Epic Rides 2012 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
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Lap Ranking 
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1467Epic Endurance P/B The Gear Movement2312:12 PM4 Person Men OpenEpic Endurance Presented By The Gear Movement
2619Light & Motion2212:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeLight & Motion
3558Kona Factory Team2212:24 PM4 Person Men OpenKona
4732Area 512212:25 PMCorporate TeamArea 51
5737Hosie Cows / Team Cirrus2212:40 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual Communication
6299El Grupo Duo2212:45 PMDuo Male 
7606Single Minded2212:52 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
8426Rocinante/LiquidSpace2212:54 PM4 Person Men OpenLiquidSpace
9608Stan's NoTubes Weapons of Ass Destruction221:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeStan's NoTubes
10268Pivot Cycles2112:01 PMDuo MalePivot Cycles
11612Beaver Valley2112:06 PM4 Person Men OpenKona Bikes
12468Epic Endurance P/B The Gear Movement2112:15 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeEpic Endurance Presented By The Gear Movement
13295Team Athlete Octane2112:34 PMDuo MaleAthlete Octane
14331Over The Edge Sedona2112:39 PMDuo MaleBroken Spoke Santa Fe
15713Team Colleen2112:41 PMCorporate TeamTeam Colleen
16439Zia/Gem2112:42 PM4 Person - Single SpeedBikeworks
17721Oro Valley Bicycle & DC2112:45 PMCorporate TeamOro Valley Bicycle
18457Chainring Circus2112:53 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgePH Structural/SCAPES by BTS
19709Fly'n Naked Apes2112:56 PMCorporate TeamNumericraft, Oro Valley Bikes
20322Twenty2 Cycles2012:00 PMDuo MaleTwenty2 Cycles
21560El Grupo Cinco2012:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeTFS, Carmichael, Panaracer
22633Johnny Cash Slept Here2012:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
23212Team Mooseknuckle2012:15 PMDuo MaleCycleton Denver
24486Kokopelli Racing2012:20 PM4 Person - Single SpeedKokopelli Bike and Board
254742Wheels, 4Jones &1 Set of Headlites2012:24 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeTwo Wheel Jones Racing Team
2642811th Hour Racing/ RockyMounts2012:28 PM4 Person Men OpenRockyMounts
27513Man Up!2012:31 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
28498Los Grandes Huveos Rancheros2012:33 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
29599Mike's Bikes #12012:34 PM4 Person Men OpenMike's Bikes
30501Sinaloa's Best2012:38 PM4 Person Men OpenBell Air Inc.
31401The Four Locos2012:39 PM4 Person Men Open 
32601The Terrible Thunderlizards2012:40 PM4 Person Men Open 
33607Stan's NoTubes Elite Women2012:46 PM4 Person Women OpenStan's NoTubes
34464Team Geomangear2012:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeGeomangear.com
35604Team Pivot2012:54 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgePivot Cycles
36243Sweetazoid2012:58 PMDuo Male 
37533Man vs. Cholla2012:59 PM4 Person Men OpenIndustry Bikes- Thieles Auto
38539Arizona Cyclist2012:59 PM4 Person Men OpenArizona Cyclist
39455The Kickstand + one bad ass201:00 PM4 Person Men OpenThe Kickstand
40578Old New Mexicans201:04 PM4 Person Men OpenHigh Desert Bicycles/Grandmas Music
41314Ride-A-FORM201:06 PMDuo MaleFORM Cycles
42514Denver Cycleton Fab Five201:12 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeCycleton
432742 Kings201:40 PMDuo MaleLCB/Unreal
44333King and Queen of Pain1912:00 PMDuo Co-edRed Bull/Specialized
45588Team Bitch1912:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
46479Sunday Cycles and Green Choice Solar1912:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
47585Team Honey Badger1912:07 PM4 Person Men OpenBicycle Ranch
48735Swing Links1912:09 PMCorporate TeamKona Bikes
49405I was like DANG1912:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
50561El Grupo Quatro1912:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeTFS, Carmichael, Panaracer
514514 Pigs1912:12 PM4 Person Men OpenPhoenix Police Athletic Club
52491Single Speed Sweetness1912:16 PM4 Person Women Open 
53450Team Bacon Strip1912:18 PM4 Person Men Open 
54413Rodder Racing1912:23 PM4 Person Men Open 
552252:00 AM Demons1912:23 PMDuo Co-edAscent Cycling, Carmichael Training Systems
56634Little Lebowski Urban Achievers1912:32 PM4 Person Men Open 
57507Jemez Jellions1912:35 PM4 Person Men Open 
58510Inconceivalble1912:36 PM4 Person Men Open 
59733Hammer Time1912:41 PMCorporate Team 
60267M&M Cycling1912:42 PMDuo MaleM&M Cycling
61542Golden Belt and Friends1912:47 PM4 Person Men Open 
62402Team America1912:47 PM4 Person Men Open 
63618Bobcat, Buffalo, Mustang & Toro1912:54 PM4 Person Men OpenEmpire Southwest
64554EquipoDeQuatro1912:56 PM4 Person Men Open 
65475Living in Sinners191:00 PM4 Person - Single SpeedCutthroat Racing
66555Lagartos La Primavera191:02 PM4 Person Men OpenSpecialized-Spring Bike
67433Vive La France191:06 PM4 Person Men Open"Your Mom"
68432TVB Race191:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTennessee Valley Bicycles/Tomato Head
69410SD CAMELSAK191:19 PM4 Person Men Open 
70725Pistolas De Deserto191:26 PMCorporate Team 
71546Rumblin, Bumblin, Stumblin191:30 PM4 Person Men Open 
72485Single Speed Coffee Roaster191:34 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSingle speed coffee roaster/ KHS bicycles
73452H.Y.D1812:01 PM4 Person - Single SpeedFirebrand
74425Sons of the Red Sand1812:02 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
75403SS Santa Cruz1812:05 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
76573Whiskey Knights1812:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
77443Singles Sells SeashellsbytheSeashore1812:07 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
78611Flesh Lights1812:07 PM4 Person Men OpenKona Bikes
79191Kona1812:10 PMSolo Male 
80734Polka Dot Speedos1812:11 PMCorporate TeamKona Bikes
81580TREK Store Colorado Racing Team1812:13 PM4 Person Men OpenTrek Store Boulder Louisville
82411Manifesto: The Ministry of Cycle1812:19 PM4 Person Men Open 
83473Rolling Mayhem1812:20 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
84620Scattered 11812:20 PM4 Person Men Open 
85577Trek Bicycle of West Phoenix1812:20 PM4 Person Men OpenTrek
86434Cactus Hammers1812:22 PM4 Person Men Open 
87531Zeitgeist Racing Singles Club1812:27 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
884883 Drinkers and a Rider1812:28 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
89726Serious Visuals / Team Cirrus1812:30 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual Communication
90581Good Mojo1812:32 PM4 Person Women OpenDNA Cycles
91449THE DARK SIDE1812:33 PM4 Person - Single SpeedSun Adventure Sports
92466Hammerheads1812:37 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeLeiser Painting
93720Beyond Bread1812:39 PMCorporate Team 
94430TEAM DUKE1812:40 PM4 Person Men Open 
95724Granite1812:43 PMCorporate TeamGranite
96597Filfy Basterds1812:45 PM4 Person Men OpenHomemakers Across America
97422Dirty Deeds1812:49 PM4 Person Men Open 
98593Honey Badgers1812:49 PM4 Person Men Open 
99429Spoonie Luv and the Puddin' Cups1812:50 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
100552Aferrados Team1812:51 PM4 Person Men Open 
101177Light & Motion-Nunn-Feed The Machine1812:55 PMSolo Male 
102463BlipSnips - Life Happens BlipSnip.it1812:57 PM4 Person Men OpenBlipSnips
103472Kitchen Pass1812:59 PM4 Person Men OpenWives and Significant Others
104264Team Name!181:01 PMDuo MaleBacon
105144Rollinlikea Twenteefore181:06 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
106246Abercrotchity & Bitch181:06 PMDuo MaleGreen Choice
1077182 White Trash, 1 Jap and 3 Beaners walk into a bar181:07 PMCorporate Team 
108461Spacely Sprokets181:12 PM4 Person Men Open 
109527The Rolling Iguanas181:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
110288The Lester and Bill Show181:17 PMDuo Male 
111471www.area9learning.com181:21 PM4 Person Men Openwww.area9learning.com
112335Romero Bro's, Light & Motion181:36 PMDuo Male 
1135162661712:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeBike Barn
114178Curt Wilhelm1712:02 PMSolo Male 
115406Backcountry Babes1712:02 PM4 Person Women OpenBackcountry Bike and Ski
116506A Derailleur Killed My Family1712:04 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
117627Party Rock1712:06 PM4 Person Men OpenC.A.R.E. for Cycling, Inc.
118536University of Arizona Cycling Team1712:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
119404Four Tubes and a Tubeless1712:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeFoundation for Personal Gratification
120575Perky Knobs/ Squishy Grips1712:09 PM4 Person Men Open 
121505wrasslin Hillbillies1712:10 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
122330Noxid Knar R. R.1712:10 PMDuo Co-ed 
123579Beers, Brats, & Big Rings1712:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
124700The CrankArmStrongs1712:11 PMCorporate TeamGeorge Washington
125525M&M Cycling1712:12 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeM&M Cycling
126438Rivet Racing1712:12 PM4 Person Women OpenSports Garage and Side Door Salon
127215Adventure SS1712:12 PMDuo MaleOur wives and kids
128469Four Play1712:13 PM4 Person Men Open 
129427Phat N Tired1712:18 PM4 Person Men Open 
1307SoSlo1712:21 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
131437Four and a Half Men1712:26 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeGO Adventure Recreation / High Gear Bike Shop
1325354 Dudes for 7 Bitches1712:28 PM4 Person Men Open 
133562El Grupo Tres1712:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeTFS, Carmichael, Panaracer
134550GS Boulder / Trek Store1712:29 PM4 Person Women Open 
135477Whiskey Club1712:30 PM4 Person Men Open 
1364424111712:32 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
137708Wheels of the Kingdom1712:33 PMCorporate TeamMTB Bikers
138453Where's the throttle?1712:45 PM4 Person Men OpenArizona Grain / MX-Tech
139551Rhino Relix1712:46 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
140537The Laptastic Five1712:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
141530Los Crucburqueans1712:59 PM4 Person Men Open 
142166Shawn Gregory171:00 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
143239Double Vison171:04 PMDuo Male 
144563El Grupo Dos171:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeTFS, Carmichael, Panaracer
145483No Fork 'n Brake171:21 PM4 Person Men Openwww.area9learning.com
146702Vensure Vigilantes171:27 PMCorporate TeamVensure Employer Services
147631my mom thinks i'm fast171:28 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
148459Blind Rage1612:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
149481Crotch Rot1612:00 PM4 Person Men Open 
1504193 Dicks and a Chick1612:01 PM4 Person Men OpenBrentwood Podiatry
151730Niner ProGold1612:01 PMCorporate TeamNiner Bicycles, ProGold Lubricants
152731Team Tool1612:03 PMCorporate Team 
153584Numb Nutz1612:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
154492Desert Yard Sale1612:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeAdventure Bicycle
155523Ride My Face To Chicago1612:06 PM4 Person Men OpenMary's House of Ill Repute
156435Black Dog Racing1612:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
157456Just Keep Rockin1612:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
158712Tolero Mountain Racing1612:06 PMCorporate Team 
159583Medical Attention1612:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
160595Fragmented1612:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
161231Pedal-Philes1612:15 PMDuo Male 
162444Old Pueblo Firefighters1612:15 PM4 Person Men OpenOPFFA
163545Disco Kitty & the Saguaro IPA riderz1612:19 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
164722Pivot Hooligans1612:19 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles
16573It's personal1612:20 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTeam Rhino
166528Equipo # 171612:23 PM4 Person Men Open 
167248The Tall Pink Ducks1612:26 PMDuo MaleOur Moms.
168701CBC Team1612:28 PMCorporate TeamCatalina Brewing Company
16976Solar Greengo1612:30 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleGreen Solar MTB
170431Cali4nia1612:30 PM4 Person Men Open 
171625Teenage TapouT1612:37 PM4 Person Women OpenRideClean p/b PatentIt.com
172504IIWII - Single Track Attack1612:52 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeSingle Tracks, Fruita, CO
173521Clydesdales1612:58 PM4 Person Men Openramdaman
17414Backcountry Alaska1512:01 PMSolo MaleBackcountry
175462rollin rollin man my nuts r swollen 1512:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
176502Cactus if you can!1512:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeRed Rock Racing
177520Dada Carnages1512:01 PM4 Person Men OpenSunny Western Colorado
178613Cinco Stinko Pinkoes1512:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
179621Pony Express1512:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeWells Fargo & Picor
180254Lost Cause1512:02 PMDuo Male 
181534HTFU1512:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
182540Collectors of Cholla Spines1512:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
184447Old School Bike & Brews1512:04 PM4 Person Men OpenLoos Consulting & McLaughlin Distributing
185728Canyon Vista R/C1512:04 PMCorporate TeamCanyon Vista R/C
186190Pete Basinger1512:04 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleKona
187232Hammer & Lightening1512:05 PMDuo MaleThe Wives
18826WTF???!! That Ain't the PLAN!!!1512:05 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleIndustry Bikes
189412Team Moose Knuckles1512:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
1904419 Good Ankles1512:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeCisco
191512Four Bent Cranks1512:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
192421SpeedDream Wheels1512:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
193150Rich Maines1512:11 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleRudy Project, SockGuy, Skins, Kinesys Performance Sunscreen
194509MJRT Racing1512:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
195738Habub1512:11 PMCorporate Team 
196222The Kakistocrats1512:12 PMDuo Male 
197741SafariLand/Kona1512:13 PMCorporate TeamSafariLand/Coates Cyclery
1985114 Grinders and a Taco1512:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
199503One Speed Wonders1512:20 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
200266Troubled Minds1512:21 PMDuo Male 
20139Dude where's my team?1512:28 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
202500Scattered 21512:37 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeBlackbottoms
203590Los Terribles Luchadores1512:41 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
204736Poop Flingers1512:47 PMCorporate Team 
20522chuck wheeler1512:49 PMSolo Male 
206574The Flying Whip-poor-wills1512:56 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeNone
207262Live Hard151:00 PMDuo MaleTrek Bike Store Boulder
208705TDC of Arizona151:01 PMCorporate TeamTechnical Documentation Consultants of Arizona, Inc.
209568The Breakfast Club Survivors151:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
210739Mountain Movers151:03 PMCorporate TeamEmpire Southwest
211582Cactose Intolerance151:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
212155Mike Hughes151:07 PMSolo Male 
213308MIT Beavers151:12 PMDuo MaleMIT Cycling / FXDD
214497vintage151:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
21519El Grupo Solo151:37 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
216293Who's the Weakest Link?1412:00 PMDuo Co-edClement Chlup
217703Ridin Dirty1412:01 PMCorporate Team 
218538Shady Pirates1412:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
219518Die Trying1412:03 PM4 Person Men Open 
220316CTS/CarboRocket1412:03 PMDuo Male 
221603DART Endurance Racing1412:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
22215151 solo single1412:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
223489Is It Loaded?1412:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
224269Single Minded1412:06 PMDuo Male 
225598Maloney Plastic Surgery1412:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeChris Maloney
226320EnduroCoach1412:07 PMDuo Co-ed 
22718Ah Man I'm Not Burt Reynolds1412:07 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
228522Journey Cycling1412:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
229241Stupid is what Stupid does1412:09 PMDuo Male 
230596Pound the Round1412:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
231174sarah caylor1412:11 PMSolo Female 
23222150/54 Split1412:12 PMDuo Male 
233309MIT Engineers1412:12 PMDuo MaleMIT Cycling
234154Pedlin' Slow1412:12 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
235182Flight of the Burrito Brother1412:13 PMSolo MaleDrunkcyclist.com
236230Red Hot Gila Monsters1412:14 PMDuo MaleGold Canyon Bikes
237515La Suprema1412:19 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeLa Suprema
238312Dad n Grand Dad1412:20 PMDuo MaleUnger Family
239632One Gear Full Beer1412:20 PM4 Person - Single SpeedTrek Bicycle
240714Bokonon, and so on.1412:23 PMCorporate TeamKilgore Trout
241547Whisker Biscuit1412:25 PM4 Person Men Open 
24228AK Backcountry1412:27 PMSolo Male 
243602Los Retardados1412:27 PM4 Person Men Open 
244476Periodic Riders1412:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
2452861 Taco Short of a Combination1412:30 PMDuo MaleContinental Bike Shop
24661Janice Tower1412:30 PMSolo FemaleKaladi-Subway/Backcountry Racing/RTR Bicycles
247218Two legit to quit1412:31 PMDuo MaleJ.A.M.E.S. Properties L.L.C
248165CTS Gearl1412:32 PMSolo FemaleCarmichael Training Systems
249591you signed me up for what?1412:37 PM4 Person Men Opendougs buggs & bunnies
250436Tucson Mountain Wheelmen1412:39 PM4 Person Men Open 
25126328 Gears1412:39 PMDuo Male 
252609Team Smurf(t)1412:40 PM4 Person Men Open 
253323average joe's1412:47 PMDuo Maleglobo gym
254717Aces2011.com1412:56 PMCorporate Team 
255723Fat Spatula141:01 PMCorporate Team 
256622Beers and Bicycles141:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeSunday Cycles
25754Deadgoat Racing141:18 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
258565The Spinerettes141:20 PM4 Person Women Open 
259478Yohimbe Tribe of the Durty South141:23 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeTVB Race/ The Tomato Head
26059Tom Stack141:24 PMSolo MaleSwiss American Racing
261188Kyle Colavito1312:02 PMSolo Male 
26243Steve Schaefer1312:02 PMSolo Male 
263104LA Velocity1312:03 PMSolo Male 
264495Payton the Wonder Dog1312:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
265617Malakas1312:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
266605Gene Yang Gang1312:05 PM4 Person Men OpenBrutinel Plumbing & Electrical, Inc.
267100Rumrunner1312:05 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
268614The Inflatables1312:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
269589Big Test-Cycles1312:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age 
270557Rubbed Raw Racing1312:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
271490Stonefree Davison1312:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
272265Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks1312:07 PMDuo Co-ed 
273272One Niner One1312:08 PMDuo Male 
274134PJ Lingley1312:08 PMSolo MaleRed Rock Racing
275592no bitches1312:10 PM4 Person Men Opendougs buggs & bunnies
276448Overeducated. Undertrained.1312:12 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
277237Gears & Beers1312:12 PMDuo Male 
278610Jag Mats1312:12 PM4 Person Men OpenKona Bikes
279256Strider Online Fast & The Furriest1312:14 PMDuo Male 
280326Team Spatula!1312:17 PMDuo - FemaleHoney Stinger
281567Team Peloton1312:27 PM4 Person Men OpenPeloton Agency
282740Fair Wheels Rules1312:27 PMCorporate TeamFair Wheel Bikes
283224Aged Duo1312:27 PMDuo MaleASI
284275SpinDoc1312:32 PMDuo MaleSpinDoc Bike Shop and Indoor Cycling Center
285311Dos Gringos Lentos1312:38 PMDuo Male 
286276Brothers in Pain1312:42 PMDuo MaleVillage Pizza Big Bear Lake
28711dudah1312:44 PMSolo Male 
288711Chilly Sacks1312:49 PMCorporate Team 
289228Pardee of Two1312:50 PMDuo Co-ed 
29020Elizabeth Sugar Boese131:00 PMSolo FemaleTeamCuteness.com
291240Shut Up and Ride131:04 PMDuo Male 
2924173/4 gringo and 1/4 chino131:07 PM4 Person Men Open 
293526The Wild Hares131:20 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
294175Team SS131:33 PMSolo FemaleFORM Cycles and Sedona Bike & Bean
295192Seemed Like A Good Idea at The Time1212:00 PMSolo Male 
29672Timari1212:00 PMSolo FemalePivot Cycles, Kenda
29791Lucky Break1212:01 PMSolo MaleSilvester
298623Hades1212:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
2993718milesperhour1212:01 PMSolo - Single Speed Male18milesperhour.com
300112David Loehrs1212:02 PMSolo MaleLoehrs & Associates
30138Sabrosa Cycles1212:03 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleSabrosa Cycles
302418WorkTooMuchToBeRacing1212:03 PM4 Person Men OpenC&C Building and Design
303149SOAZ1212:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSunday Cycles
304147Jeff Wortzel1212:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
305214Evil Gazebo1212:03 PMDuo MaleBikeworks Albuquerque
306252Lucky & El Capitan1212:03 PMDuo MaleRiesling
307710Xeridiem1212:04 PMCorporate TeamXeridiem Medical
308259Riding Blind1212:04 PMDuo Male 
309556The 4 Dirty Dogs1212:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
310161El Freako From Rico1212:06 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleKokopelli Bike & Board-Cortez, CO
311519Victoria's Secret1212:07 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
312305George Michael Cover Band1212:08 PMDuo Male 
313415Tubeless Cabras1212:10 PM4 Person Men Open 
314271Old Order Men at Night1212:11 PMDuo Male 
315480The Cactus Whackers1212:11 PM4 Person Men Open 
316423Pass the Wine Buddy1212:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
317576Inglorious Cranky Bastards1212:11 PM4 Person Men OpenN/A
318245Hammerballs1212:17 PMDuo Male 
319238MelanPaulie1212:20 PMDuo Co-ed 
320564El Grupo Uno1212:29 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeTFS, Carmichael, Panaracer
321629It's A Dry Hop1212:30 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
3222941 Horseman and his Intervention1212:31 PMDuo Co-ed2nd Avenue Sports
323304Cole'd Lemonade 1212:32 PMDuo Co-ed 
324569The BeardBelters1212:36 PM4 Person Men Open 
325424Cactus Crashers1212:42 PM4 Person Men Open 
326548Cactus Cartel1212:49 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
327494Crack Monkeys1212:55 PM4 Person Men OpenO'Neil Custom Cycles
328524Single Scorgasms121:00 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
329220116 Inches of Fury121:06 PMDuo Male 
330139Tim Hull / Ironclad Bicycles121:11 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
331213Uno Bicycle Studio121:19 PMDuo MaleUno Bicycle Studio
332186Pat Collier121:23 PMSolo MaleGiant Bicycles
333487Sore Weak & Angry121:26 PM4 Person Men Open 
334414Alestorm121:27 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
335315Biggins121:32 PMDuo MaleTim's Unicycle, Majestic Mini-park, Sally's Sausage Palace
3369MY Solo1112:00 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTroupe Racing
337458Dirty Tucson Tri Girls & Token Dude1112:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age 
338571Flat N Tired1112:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
339327Like 1101112:01 PMDuo Male 
340168Snowkitty1112:01 PMSolo FemaleHammer Nutrition, Rudy Project, Terry Bikes, Light & Motion
341719Bottoms Up!1112:02 PMCorporate Team 
3428Mike Park1112:02 PMSolo Male 
343587"TMB" To Many Birthdays1112:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
344109Focus Cyclery 1112:05 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
345298ferrominio1112:06 PMDuo Maleroberto gonzalez
346102RICK JACOBSON1112:07 PMSolo Male 
347313Logan's Run1112:08 PMDuo MaleDNA Cycles
348171Little Monkey1112:08 PMSolo Female 
349572Fat Tire1112:08 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeGoldie's Paint & Body
350616Unprepared1112:09 PM4 Person Men Open 
351145Jeff Poitras1112:09 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
35212Cal Skilsky1112:10 PMSolo Male 
353110Ronda sundermeier1112:10 PMSolo Female 
354400Meat Fruit1112:10 PM4 Person Men OpenNone
355123Incycle 1112:11 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleIncycle Bikes
356135Shawnsolo1112:11 PMSolo Male 
357124Bikes For Boobs (Mammograms In Action)1112:11 PMSolo Female 
358234Bravo & Supa1112:13 PMDuo Male 
359310Trek Bicycle Store - Boulder1112:13 PMDuo MaleTrek Bicycle Store - Boulder, Ergon, CarboRocket
36066D'oh!1112:13 PMSolo Male 
361153Thump Monkey1112:21 PMSolo - Single Speed Malemy wife
362484Knights of Cyclonia1112:37 PM4 Person Men OpenCompetitive Engineering Inc.
363704Bookmans1112:42 PMCorporate TeamBookmans
3644Team Helen's1112:45 PMSolo Female 
36583Deanna's Lapped Dog1112:46 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
366321The honey moon is over1112:46 PMDuo Co-ed 
367281Professor Monkey1112:49 PMDuo Male 
368553Old & In The Way1112:50 PM4 Person Men Open 
369117Turd Ferguson1112:53 PMSolo MaleSchlitz
370296Old Growth Hoosiers1112:53 PMDuo MaleAbsolute Bikes
371570Broke Bike Saints111:06 PM4 Person Women Open 
372216Team Logan/Cure SMA111:12 PMDuo - Female 
37341michele bliss111:36 PMSolo FemaleJustin's Cycling
374496Foxy Ladies1012:01 PM4 Person Women Open 
37534Geoff Bragg1012:02 PMSolo Male 
376146Matt Donaldson1012:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMatt Donaldson
3774604 Play in the Desert1012:04 PM4 Person Men Open 
37897Wendy Skean1012:04 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleHammer Nutritio
379529GTSJ Pedaling Fools1012:06 PM4 Person Men Open 
380120Jeff Curry1012:06 PMSolo Male 
38177Team Keevin1012:06 PMSolo Male 
382544Team Rip1012:08 PM4 Person Men OpenJP Hope
38375Chad Sheirbon1012:08 PMSolo Male 
38446TEAM DUKE1012:09 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleJohn Wayne Cancer Foundation
385707Ordignarly1012:09 PMCorporate TeamOrdinary Bike Shop
386409Notchas1012:10 PM4 Person Men OpenSun Adventure Sports, Integral Fitness
387287Jackalope Massacre1012:10 PMDuo MaleM3 Engineering
38894Might and Lotion1012:11 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
389319Boulders on Broadway Vixens1012:11 PMDuo - FemaleBoulders on Broadway
39056Ok n AZ1012:12 PMSolo Male 
391630Good For What Ales You1012:18 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
392211All Night Long Larry1012:21 PMDuo MaleRon Howard Enterprises
393454Team RJ1012:23 PM4 Person Men Open 
394115Helen's Cycles1012:24 PMSolo FemaleHelen's Cycles
395706Schadenfraude1012:25 PMCorporate TeamToro Loco Challenge
396119JBUT1012:28 PMSolo MaleDenny Bicycles
397290No brakes1012:29 PMDuo Male 
398615Team Super Grover1012:41 PM4 Person Men Open 
39957Schweddy1012:41 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
400727Copperhead is Good1012:52 PMCorporate TeamRosemont Copper
401559Green Choice Solar Party Team1012:56 PM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined AgeGreen Choice Solar
402532Sonoran Pirates - Magellan's Finest101:02 PM4 Person Men Open 
4031413 balls 2 wheels 1 chain 24hr Virgin101:06 PMSolo Male 
404307Mike & Mike Green-Choice-Solar101:12 PMDuo Male 
40523Big Mamma101:15 PMSolo FemaleBig Wheel Racing
40670Brad T101:16 PMSolo Male 
407285Single Speed Steeds of Steel101:18 PMDuo Male 
408306Brothers from Another Mother101:35 PMDuo Male 
409235Trail's End Cycling912:00 PMDuo MaleTrail's End Cycling Center
410594Desert Divas912:03 PM4 Person Women Open 
411543Abusement Park912:03 PM4 Person - Single Speed 
41271Team Stella912:03 PMSolo Female 
413103Green and Gold Dynasty912:03 PMSolo Malenone
41451Dirty Munchkin912:04 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleTeam Rhino
415566Poco Loco912:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
41690What have I done912:06 PMSolo Male 
417600Team Sharkbird912:08 PM4 Person Men Open 
41845Team Duke912:09 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSole, Vitargo
419279Make it Burns912:11 PMDuo Co-edPBR
420302MT Beer912:11 PMDuo MaleMontana
421440Hold my beer,watch this912:12 PM4 Person Men OpenGreg Sansbury
422277Prickly Pear Paddle Wackers912:12 PMDuo Male 
423143Al Lewis - Team Rhino/Cirrus Visual912:20 PMSolo MaleSpecialized / Cirrus Visual
424156One Gear and Three Cojones912:20 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
425303Tater Juice912:23 PMDuo - Female 
426291Gruesome Twosome912:38 PMDuo MaleBike Masters
427131Back of the Pack Racing912:58 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
428108Daga!91:26 PMSolo Male 
42913Shredder812:00 PMSolo Male 
430152frequent eko812:01 PMSolo Maleme
43117Rocky Mtn Racing812:01 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleGolden Bike Shop
432273400 Pounds of Eng812:01 PMDuo MaleEng Brothers Racing
43385WHAT TEAM?812:04 PMSolo Male 
434301Oddie/Dill812:05 PMDuo Male 
43581It's winter in Indiana812:06 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
43669It helps if you spit on it first812:07 PMSolo Male 
437148Estrella Mtn Cyclery812:08 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
438227Rough Riders812:10 PMDuo Male 
439729Willow Springs Ranch Hands812:11 PMCorporate TeamWillow Springs
440987 more then 29 and Keener812:11 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleKeener Cycle Works
441101Eric Gutierrez812:12 PMSolo MaleMastiff Construction
442282Slow Flat Mice812:12 PMDuo Male 
443715Intuit812:13 PMCorporate Team 
444289Bomberos an't Scared812:21 PMDuo MaleClark Custom Cycles/Bob's Bikes
44567Big Al812:22 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
44663harry cooper812:24 PMSolo Male 
447325BC812:37 PMDuo Male 
44874What, What, What Am I Doing?812:51 PMSolo Female 
449297Magic Man & El Diablo812:59 PMDuo MaleM3 Engineering
450226South Florida Oxymorons81:09 PMDuo Co-ed 
451233Champion Cooling81:13 PMDuo MaleChampion Cooling
452261ZoDev81:14 PMDuo Co-ed 
45342Scratched and Dented81:19 PMSolo MaleMFV Engineering
45416Jonathan Buchanan81:29 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
455280Kinda Solo712:01 PMDuo MaleEstrella Mountain Cyclery, Klimit Coaching, Surplus Salt
456107Back of the Pack Racing712:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
45727Tucson Pedaler712:03 PMSolo MaleTucson Pedaler
458499Chupacabras712:05 PM4 Person Men Open 
45962Gears and a Prayer712:07 PMSolo MaleN/A
460142Jemez Jellions712:08 PMSolo Male 
461126K-Blue Racing712:09 PMSolo MaleGargoyles Eyewear, XTC Camera, Yankz, Geigerrig
462332Back Row Romance712:09 PMDuo Co-ed 
463247Newlywed Skidmarks712:10 PMDuo Co-ednone
464167Solo Single But Not Available712:10 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleMy Wallet Inc.
46596Me go long time!712:10 PMSolo Male 
466164One Gear Wonder712:10 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
467193Cupcake & A Stud712:15 PMSolo Male 
468549Is This Course Pager Friendly?712:16 PM4 Person Men Open 
469260Erroneous Johnson712:18 PMDuo Male 
470219The Mediocre Duo712:19 PMDuo MaleM3 Engineering
471137Russ and Bon712:23 PMSolo MaleCannondale Factory
47232Horton Hears a Who712:32 PMSolo MaleMe
47365Back of the Pack Racing712:32 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
474317Black and Yellow712:33 PMDuo Male 
475407Sonoran Pirates Michigan Militia712:41 PM4 Person Men OpenThe Sonoran Pirates
476210Sheber Fever712:47 PMDuo Male 
477172Jen Albright612:00 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleBig Wheel Racing
47895Chukar612:00 PMSolo Male 
479465Team ToDoIt612:01 PM4 Person Men Open 
4805T.J. Frisbee612:01 PMSolo MaleT.J. Frisbee bicycles
481118Kellner612:06 PMSolo Male 
48268slow and steady612:07 PMSolo Male 
483324Biggest Little Drunk Cyclists612:10 PMDuo - FemaleDrunkcyclist.com
48484Will612:11 PMSolo Male 
485300The Men of Sorrows612:12 PMDuo Male 
486328Whew!612:18 PMDuo Male 
48760Barton612:29 PMSolo Male 
488541The Team612:29 PM4 Person Men Open 
489113Craiger612:33 PMSolo MaleJavelina Cycles
49078Your Pace or Mine612:46 PMSolo - Single Speed Female 
491278The cryptozoologists61:00 PMDuo MalePETA
492183Scandinavian Jesus61:30 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleDrunkcyclist.com
493138UpSideRight512:01 PMSolo Male 
494136PirateGirl512:03 PMSolo Female 
49525Team Rhino512:04 PMSolo FemaleNimbus Brewing Company
4963518milesperhour512:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
497122Zia Rides512:04 PMSolo FemaleZia Rides
498250Honu Boys512:04 PMDuo MaleWild Boar Beans
49989Keri Brown512:05 PMSolo Female 
500133Chuck Brown512:05 PMSolo Male 
50129Kukulski512:10 PMSolo Male 
502334Eric Post Law512:39 PMDuo Co-edEric Post
50315Michael bennett412:00 PMSolo MaleFriction bicycles
504130Mad Rhino - B.P.R. AZ412:08 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleBack of the Pack Racing
505185Drunkcyclist.com412:09 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleDrunkcyclist.com
506114The Bike Boner412:11 PMSolo Male 
507283D.C. Crew412:20 PMDuo Co-ed 
508173Old Long-Haired Dude You Have to Pass412:25 PMSolo MaleSteve Ross
509189Bryce Phinney412:28 PMSolo MaleTrisports.com
510251Cheat Commandos412:38 PMDuo MaleN/A
5113Jessie Rice412:40 PMSolo FemaleMy Husband
512187Dung Beetle Keeps on Rolling41:12 PMSolo MaleSAMBA
51388Boz312:13 PMSolo Male 
514318Team OCD312:23 PMDuo - Female 
515184Dirty of Drunkcyclist.com212:03 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleDrunkcyclist
51630Lazy P Racing212:06 PMSolo Male 
517157Eight Wheels112:36 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF10Taylor Lideen146:36 AMSolo Male 
DNF416Damn Buckeyes139:41 AM4 Person - Single Speed 
DNF742UMC Emergency Medicine1310:12 AMCorporate Team 
DNF99Crankin for a Spankin129:56 AMSolo Female 
DNF176Tim Lutz113:16 AMSolo MaleTrek Stone Colorado
DNF217Redline Sisters109:40 AMDuo Male 
DNF24Ben Hammer109:41 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF624Green Choice Solar Partay 21010:30 AM5 Person Co-ed 200+ Combined Age 
DNF179Kip J Biese911:45 PMSolo MaleBig Wheel Racing/Old Town Bike Shop
DNF87TEAM DAVE99:47 AMSolo Male 
DNF508CanAm811:10 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF5863 beans and a cracker78:22 AM4 Person Men OpenDougs Buggs-n-Bunnies
DNF53Team TNT79:01 AMSolo Male 
DNF223Everything‚Äôs Better with Lube611:29 PMDuo Male 
DNF158Wait, This Isn't a Road Bike Race611:31 AMSolo MaleThe Hub-Athens, GA
DNF470Tres Perham y Otro512:47 AM4 Person Men Open 
DNF258Los Zapatos49:41 PMDuo Male 
DNF132Team Free Lunch410:06 AMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF257My Taint Hurts35:16 PMDuo Male 
DNF140Surely Your Not Cirrus36:30 PMSolo - Single Speed FemaleCirrus
DNF180Sunday Cycles Drunk Cyclist37:22 PMSolo MaleDrunkcyclist.com
DNF253Afraid Of The Cholla24:14 PMDuo Male 
DNF79The Caboose24:18 PMSolo - Single Speed Male 
DNF80Jen Klausner25:14 PMSolo FemaleLos Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
DNF329Half-Baked25:53 PMDuo Co-ed 
DNF125DraginCock27:42 PMSolo Male 
DNF163Actual Size12:28 PMSolo Female 
DNF58One Banana Shy12:57 PMSolo MaleCray, Inc.
DNF106Cycle Analysis13:01 PMSolo FemaleCycle Analysis
DNF292Kaliska110:59 PMDuo Co-ed