giant Steezer Geezers1812:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
86603Alpha Bicycle Company1812:05 PM4 Person Men OpenAlpha Bicycle Company
87521Del Rio1812:11 PM4 Person Men OpenDel Rio Dairy
88588OV R.A.C.I.R.1812:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
89435Well Spoke'n1812:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
90420Kickstand/Olev Rapido 4 Amigos 1812:12 PM4 Person Men OpenKickstand Bike Shop
91438Ms. Emerson and the Money Men1812:12 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Pogson & Matt Wealth Management Group
924222Too stupid too shift1812:15 PM4 Person - Single SpeedFour Peaks Dental
93137Deez1812:20 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTeam O2/Maynard's
94554Fire and 8 Balls1812:21 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
95564Knucleheads1812:23 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Landis Cyclery
96280Team Griggs Ortho1812:24 PMDuo Co-edGriggs Orthopedics
97544The Frog Pimps1812:25 PM4 Person Men Open 
98622SRAM Gold Rusch Tour - Team Rusch1812:28 PM4 Person Women Open 
99485gears are for chumps.1812:29 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
100266Beer Rangers1812:29 PMDuo Co-ed 
101751Moots1812:29 PMCorporate TeamMoots Cycles
102412DNA Cycles1812:31 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
103731Spacely Sprockets1812:32 PMCorporate Team 
104743Faster Than You1812:32 PMCorporate TeamOld Pueblo MTB
105759Fat Bike Blues1812:35 PMCorporate TeamOskar Blues
106145Scott Engstrom1812:36 PMSolo MaleBike-n-Hike
107507OneNinerOne1812:36 PM4 Person Men OpenUs Biking
108264Retro Yellow Camelbak1812:38 PMDuo Co-ed 
109512Les Foubrac1812:39 PM4 Person Men Open 
110605El Grupo Dos1812:48 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo Youth Cycling
111575Hot Toddies1812:53 PM4 Person Women OpenYeti Beti, Summit Velo, White Pine Racing p/b, Jans.com
112713Family Circus Rides Again1812:57 PMCorporate Team 
113528Riding Dirty1812:59 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
114764Fairwheel181:01 PMCorporate Team 
115232What were we thinking. 181:03 PMDuo Male92Fifty
116726Granite181:08 PMCorporate TeamGranite Construction
117140Team Hunter181:29 PMSolo MaleHarmony Systems Pro Cycling
11895Leo Pershall181:43 PMSolo Male 
119728El Grupo Groupies1712:01 PMCorporate TeamSouthern Arizona Anesthesia
120727Rolling Mayhem1712:03 PMCorporate Team 
121534The Horsemen and their Stitch1712:03 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
122609El Grupo Cuatro1712:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo Youth Cycling
123577Heeyah!1712:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
124403S.C.U.M.B1712:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
125406thinkASG1712:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
126401Stihl Eating the Pie1712:07 PM4 Person Men OpenRob Dintaman
127484Diapers to Doctorates!1712:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSun N Spokes Bicycle Shop
128459No Use for a Chain1712:09 PM4 Person Men Open 
129568Horizon Hall Pass1712:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Agewww.extremeedgesports.com
130596Pistolas del Desierto1712:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
131746BottomsUp!1712:10 PMCorporate Team 
13250Neil Becwar1712:14 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
133445Hot Donna and The Gang1712:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTeam Rhino
134458Crack Monkeys1712:16 PM4 Person Men OpenO'Neil Custom Cycles
135710Rite of Passage1712:18 PMCorporate TeamRite of Passage
136733Deceptively Slow1712:20 PMCorporate TeamFarhang & Medcoff
137612Team Cirrus is Single1712:20 PM4 Person - Single SpeedCirrus Visual Communication
138491One Ring to Rule Them All1712:29 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSun & Spokes Bicycle Shop
139455No Fork N' Brake1712:30 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeArea9 Healthcare
140536Cinco Stinko Pinkoes1712:31 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
141308The Brothers1712:32 PMDuo MaleBombHair
142538K-Blue Racing / Crankbrothers1712:36 PM4 Person Men OpenStan's No Tubes, GU, Crankbrothers
143427Team DeadFall 1712:38 PM4 Person Men Open 
144298Intense Mojo1712:39 PMDuo MaleOur Wives
145613Team Cirrus / Cirrusly Ladies, Let's Ride1712:44 PM4 Person Women OpenCirrus Visual
146617Four Foxy Frames1712:49 PM4 Person Women Open 
147550Tuciego1712:50 PM4 Person Men Open 
148545CARE 4 Cycling1712:57 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeCARE
14940Erick Lord1712:57 PMSolo Male 
150630Faster performance center1712:59 PM4 Person Women Open 
151722Warthogs171:00 PMCorporate TeamNASA, Karate, America
152419Punch Drunk Monkeys171:01 PM4 Person Men OpenHandlebar Fabrication
153556Team 47171:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
154760The Guanacos171:02 PMCorporate TeamUMC Emergency Physicians
155706Fat Spatula171:10 PMCorporate TeamBison Witches Bar and Deli
156139Eddie Urcadez 171:12 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTeam Rino
157302Single FATTIES171:20 PMDuo Male 
158274Twin 50s171:22 PMDuo Male 
159153Neil's on Wheels171:34 PMSolo Male 
160551Gene Yang Gang1612:00 PM4 Person Men OpenBrutinel Plumbing & Electrical, Inc.
161414Speed Brothers Vail1612:00 PM4 Person Men OpenSpeed Brothers
162256Wait for it...1612:00 PMDuo Male 
163222Z Ones1612:00 PMDuo Co-ed 
164562Uff-Da1612:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
165747KOMless1612:01 PMCorporate TeamBrushfire BBQ, Our MTB Rides
166158Moots1612:02 PMSolo MaleMoots
167183Jari Kirkland1612:02 PMSolo FemaleGriggs Orthopedics/Focus Bikes
168553WTF - The Aristocrats1612:03 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
169517Green Valley Bike and Hike1612:05 PM4 Person Men OpenGreen Valley Bike and Hike
170583Crack Babies1612:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
171261Trophey Wives1612:07 PMDuo - FemaleThe Husbands
172752Pivot Cycles1612:08 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles
173579Equipo Perritos Calientes1612:08 PM4 Person Men OpenMacho Man Randy Savage!
174482The Master Bakers1612:11 PM4 Person Men OpenBavier's Pastries, Cakes, Breads
175457Whiskey Club1612:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
176627Western State Mountain Sports1612:12 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeWestern State Colorado University
177400Athlete Octane1612:13 PM4 Person Men OpenAthlete Octane
178249slap and tickle1612:15 PMDuo Male 
179744thirsty peddlers1612:19 PMCorporate Teamcutting edge mfg
180555White T-Shirt Guys1612:20 PM4 Person Men OpenNone
181513Bingo Wing1612:21 PM4 Person Men Open 
182732Catalina Brewing Company1612:26 PMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing Company, SDMB
183230MDrive1612:26 PMDuo Male 
184443Jet Lites, Bacon Strip1612:27 PM4 Person Men OpenJet Lites
1855084 Bros and a Hoe1612:30 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Agenone
186718T.W.E.R.K.1612:30 PMCorporate Team Two Wheeled Extra-urban Race Kommando
187511K Blue - Mesa1612:31 PM4 Person Men OpenK Blue Racing
188762Ride 2 Recovery1612:32 PMCorporate Team 
189585Pound the Round1612:34 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
190247Jeric Frehlz1612:34 PMDuo MaleKeener Cycle Works
191101Dave Franks1612:38 PMSolo MaleNiteRider, AST, Pedalhead
192711Blue Box Racing1612:39 PMCorporate Team 
193473Valley Boys1612:44 PM4 Person Men Open 
194519Oracle Mountain Gearheads 5 Barrs1612:50 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
195479Testing the Legs v21612:52 PM4 Person Men Open 
1965574 Tooters and 2 Hooters1612:55 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Dave's SpeedDream Wheels
197582Whitestone Mo-Mo1612:59 PM4 Person Men OpenOld Pueblo MTB
198492Coyote Dynamite #5161:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeCisco
199475smelly pirate hookers 161:12 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Agefried baloney sandwiches
200275Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution Duet 161:19 PMDuo Co-edFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution
201756Team Cirrus / Seriously Hosed161:24 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual
202241Lugsmacjones161:25 PMDuo Male 
203763Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy161:25 PMCorporate Team 
204714Desert Knights161:34 PMCorporate Team 
205624AHSCL - Team Woodruff1512:02 PM4 Person Women OpenArizona High School Cycling League
206515SV's Lo-Cal Mount In Cyclusts1512:02 PM4 Person Men OpenSun & Spokes Bike Shop_Sierra Vista, AZ
20716El Freako 1512:02 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleKokopelli Bike and Board
208142Team DD1512:02 PMSolo Male 
209111French Toast Mafia1512:03 PMSolo MaleSun N Spokes, Lupine Lighting Systems
210231Austin Powers1512:04 PMDuo Co-ed 
2114715% Pleasure, 50% Pain1512:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
212467ShutUp&RideRevival1512:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
213558Here for the beer1512:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
214734Caballeros de la noche1512:08 PMCorporate TeamAzteca
215417Team Lucky Charms1512:09 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
216502Beauty and the Beasts1512:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
217441The Inflatables1512:10 PM4 Person Men OpenKingdom Multisport
218735WTF - Colorado Rocks1512:10 PMCorporate Team 
219525Bitty Kuntz1512:12 PM4 Person Men Open 
22053Backcountry Racing1512:13 PMSolo FemaleBackcountry Bike & Ski
221552WTF - Hard-n-Fast1512:16 PM4 Person Men Open 
222701Caffeinated, Medicated & Inebriated1512:19 PMCorporate Team 
223578The Most Interesting Men In Da World1512:21 PM4 Person Men Open 
224220Pardee of Two1512:33 PMDuo Co-edSibling Rivalry
225527Environmental Stimulation1512:33 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
226307Giant Turbo Cluster1512:34 PMDuo Co-edLiv. Giant.
227440Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids1512:36 PM4 Person Men OpenSun & Spokes Bicycle Shop
228581Tali Wackers1512:37 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeOld Pueblo MTB
2296NYARA/ Sweaty Sock Gnomes1512:38 PMSolo Male 
230707Cracklin' Rosie1512:39 PMCorporate TeamTBD
231741Fueled by Beer1512:42 PMCorporate Team 
232608El Grupo Cinco1512:43 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo Youth Cycling
233730Unregistered Sex Offenders1512:45 PMCorporate Team 
234423Mookie Blaylock1512:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeWilliam H. Brasky
23531692 Fifty1512:57 PMDuo Male92 Fifty Cyclery
23637more glorious than hookers and blow151:00 PMSolo MaleTeam Aggress
237566Big Cog & Pawls151:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
238273Team Polska151:04 PMDuo MaleAllergy Asthma Clinic, LTD
239175Dan McGehee151:10 PMSolo MaleAthlete Octane
240709Skid Mark151:21 PMCorporate TeamBohn Biofilter
24129Spokesman Bicycles1412:00 PMSolo MaleSilicon Valley Sports Medicine
242540Ponytails & Distinguished Males1412:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
243537Cholla Monkey's1412:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeCheap Beer
244510Tigglin' Jits1412:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
245130Beth Utley1412:03 PMSolo FemaleOro Valley Bicycle and GU
24663No one to blame1412:03 PMSolo MaleJust me
247740Willow Springs Ranch Hands1412:06 PMCorporate Team 
248481Hairier 1412:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
249498Cactus Whackers1412:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
250755Beyond Bread1412:11 PMCorporate TeamBeyond Bread
251493Hey little fella!1412:11 PM4 Person Women Open 
252749Sweaty Sock Gnomes1412:12 PMCorporate Team 
253505Pass The Wine Buddy1412:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
254532Knockin Em Back & Shreddin The Track1412:23 PM4 Person Men Open 
255729Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists1412:25 PMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing Company
256164Mike Bridschge1412:32 PMSolo MaleParagon Cycling
257721One Lap Wonders1412:35 PMCorporate TeamLos Lunaticos Racing
258742Thunderstruck1412:37 PMCorporate TeamOld Pueblo MTB
259615Goldie Locks & The 4 Bears1412:38 PM4 Person Men OpenLarry, Moe & Curly
260262Thelma and Louise1412:40 PMDuo - FemaleTwo-wheel Jones Bicycles
261252Bubba Gump1412:42 PMDuo Co-ed 
262499Metal Sonic1412:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Agen/a
263480Dude, where's my bike!1412:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeRay George
264426Phat Tire Hillbillies1412:59 PM4 Person Men OpenYo Mama
265621Road Runner RT141:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
266289MLR alumni141:02 PMDuo Male 
267477Team "Low -T"141:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
268314The Honey Moon is Over141:17 PMDuo Co-ed 
269254FULL BOAR141:34 PMDuo Male 
270431First Solar141:42 PM4 Person Men OpenFirst Solar
271106Chino Bandito1312:00 PMSolo Male 
272413Random Group of People1312:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
273723The Sweethearts1312:02 PMCorporate Team 
2744744 Cylinders, Turbo Charged1312:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
275535K-Blue Racing1312:03 PM4 Person Men OpenStan's NoTubes, Geigerrig, GU, Serfas
27657Paul Boudreaux1312:03 PMSolo Male 
27738Joseph Holway1312:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSlippery Pig
278433Tree Squid 1312:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
279408Back of the Pack1312:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
280108Yandeau1312:06 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
281243to be determined1312:06 PMDuo Male 
282560TheMasterCarvers1312:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
283478Chalupa Batman1312:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
284533Allies of Awesome1312:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
285600Lap Dancers1312:09 PM4 Person Women Open 
286288Iguanabees1312:09 PMDuo Male 
287301Boof on1312:12 PMDuo MaleRed Rock Racing
288549Cactus Pricks1312:13 PM4 Person Men OpenJoshua Tree Bicycle Shop
28910Timari Pruis1312:13 PMSolo FemalePivot Cycles/Kenda
290724When in Doubt, Pull Out1312:14 PMCorporate Team 
291253AZ Endurance/Adventure Bicycle1312:16 PMDuo MaleAdventure Bicycle Co.
292591Los Potsies1312:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeAmerican Mobility
293607El Grupo Seis1312:18 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeEl Grupo youth Cycling
294541Da Chupacabras1312:20 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeYour Mom
295305Ginger Beans1312:21 PMDuo Co-ed 
296489The Left-Overs1312:22 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeSun & Spokes
297748Phillip MacCrevace1312:25 PMCorporate Team 
298463Spooning Leads to Forking1312:26 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
299454Sassy and the Gang1312:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeRacelab
3002Mike Freude Like Last Night1312:34 PMSolo MaleLike last Night
301447Xterra Tri-Outs1312:45 PM4 Person Men OpenOur Parents
302715M3 Engineering Corporate1312:50 PMCorporate TeamM3 Engineering and Technology Corp.
3032872XBS Ding Ding1312:57 PMDuo Co-ed 
304700Jotun's Ship of Fools131:10 PMCorporate TeamJotun Paints
305303Holy Rollers131:16 PMDuo MaleFCA Endurance
306310Dos Gorditas131:26 PMDuo Male 
3075802 Guy's, 3 Tri's131:44 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
308179Caroline Rides1212:00 PMSolo Female 
309531Flat N Tired1212:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
310102Iron Mel1212:01 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleLight & Motion/Hayes/Chamois Butt'r/POC
31127Pizza and Ice Cream1212:02 PMSolo Male 
31235mike conroy1212:03 PMSolo MaleMOX Multisport
313506Average Joes1212:04 PM4 Person Men OpenAverage Joes Photography & Appraisals by Heaslet Inc.
314604Alpha Bicycle Company #21212:05 PM4 Person Men OpenAlpha Bicycle Company
315432Girls with Gas on the Go1212:06 PM4 Person Women Open 
316530Spartans 1212:07 PM4 Person Men OpenSpartan Wives
317599We Love Yoga Pants1212:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
318448Knobby Ninjas1212:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
31928Goldilocks1212:12 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
320311coast on in1212:12 PMDuo Malehands on home inspection
321543Rubbed Raw1212:12 PM4 Person Men Open 
322277Budgie Smugglers1212:15 PMDuo MaleEasy Bake Ovens
323765Old School OGs1212:17 PMCorporate TeamOld School Tear Drop Rentals LLC
324522Straight up mach'n1212:17 PM4 Person Men Open 
32551my wife made me do this again1212:20 PMSolo Male 
326260The Spin-Paired Doublet1212:23 PMDuo Male 
327437No Willow Spring Chickens1212:27 PM4 Person Men Open 
328279Purple People Eaters 1212:27 PMDuo Male 
329270Sons of THUNDAAAAAAAA!!!!!1212:28 PMDuo Co-edLandis Cyclery
330488Barley mash and broken spokes1212:31 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
331237Gears and ‘We don’t need no stinking gears’1212:33 PMDuo MaleBeards and Beer
332292Roam Life1212:42 PMDuo Co-edRoam Life
333750TDC of Arizona1212:46 PMCorporate TeamTechnical Documentation Consultants of Arizona
3341All Healed Up1212:53 PMSolo MaleSan Diego Wealth Management, LLC
3355633 Men and a Cupcake121:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
336225Harmony Systems Pro Cycling121:12 PMDuo MaleHarmony Systems
337172Princess Stephenie of the Unicorn Sharks1112:01 PMSolo MaleGolocoJerseys.com, Julie Bar, Exhaust Works #3 on Broadway
338151Alexis Ault1112:01 PMSolo Female 
339476Dope Peddlers1112:01 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSing Speed Coffee Roasters
340462Global Grinders1112:03 PM4 Person Men OpenGlobal Bikes/Specialized
341159Trouper Willie1112:04 PMSolo FemaleTroupe Racing Co.
3423Lone Trouper1112:08 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTroupe Racing
343529Diff'rent Spokes1112:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
344286Natural Off Road Machine1112:11 PMDuo Malen/a
345250Bag Balm Believers "2"1112:14 PMDuo MaleSan Tan Racing
346283Fire-Ballers1112:26 PMDuo MaleTierra Antigua, Tucson Velo
347593Why Not!1112:27 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
34821All Night Long Larry1112:31 PMSolo Male 
349161Round Trip Bike Shop1112:34 PMSolo Male 
350295Bump and Grind1112:36 PMDuo Co-edMy Wallet
351263So a cop & a lawyer walk into a bar1112:46 PMDuo - Female 
352526Butthole Orchestra1112:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeDrunkcyclist.com
353165Brent freude Like Last Night111:20 PMSolo MaleLike Last Night
35455Team Small Batch1012:00 PMSolo MaleMosaic Cycles
35566ss bliss1012:00 PMSolo - Single Speed Femaleteam small batch
35644Sore Tainted Love1012:00 PMSolo Male 
357514Axis of Awesome1012:01 PM4 Person Men OpenDan Theman Koob
358468Vinegar Strokes1012:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
3594094UDB-21012:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
360315Tater Juice1012:02 PMDuo - FemaleGeoPrime Investments
36125Aquatic Baboon Racing1012:02 PMSolo MalePivot Cycles
362239Fatso's Pizza1012:02 PMDuo MaleFatso's Pizza
363150Bicycle Sport Shop1012:02 PMSolo Male 
364133Form Lumberyard1012:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleForm Cycles, Twin Six, Lumberard Brewrey
36559Heisenberg1012:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
366516Tucson MTB Talegas1012:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
36787samba guru1012:07 PMSolo - Single Speed Maleguru suspencion
36864CARE4Cycling powered by Solomon1012:08 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleC.A.R.E. for Cycling
369104Brian Poitras1012:09 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
370127Rolling the Rock1012:10 PMSolo MaleJotun Paints
37165Team Coonhound1012:11 PMSolo Male 
372573Reynolds Cuatro1012:12 PM4 Person Men OpenSharon (Mom)
373238The Old Man and the Son1012:13 PMDuo Male 
374248IMBA1012:16 PMDuo Co-ed 
375539Short Bus1012:19 PM4 Person Men Open 
376745TEAM MERICA1012:23 PMCorporate TeamCLARK & CO. / ASA LLC / Z WORKS
37742Bacon Sowers1012:29 PMSolo MaleTara & Lily
37889Chad Sheirbon1012:30 PMSolo Male 
379255Running with Scissors1012:31 PMDuo Male 
380120Wendy Skean1012:33 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleHammer Nutrition
381306The Bonk-o-Matics1012:42 PMDuo MaleArizona Beer Compass
382112Turd Ferguson1012:52 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSpam, Green Eggs and Ham, Schlitz
383246INCYCLE1012:54 PMDuo MaleINCYCLE
384296Athlete Octane1012:59 PMDuo MaleAthlete Octane
385234Two from the Lou1012:59 PMDuo Male 
386216Ride. Beer. Repeat.101:01 PMDuo - FemaleSunday Cycles
387294Double Pleasure101:04 PMDuo Co-ed 
388619Oops, I Tutu'ed101:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTMC
389620Oops, I Tutu'ed Too101:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeTMC
390464Airaid101:18 PM4 Person Men OpenAiraid Filter Company
391177Fast n Loud101:19 PMSolo Femaleracelab
392559Una Velocidad101:19 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
393148Uncle Rico Suave101:29 PMSolo Male 
394152Tiki101:31 PMSolo MaleSharon Finn LPCC
395157Pat Collier101:34 PMSolo MaleGiant
396166Mountain Goat 912:00 PMSolo Female 
397174Bicycles Outback Racing912:00 PMSolo MaleBicycles Outback Racing
39898Ok n AZ912:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleOro Valley Bicycle
39922Carlos912:03 PMSolo MaleCarlos
400574Splat-A-Rat912:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
401434Vailocity912:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeSpokes
40223Epik Health912:09 PMSolo MaleEpikhealth.com/Bike Shop/Eye Gear USA
40349Derby Bicycle Center Racing Team912:09 PMSolo MaleDerby Bicycles
404285Team Bailey912:11 PMDuo Co-ed 
405269Two Wheeled Attack Team912:12 PMDuo MaleM3 Engineering
40668Team Alaska Backcountry912:13 PMSolo MaleBackcountry Bicycles
407705Mudder Forkers912:35 PMCorporate Team 
408309Crash & Burn Cycling912:52 PMDuo Male 
4099Team Fat Kid91:19 PMSolo MaleTwinkies
410116Band of Cousins91:28 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBand of Cousins
41199Back of the Pack Racing91:42 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
41281Mr Natural812:01 PMSolo Male 
41393Did not sign the waiver812:01 PMSolo Male 
414257Crank and Turbo812:02 PMDuo Male 
415598Not Appropriate For Children812:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
416616The Johnny Cougars812:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
41772Pinwheel Wizard812:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
41833Heisenberg RV Sales812:04 PMSolo MaleTeam Rhino
419109B Keener and his 9 hand steel horse812:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleKeener Cycle Works
420176Nationwide/Veloworx Perseveranza812:07 PMSolo FemaleNationwide/Veloworx
42180James Bliss812:08 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
42262Ketchup Mike812:08 PMSolo Male 
423290DFL F.V.K.812:09 PMDuo Male 
424169Up All Night? 812:10 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
425141Z Keener on a 16 mile repeat812:23 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleLove and Ajo
426586Cobra Kai812:39 PM4 Person Men Open 
427134Bravo JOel812:39 PMSolo MaleJoel clapick
42874Ed Diaz812:39 PMSolo MaleThe Wife
429629Funderhill81:19 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
43015Mr Brown81:21 PMSolo MaleFour Five Racing
431146Marty Coplea712:01 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBicycle Ranch
432226Mutter Fokker Racing712:02 PMDuo MaleKen James
43354John Craft712:02 PMSolo MaleSunday Cycles; Whiskey; Beer
434725Tuff Gurlz Fat Tire Posse712:02 PMCorporate TeamPerimeter Bicycling
435235Javalena quick step712:06 PMDuo MaleZona gardens / drake built projects
436576I Wish I Had A Light712:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
43712310 Laps or bust!712:08 PMSolo Male 
438276Two Men Enter One Man Leave712:08 PMDuo MaleDr. Dealgood
43978Juan-Solo712:10 PMSolo Male 
440245Professor Monkey712:17 PMDuo MaleMissing Link Racing RIP
4414244UDB-1712:19 PM4 Person Men OpenDerek Brown
442451Free Lunch712:27 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
44312fourfive racing712:34 PMSolo Male 
444299Babou the Ocelot712:58 PMDuo Co-ed 
44575Sweeper71:19 PMSolo MaleFourFive Racing
44682NorskeRider71:24 PMSolo MaleASI
447155Lombardi71:36 PMSolo Male 
44877AZ H2OSQRL612:03 PMSolo Female 
44934Runs With Beer612:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
45058SideTracks612:05 PMSolo MaleSideTracks
4518Bradley612:08 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
452312Biggest Little Emerald City Drunkcyc612:10 PMDuo Co-edDrunk Cyclist
45360Steve Schaefer612:19 PMSolo Male 
454156Dirty Biker612:21 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleDrunkCyclist.com
45514Sweet Solo612:29 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
456113Soul-less Ginger Devil Inc.612:59 PMSolo MaleGod
45788Dean Ellis61:09 PMSolo MaleOneota River Cycles
458168Me, Myself, and Insanity goes SS!!!61:41 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleMe, Myself, and I
45939Mad Watts512:00 PMSolo MaleBicycles Outback
460129Boz512:02 PMSolo Male 
461300Team ToDoIt512:09 PMDuo Maleself
46269Bill Lindberg512:10 PMSolo MaleAirpark Bikes
463103Lombardi512:11 PMSolo Female 
464115K-Blue Racing512:11 PMSolo MaleSerfas, Geigerrig, Stan's NoTubes, GU
465268Crank Yankers512:12 PMDuo MaleM3 Engineering
466178Catalina Brewing Solo512:16 PMSolo MaleCatalina Brewing Company
46752Gnomish Liberation Front512:23 PMSolo Male 
46876Pops512:35 PMSolo Male 
469562old2fat2win512:55 PMSolo MaleSAMBA
47043Kyle Richards51:10 PMSolo Male 
471114tmrmtb32412:04 PMSolo Male 
47279Back of the Pack Racing412:09 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
47347Link412:10 PMSolo MaleRice
47486Back of the Pack Racing41:19 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
475110Back of the Pack Racing41:42 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
47685Back of the Pack Racing41:47 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
477162Do It In The Drops312:07 PMSolo MaleFarrhoots
478117Angela Rose-Lane212:03 PMSolo FemaleCycle Analysis
47919Flagstaff cycling212:08 PMSolo Male 
480147FAT AND SLOW IS THE TEMPO112:12 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF524rob may be slow but he paid for us1610:42 AM4 Person Men Openrob
DNF504single track mind1610:56 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF91Faster Performance Center1410:54 AMSolo Male 
DNF500Broken Riders LLC1411:43 AM4 Person Men OpenBroken Riders
DNF20Rich Maines139:36 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF449ABQ Goat Ropers1310:21 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF410Taint Angry1311:40 AM4 Person Women Open 
DNF180Matty P.115:56 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleMoots Cycles
DNF704SloRidas116:17 AMCorporate TeamIntuit
DNF278Evil Gazebo1012:04 AMDuo MaleBikeworks Albuquerque
DNF702Five Studs and a Hammer108:24 AMCorporate TeamTestosterone
DNF572Team OSW1010:01 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
DNF94Orbea91:30 AMSolo - Single Speed MaleOrbea
DNF131Jon Pettit91:42 AMSolo MaleSRAM/Lapierre Bikes/Big G/Progold
DNF218Seemed Like a Good Idea in October97:55 AMDuo Male 
DNF490Freak out and break stuff911:21 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
DNF45El Bigote 911:22 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF219The Bachelors811:38 PMDuo Male 
DNF7Specialized Canada812:22 AMSolo FemaleExposure Lights USA/Infinit Nutrition Canada/Speed Matrix
DNF483Cutters83:03 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF439Dad's Team89:44 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+ 
DNF717Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets hurt810:59 AMCorporate TeamFrank Milstead
DNF418Visceral Fat Tires75:10 AM4 Person Men OpenHigh Fructose Corn Syrup
DNF602The Entertainment78:40 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF584Cranky Old Bastards710:27 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF84Back of the Pack Racing711:58 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF121lollypop licks67:31 PMSolo Male 
DNF221It'll Be Different This Time68:25 PMDuo Male 
DNF154Shawnsolo610:33 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF83shredder61:51 AMSolo Male 
DNF149racing is lame68:42 AMSolo Malemy mom
DNF92Alex Burden58:16 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleM&M Cycling
DNF136SHR Racing58:45 PMSolo Male 
DNF41Mahak-Attack58:45 PMSolo Male 
DNF297Our way back has been erased58:54 PMDuo Male 
DNF143Industry Bikes511:53 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF547The Sore Taints512:45 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF223The Grovers58:12 AMDuo Male 
DNF240Ride of the Pepers59:08 AMDuo Male 
DNF128Una Soda Por Favor59:40 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF304Kuduku Duo46:34 PMDuo Co-edTeam Nationwide
DNF716Neon Lights49:05 PMDuo Co-ed 
DNF452One Gear, No Fear411:49 AM4 Person - Single SpeedM3 Engineering
DNF96STOKES35:38 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF30Mike35:42 PMSolo MalePhoenix PD
DNF132Long n Slow35:49 PMSolo - Single Speed Malewaiting in the wings...
DNF251Faster then Steve39:22 AMDuo Male 
DNF73Matt Johnson22:46 PMSolo Maleadventure bike
DNF267Faster than the Escobars23:41 PMDuo Male 
DNF12624:39 PMSolo Male 
DNF105MORBO'S RAGE!!!25:33 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF12525:41 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF124Sunday Cycles26:53 PMSolo MaleSunday Cycles
DNF31Ryan Gardiner11:18 PMSolo Male 
DNF48What the hell am I doing out here12:32 PMSolo MaleWe don't need no stinking sponsor