2024 TMC Health 24 Hours in Old Pueblo
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Lap Ranking 
Team Type
PlaceTeam #Team NameTotal LapsLap Finish TimeTeam TypeSponsor
1302Lachlan & Taylor2412:41 PMDuo MaleEducation First, Allied Bicycles
2605PurEnergy Performance Pro Offroad Team2412:42 PM4 Person Men OpenPurEnergy Performance Coaching, ,
3529The Five Must-Shred-teers2412:59 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
4708Team Low T2312:32 PMCorporate TeamNumericraft, Area 51, Your Mom
5538CINCH Cycling2312:55 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
6785Green Machine2212:08 PMCorporate TeamGranite Construction, ,
7569Ron Brocks legends2212:13 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeRon Brocks/Trek West Valley, ,
8428El Grupo Uno2212:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeBeyond Bread, Sooters Automotive, Fairwheel bikes, ,
9563Mix Masters2212:36 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
10703Deceptively Slow2212:41 PMCorporate TeamFarhang & Medcoff, Gray Management Co.,
11434THIS IS A TEAM NAME2212:54 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
12576Chill Team Ride221:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeHammer Nutrition, ,
13450Hedo Rick & the Jamaican ShredSled Team221:08 PM4 Person - Single SpeedOro Valley Bicycle, Specialized Retail, Hedonism II Resort
14750Legends Racing2112:09 PMCorporate Team..
15406According to the map, we've only gone 4 inches2112:22 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgePrimal Wear, Audi Denver,
16621Big cog energy2112:28 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
17586Apex Expendables2112:32 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeApexNetwork Physical Therapy, ,
184122HUNDRED50PLUS2112:34 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Tucson Masters Cycling, ROR Fitness, Copper Spoke Cycles
19619Weapons of Ass Destruction2112:47 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Stan's NoTubes, Racing Apparel,
20585Apex Young Avengers2112:52 PM4 Person Men OpenApexNetwork Physical Therapy, ,
21487Vaqueros De La Noche2112:55 PM4 Person Men OpenTasco, ,
22726FE Racing211:15 PMCorporate TeamRob, ,
23620Spicy Bois211:24 PM4 Person Men OpenSummers Electric, ,
24304Maxxis-Hunt-Confluence9282012:00 PMDuo Co-edMaxxis, Hunt, Confluence 928
25783RYTEK2012:08 PMCorporate TeamRYTEK TECHNICAL SERVICE, ,
26403Breakfast Pie2012:22 PM4 Person Men OpenGo4Graham, Stem Ciders,
27752PIVOT FACTORY FACTORY2012:23 PMCorporate TeamPivot Cycles, ,
28514Cycles Of Life2012:23 PM4 Person Men OpenCycles Of Life, ,
29612Yuri's Angels2012:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeGU Energy Labs, Shimano, Camelbak
30441More Poops than Loops2012:26 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
3148440oz of Hawai’i2012:27 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
32493Lanterne Rouge2012:30 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
33424Pickle Juice2012:31 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
34599Kangaroo Mouse Memorial Fund2012:33 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
35469Ram Ranch Cowboys2012:47 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
36429El Grupo Dos2012:51 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSooters Automotive, Beyond Bread,, ,
37548Team Rhino201:06 PM4 Person - Single SpeedTeam Rhino, ,
38741Spysical Phecimens201:08 PMCorporate Team, ,
39592TexSwiss Kitties201:08 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
40497Peaches201:32 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
41243Velo Rousillon1912:00 PMDuo Male1st Choice Collision Center, Velo Rousillon Racing, Applewood Manor
42430el grupo tres1912:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSooters Automotive, Beyond Bread,, ,
43287SnowRiders1912:03 PMDuo Co-edOpticnerve, Pedal Power,
44203Cory Wallace1912:03 PMSolo Male 
45587Sir FlapsAlot1912:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
46500Wrench House1912:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
47510On Point1912:10 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
49463 The decomposition of Joseph Hamman1912:16 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
50507Storm 931912:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
51787DV MTB Rolling Thunder1912:23 PMCorporate Team, ,
52480CyclePathsMTB11912:28 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
53253Soggy Waffles1912:46 PMDuo Male, ,
54486Old & SSlow1912:46 PM4 Person - Single SpeedFluid Sports Nutrition, ,
55414TEAM 4th DIMENSION1912:47 PM4 Person Men OpenYo Mamma and Yo Pappy!, ,
56517Victory Velo1912:49 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
57502Linked Cycling1912:50 PM4 Person Men OpenCompass Bible Church, Hammer Nutrition, Kenda Tires
58438Duck Butter 3.01912:51 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
59505Harpeth Youth Cycling #11912:53 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
60577Los Cinco Amigos1912:57 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
61405LA MINA RACING TEAM191:01 PM4 Person Men OpenLa Mina EC, La Mina RT, MINA SHOP
62515Did we just become best friends?!191:16 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeBranden Scheel Racing, Redington Realty,
63705Why Don't We Get Drunk and Ride191:17 PMCorporate Team, ,
64536Harpeth Youth cycling #2192:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
65600Soft Pedalers1812:00 PM4 Person Men OpenRisng Sun Real Estate, Specs Optometry, Bonnici Law Group
66404Overlander Orgy1812:00 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
67290Moutray Brothers in the Desert1812:00 PMDuo Male, ,
68415VMS1812:00 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
69296It's a good life!1812:00 PMDuo - Female, ,
70401The Countertop Quintet1812:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeThe Countertop Shop, LLC, Summit Door & Trim, Our Better Halfs
71475Who is Charly1812:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
72460Sore Butts Numb Nuts1812:03 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
73521Evergreen Bike Shop1812:05 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
74156The lone rider1812:05 PMSolo MaleSquirt cycling., ESI grips,
7518RRRevel Bikes with help from friends1812:09 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleRevel bikes,, Caolin’s Mom, Blue Ridge Cyclery
76466Whiskey Business1812:10 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
77578Boat Anchor1812:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
785343 Slow Old Guys & 1 Fast Teenager1812:22 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
79440Meat Waffles1812:24 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
80618Worst Team Ever1812:25 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
81498Extreme Cycling Group1812:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
8225Dave Giefer1812:27 PMSolo MaleVersus Race Team, One On One Bike Studio, Wolf Tooth and OTSO
83503Skid Mark Syndicate1812:27 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
84711Las Calacas Toxicas1812:35 PMCorporate Team12 Hours of Old El Paso, The Coyote Classic, The Rio Bravo Gravel Grinders
85426Varsity Slaydies1812:41 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
86204Julie Momber1812:51 PMSolo Female 
87478Pedal For Pua1812:55 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeBig Wheel Coaching, Home is where the Hart is, ReMax, Dawg Gone Good Teriyaki
88431el grupo quatro1812:55 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSooters Automotive, Beyond Bread,, ,
89597PlebesTeam1812:58 PM4 Person Men OpenCOMERCIAL SEMARI, BASA, HOMESUITES
90492Naps Are For Quitters181:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
91742Exhale Bikes181:17 PMCorporate TeamExhale Bikes Shop, ,
92565The Bike Brain Syndicate181:17 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Bike Brain, ,
93413#CANYONCREW181:22 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeCanyon Bike Fit, Canyon Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehabilitation,
94261Trail Sick181:27 PMDuo Male, ,
95229Dingo Castle1712:00 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
96543Bitches in Ditches1712:01 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
97610Belgian National Drinking Team1712:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
98738Team Old & Cold1712:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
99745Team Hundo1712:03 PMCorporate Team, ,
100712Eman Meat1712:04 PMCorporate Team, ,
101727Sky Island Bikes1712:04 PMCorporate TeamSky Island Bikes, ,
102432el grupo cinco1712:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeSooters Automotive, Beyond Bread,, ,
103545Blazing Saddles1712:10 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
104472Patrick Joseph Gregory David1712:10 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
105550Petunia Mafia1712:13 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
106481OuttaChimis1712:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
107520Fast, Furious and Fabulous1712:15 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
108766Apex1712:17 PMCorporate TeamApexNetwork Physical Therapy, ,
109271Team Davis1712:19 PMDuo Co-edBackcountry Bike & Ski, ,
110433Madness & Mayham1712:22 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
111729Lizard Bros1712:22 PMCorporate Team, ,
112456Arroyo Amblers1712:26 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
1134075280Fun1712:26 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
114420Why Can’t We Stop!1712:30 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Ben’s Bikes, Giant,
115488Marco....Polo1712:31 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
116724Royale With Cheese1712:32 PMCorporate TeamSandstone Industries, Anyway Bicycles,
117496The Best Team1712:34 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
118523Too slow, too old1712:35 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
119765Revchem Composites1712:39 PMCorporate TeamRevchem motorsports, ,
120746The Jolly Rogers1712:40 PMCorporate Team, ,
121499Velo Sonora1712:44 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
122778Hawesaholics1712:47 PMCorporate TeamHawesaholics, ,
123169Dave Harris1712:48 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleLW Coaching, ,
124719Psomas Psycling1712:57 PMCorporate Team, ,
125527Beyond Bonked1712:58 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
126707Wastin' Away Again in 24 HR Town171:06 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual, ,
127706Growing Older Not Up171:06 PMCorporate TeamCirrus Visual, ,
128722Ram Ranch Cowboys171:10 PMCorporate TeamShota's Mom, ,
129777Shrink It and Pink It171:15 PMCorporate Team, ,
130528Landshark171:16 PM4 Person Men OpenCertus, Durable, Invermex, ,
131265Suffering in Stereo171:17 PMDuo Male, ,
132400Till Twosday Bike Club171:25 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
133467Preskitt Derelicts171:26 PM4 Person Men OpenSynergy Wellness Center, ,
134495Outtabeers Hawaii171:29 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
135704Vicious Cycle Path1612:00 PMCorporate TeamPBF Brewery, Robs Arcade, Your Mom
136584Natty Ice1612:00 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
137758OffTheRoadAgain1612:00 PMCorporate TeamOtra, ,
138298Salty boyz1612:00 PMDuo MaleRevolution Racing, ,
139245Pink Pivot Power1612:01 PMDuo - FemaleWins Wheels, Pivot Cycles,
140781Smithco Heavy Haulers1612:01 PMCorporate Team, ,
141607Soldiers on Singletrack1612:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
142609Old and Winded1612:02 PM4 Person Men OpenV1 Real Estate Photography and Video, Home Pro LLC,
143104BRT RACE TEAM1612:02 PMSolo Male, ,
144516Ferocious Bunny1612:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
145713Hoosier Daddies1612:04 PMCorporate Team, ,
146702Pedal to the Medal1612:05 PMCorporate TeamTechnical Documentation Consultants of Arizona Inc., ,
147573No Endo's1612:05 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
148501Mid-Pack Winners1612:09 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
149531Up To Go Down1612:09 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
150732Not sure1612:13 PMCorporate Team, ,
151736HalfFast Cycling Club1612:13 PMCorporate Team, ,
153792Kicker Hitters1612:17 PMCorporate Team, ,
154479The Juicy Chollas1612:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
155247Suck Squeeze Bang Blow1612:19 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
156737Corduroy Boyz1612:22 PMCorporate Team, ,
157490Ain’t Misbehavin1612:27 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
158734DTM1612:33 PMCorporate Team, ,
159410Unbroken Bandits, The Break Up1612:35 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined AgeSundance Racing, Vail Mtb,
160552PB & Louie1612:36 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
16166Clarice Sayle1612:36 PMSolo Female, ,
162591Saddlesaurus1612:37 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
163598Team Santa Fe1612:41 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
164233Purple Watts1612:44 PMDuo - Female, ,
165525Push the Bush1612:46 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
166571Solar Flares1612:48 PM4 Person Men OpenSolar Gain, NEP,
167446Velo Sonora1612:50 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
168772DRA1612:58 PMCorporate TeamDragoon Brewing Company, Transit Cycles,
169568I FEEL GYPED1612:59 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
1707473AM Trainwreck161:05 PMCorporate Team, ,
171511Young n Crankin, Old n Spankin161:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
172202Tyler Pearce161:09 PMSolo Male, ,
173421Landsharts161:11 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
174716The six161:16 PMCorporate Team, ,
175427McDowell Family161:19 PM4 Person Men OpenPayson Orthodontics, ,
176442Unicorn Glitterluck161:27 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
177725Derailleur? I hardly know er!161:30 PMCorporate Team, ,
178439Baaad Hombres1512:00 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
179780Oral Valley?1512:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
18033Traci Giefer1512:02 PMSolo Female, ,
1812553am Regrets1512:02 PMDuo Male, ,
182402Phil's World1512:03 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Wist Business Supplies, Grivet Electric, warm gloves
183166DNT1512:03 PMSolo Male, ,
184506F Jeff1512:04 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
185230meandlittleme1512:04 PMDuo Male, ,
186474Ruffy Tuffy Crew1512:06 PM4 Person Men OpenCastelli, Factor,
187755Pivot Fire Chickens1512:09 PMCorporate Team, ,
188459Our Dogs Are Cuter Than Yours1512:11 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
189588GYST1512:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
190581Glacier Yetis1512:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
19161324 the Hard Way1512:14 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
192602Burrito Squirrel1512:15 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
193700Lunatic Fringe IX1512:16 PMCorporate TeamTMC, ,
194504Desert Remix1512:16 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
195483Desert Tecolotes1512:18 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
196537Meat Fruit1512:19 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
197444Up to Go Down1512:21 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
19891Brad Herauf1512:27 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
199608Our Staff Meeting is Better Than Yours!1512:35 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeArizona Trail Association, ,
200535Road to nowhere1512:39 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
201184Cry Babies1512:41 PMSolo Male, ,
20258Backcountry Bike and ski1512:44 PMSolo Male, ,
20390Melissa Newbrey1512:57 PMSolo - Single Speed Female, ,
204769Blood, Sweat, and Beers1512:58 PMCorporate TeamDunder Mifflin, ,
205617Breezy Storms1512:59 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
206448Wheels of Fire151:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
207512The Wolf Pack151:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
208559Four-skins151:29 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
20936I don't get tired, I just get hungry.151:38 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
210564Dirty Freaks1412:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
211793GEOST Spacely Space Sprockets1412:02 PMCorporate TeamGEOST, LLC, ,
2127286 Pickles1412:02 PMCorporate Team, ,
213583Redmption1412:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
214556Where Is Charly1412:02 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
215454Brian Whitney Dustin Kelly Daryl1412:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
216451Are You My Bad Girl?1412:03 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
217589Glazed and Confused1412:03 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
218436Lost Boys1412:03 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
219751Keyes for Clarity1412:04 PMCorporate Team, ,
220417Bikerpillar1412:04 PM4 Person Men OpenCaterpillar Inc., ,
221582All in the family1412:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
222593Flagstars1412:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
223141Who's Your Daddy?1412:10 PMSolo MaleMe, Myself, And I
2247645 Hard Tacos and 3 Soft Tacos1412:12 PMCorporate Team, ,
225423Big T and the Steezy Sleezy Beezies1412:17 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
226776Save Us, Antone!1412:18 PMCorporate Team, ,
227753Rumco Riders1412:20 PMCorporate TeamRummel Construction, Inc., ,
228409IT'S MY LAP AGAIN?1412:20 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
229775Life Behind Bars1412:24 PMCorporate Team, ,
230193#morekidsonbikes1412:24 PMSolo MaleCycle-Logical, Trek Bikes, Arkansas NICA
231710Caterpedaler1412:26 PMCorporate Team, ,
232530Operation Saddle Rash1412:27 PM5 Person Co-ed 0-149 Combined Age, ,
233187We are doing it1412:27 PMSolo Male, ,
234112Old Dirty Bear1412:30 PMSolo Female, ,
235784Soggy Bottoms1412:33 PMCorporate Team, ,
236443MSM21412:33 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
237743Fantasy Islanders1412:34 PMCorporate TeamAmerican Walk-in Coolers, ,
238473Panty Droppers1412:36 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
239248Ugly Christmas tree and chicken lady1412:40 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
240733Spartan Spinners1412:41 PMCorporate Team, ,
241715Banner UMC Emergency Medicine1412:42 PMCorporate Team, ,
242558Just Like Old Times1412:42 PM4 Person Men OpenPresta Coffee, OX Studios, Sami Investments, LLC
243549No Rest, More Beer1412:45 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
244615Half Stroke Short1412:45 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
245561Veritas Vacation Club141:01 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
246622High Level of Mediocrity141:05 PM4 Person - Single Speed, ,
247786Granite Chill Team141:06 PMCorporate TeamGranite Construction, ,
248295Tacos Donkeys141:10 PMDuo Male, ,
249580Spuds and Grubs141:15 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
250485Dusty Dirt Devils1312:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
251189Kelley Griffin1312:00 PMSolo Female, ,
252714CTFD1312:00 PMCorporate Team, ,
253120CZ racing1312:00 PMSolo Male, ,
254268Mitchell Mafia1312:01 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
25574Tim Davis1312:02 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
256570Team RamRod1312:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
257557Where’s The Honey1312:05 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
258468Cholla Magnetism1312:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
259560Cactus Rescue Unit1312:06 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
260754Ready for Shready1312:07 PMCorporate Team, ,
261709Can you Cactus?1312:08 PMCorporate Team, ,
262227PB POWERED1312:08 PMDuo Male, ,
263458OTRA 41312:14 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
264748Sexxxy Savvvy Sixxx1312:18 PMCorporate Team, ,
265757Team Hunter1312:20 PMCorporate Team, ,
266768Sparkle Farts1312:23 PMCorporate Team, ,
267453Monster Trike1312:24 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
268579Guys who ride bikes1312:28 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
2692702RetiredBikerBums1312:28 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
270723Merlins Magic Merkin Makers1312:37 PMCorporate Team, ,
271574Dirt Daddies1312:51 PM4 Person Men OpenSustainable Sonoran Landscapes, Carey Phoenix Limousine,
272452AYE GUAPOS1312:55 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+GUAC, ,
273794GEOSTationary Pedalers131:04 PMCorporate TeamGEOST, ,
274790Skunkadelic AF131:13 PMCorporate Team, ,
27529Mistakes Were Made131:14 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleAIMP Coaching, ,
276522The Crop Dusters131:20 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
277231A team with no name131:23 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
278471Long Table Brewhouse131:27 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
279774Peaches & Cream of sumyungi131:29 PMCorporate Team, ,
28044Sully131:36 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleRock N' Roll Lubrication, , Lupine lights, , Firefly Bicycles
281616Worst Pace Scenario131:58 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
282594Colozona1212:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
283198PeeBlood1212:00 PMSolo MaleGMBN, ,
284266Ginja Ninjas1212:00 PMDuo Male, ,
285461One More Last Time1212:01 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
286749Prescott Hose Draggers1212:02 PMCorporate TeamPrescott Firefighters Charities, ,
287513CNCPT TEAM1212:03 PM4 Person Men OpenEndo Customs, Cervelo, Raceface, Fox, Easton Cycling, Styrkr, ,
288425Willow Ufgood's Hippie-Foot Tree Squids1212:04 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
289297Slothduo1212:04 PMDuo Male, ,
290761Square Pegs, Round Wheels1212:04 PMCorporate Team, ,
291226The Buns1212:04 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
292176William Malpass1212:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
293524Granite Face1212:04 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
29431Howie1212:06 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
29596Ramon Cruz1212:09 PMSolo Male, ,
296303Monkey on Wheels1212:11 PMDuo Male 
297167chuck1212:11 PMSolo Male, ,
298185Knobby Side Down1212:13 PMSolo Female, ,
299553Smart Boobs x 21212:13 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
300301Fart knockers1212:14 PMDuo Male, ,
30163Amit Singh1212:16 PMSolo Male, ,
302760Glaciers for Grandkids1212:23 PMCorporate TeamSolar Gain Inc, ReCharge Energy, Develosol
303133Gnarwal1212:24 PMSolo Male, ,
304771Dude where's my kickstand?1212:29 PMCorporate Team, ,
305575Three Kings and a Queen1212:31 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
306779We Don't Need No Stinkin' Team Name1212:35 PMCorporate Team, ,
307759The Turn it up to 11's1212:35 PMCorporate Team, ,
308136Tucson Endurance RTC1212:50 PMSolo Male, ,
309491801 Riders1212:52 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
310159Team Dear Leg1212:54 PMSolo MaleBase Mountain Sports, Big Kitty Paradise,
311168Venga121:03 PMSolo Male, ,
312280Team406121:10 PMDuo Male, ,
31377Dan Bailey121:38 PMSolo Male, ,
31483Eric McLeskey1112:00 PMSolo Male, ,
315464Just Some Guys1112:00 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
316220Wingfield1112:01 PMDuo Male, ,
317526Mountain Bike Worldwide1112:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
318241Haoles1112:03 PMDuo Male, ,
319596Re-Lube Everything Inc.1112:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
320158Where's Buzz? Oh, on his e-bike.1112:08 PMSolo Female, ,
321701GEOST Ghosts1112:08 PMCorporate TeamGEOST LLC, ,
32262Bird1112:10 PMSolo Male, ,
323288La Sombra1112:11 PMDuo Male, ,
324445Fatso's Pizza1112:12 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
325532The Wild Bunch1112:13 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
326763Old Pueblo 5-O1112:14 PMCorporate Team, ,
327623Team Harrier1112:22 PM4 Person Men OpenThe AWS1 James Buriak Foundation, ,
328782Speed is Overrated1112:23 PMCorporate Team, ,
329735MSM1112:33 PMCorporate Team, ,
330114DEMO AN IBIS1112:34 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
331791Willow Springs Ranch Hands1112:36 PMCorporate Team, ,
332718Cinch 21112:44 PMCorporate TeamCinch Cycling, ,
333151Team Dear Leg1112:54 PMSolo MaleBase Mountain Sports, Big Kitty Paradise,
334601No Fork n'Brake1112:57 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
33561 Gear. 1 Rider. No Sleep111:09 PMSolo - Single Speed MalePhysioShop Tucson, ,
336614Waffle Stompers111:10 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
337462Blazing saddles111:18 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
338509Cabling Solutions Group111:45 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Cabling Solutions Group, ,
339731The Unwanted1012:01 PMCorporate Team, ,
34064Sancho Panza Racing1012:01 PMSolo Male, ,
341455Mud Misfits1012:01 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
342239Jackson & the FOG1012:01 PMDuo Male, ,
34314Cyclepath1012:01 PMSolo Male, ,
3442672 Amigos1012:01 PMDuo MaleThe Bike House San Clemente, ,
345477Drop the Hammer1012:02 PM4 Person Women Open, ,
346470Long Table Brewhouse1012:03 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Long Table Brewhouse, ,
347144Jeff Beaupre1012:03 PMSolo Male, ,
34894Dan Ferguson1012:03 PMSolo Male, ,
349113Michael Zachary1012:03 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
35059Do Think Learn1012:03 PMSolo Male, ,
351788Cranky Old Bastards1012:07 PMCorporate TeamIna Dentistry, ,
352131Caitlyn Kellog1012:07 PMSolo Female, ,
353408The Minimally Proficient1012:07 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
354157Daniel Etman1012:08 PMSolo Male, ,
355542Velo Sonora1012:08 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
356145Dirty Freaks1012:09 PMSolo Male, ,
357465Diamond Dawgs1012:09 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
358254Woo Chee Scream1012:15 PMDuo Male, ,
359411Shredsters de Tucson1012:31 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+LEO Armory Laser Engraving, Guru Bikes,
360562Speedy Slowpokes1012:50 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
361546Flight of the Borrachos Brothers1012:58 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
3626113 Beers, 2 Queers101:03 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeClean Up Papago, The Velo,
363127Cyclopath101:27 PMSolo Male, ,
364119Ty Pessin - CSG Racing101:45 PMSolo MaleCabling Solutions Group, ,
365116Brent Barret912:00 PMSolo Male, ,
366419Are we really going to race or just have some fun?912:00 PM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined AgeBicycle Ranch Tucson, ,
367554In Transition912:00 PM4 Person Men OpenThe Urban Home Team, Long Realty,
36875Joey Tu912:01 PMSolo Male, ,
369539MTBeers912:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
370476Rerouting912:02 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
371519Roy Kent Anger Management912:03 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
372107Vagabond Racing912:04 PMSolo MaleBegemann Racing Systems, ,
37335Pedaling Squares912:04 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
374278EasyRides Racing912:04 PMDuo Male, ,
375547Seven Barrel Sucker Punchers912:05 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
376416Cactus Stomperz912:05 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
377447Majority Minority912:06 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
378236The Procrastinators912:11 PMDuo Male, ,
379146Clint Smith912:11 PMSolo Male, ,
380551The Cool Arrows p/b Hank’s Tabernacle Bait ‘n Tackle912:13 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
381773GOON912:16 PMCorporate TeamDragoon Brewing Company, ,
382274Bad monkeys912:17 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
38311Marc M912:20 PMSolo Male, ,
384154I need a therapist912:21 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
3853Tooth Fixer912:27 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleDaniel C Sluyk Dentistry, ,
386457Nashville Dirty Birds912:30 PM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined AgeHattie B's Racing, Sweet Pig Custom Bikes,
387218Step Brothers912:37 PMDuo Male, ,
388595Late to the Party912:39 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
389179sam jam912:42 PMSolo Female, ,
39095Ben Westgate912:43 PMSolo Male, ,
391281Los cool-ones91:11 PMDuo Male, ,
392238Taint Scared812:00 PMDuo Male, ,
39337ONE MORE LAP!!812:00 PMSolo Male, ,
394234Chukar812:01 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
39572Tori Riemersma812:02 PMSolo - Single Speed Female, ,
396143Antonio Morales812:02 PMSolo Male, ,
3972252 Dudes 4 Hanging812:03 PMDuo Male, ,
39882Turd Ferguson812:04 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleSpam, Schlitz, Steel Panther
39956Eating dirt812:07 PMSolo Male, ,
400256MTB Trash812:07 PMDuo Male, ,
40127Lone Manatee812:17 PMSolo Male, ,
402103Nerd Herd Racing812:20 PMSolo FemaleDT Swiss, ,
40321Maria Vasquez812:21 PMSolo FemaleTres Pinas, The Freshly Minted, Carborocket
404250El Paso - Spanish for The Paso812:25 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
40626Shendo Cat Racing812:49 PMSolo Female, ,
407126Paul Calandrella812:52 PMSolo Male, ,
408567TEAM CHARITY CASE812:58 PM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+, ,
409181Solo Me81:15 PMSolo Female, ,
410228Walker Bros712:00 PMDuo MaleCenith Solutions, ,
411123Tara Bakker712:00 PMSolo Female, ,
412422Punch Drunk Monkeys712:01 PM4 Person Men OpenHandlebar Fabrication, ,
413242Four Balls and No Brains712:01 PMDuo Male, ,
41493Outta bounds - outta sense712:01 PMSolo Male, ,
41545FlyRink712:02 PMSolo MaleCBB Fruita, ,
41679Seth Watson712:05 PMSolo Male, ,
41724Fxck Cancer!712:05 PMSolo Male, ,
418149Trash Panda712:06 PMSolo Male, ,
419122More naps than laps712:07 PMSolo Male, ,
4202Crazy@60712:07 PMSolo MaleCasa de Mesquite VRBO, LLC, Desert Willow Ranch B&B, LLC,
421292Norsemen712:10 PMDuo Male, ,
42260Unretired Rhino712:20 PMSolo MaleMe, Myself, I
423717Null Sense712:23 PMCorporate TeamArizona Optical Metrology, ,
424224SLOAZMTBS712:34 PMDuo Male, ,
425232Gnar Shredderz712:43 PMDuo Male, ,
426286Wheelie Tired712:54 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
427102Jeri Starbuck71:03 PMSolo Female, ,
428171Logan Maxwell71:09 PMSolo Male, ,
42971One Accord Ministries71:15 PMSolo MaleUpstream Threads LLC, Calvary Chapel Oro Valley,
43020G-Man71:36 PMSolo MaleChristianCycling.org, ,
431201"Q"uesting71:42 PMSolo Malevoke tab, ,
43255Single Minded612:01 PMSolo Male, ,
433294David Tanner612:02 PMSolo Male, ,
434237Butch & Sundance612:04 PMDuo Male, ,
43567Tacocat612:05 PMSolo Male, ,
436284Jason H & Megan S612:05 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
437132Jack McBroom612:06 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleJack McBroom, Jack McBroom, Jack McBroom
43887Not sure about this612:10 PMSolo Male, ,
439172Type 2 Fun612:10 PMSolo Male, ,
440219Team ToDoIt612:12 PMDuo Malenone, ,
441249Entry Level612:14 PMDuo Male, ,
442160Cookie Balls612:16 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleHedo Rick, ,
44351Doug Hashier612:21 PMSolo MaleTres pinas, Handup gloves, Carborocket
444117Wilbanks612:22 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
44585Eric Wilkey612:23 PMSolo Male, ,
446222Shredsters de Tucson612:24 PMDuo Co-edLeo Armory Laser Engraving, Guru Bikes,
44723Tim German612:28 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
448259BuckBarian Brothers612:29 PMDuo Male, ,
449199Oldest and In The Way612:31 PMSolo Male, ,
450572Jackson & The FOG612:31 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
451269Where are the jumps612:34 PMDuo Male, ,
452291Hot Chicks in the Way 612:35 PMDuo - FemaleMithril Restorations, ,
45380Oracle Mountain Gearheads612:36 PMSolo Male, ,
454300TimeFlys612:37 PMDuo Male, ,
455140DESERT SHARP612:41 PMSolo Male, ,
456174David Meyer612:51 PMSolo Male, ,
457161Conrad Loney612:53 PMSolo Male, ,
458118Derek Brockett61:03 PMSolo Male, ,
459197Slow Roll61:20 PMSolo Male, ,
46088Tour de Heart62:04 PMSolo Female, ,
461216Team ToDoIt Also512:03 PMDuo Male, ,
462221ToDoIT Too512:12 PMDuo Male, ,
46365Quack Attack512:15 PMSolo Male, ,
4644Cyborg Meets Mr. Incredible512:18 PMSolo Male, ,
46528Yay Booze!512:20 PMSolo Male, ,
46654Heather Catlin512:22 PMSolo Female, ,
467263Older And In The Way512:31 PMDuo MaleMithril Restorations, ,
46813More Gears Than Friends512:35 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
4698La estrella de muerta512:44 PMSolo FemaleSundance Racing, Vail Mtb,
470135just me512:53 PMSolo Male, ,
4717Problem Yeah I Got A Big Problem512:55 PMSolo Male, ,
472246Tim & Toast512:59 PMDuo Male, ,
473262The Committee51:20 PMDuo - Female, ,
474124Craig Bakker412:00 PMSolo Male, ,
47515Robert Cole412:01 PMSolo Male, ,
476130Anthony Casarona412:01 PMSolo Male, ,
477190Quadzilla412:03 PMSolo Female, ,
478147Cranky Cycling Race Team412:04 PMSolo MaleMy Wife, ,
479148Jeff Foster412:04 PMSolo MaleWhite Mountain Backflow LLC, ,
48039Duane Sempson412:05 PMSolo Male, ,
481177Wandering Heaps Clan412:07 PMSolo Male, ,
48278Twin 1412:47 PMSolo MaleMy Twin, My Girlfriend, My Trucks
483139Robbie Brimhall412:53 PMSolo Male, ,
484128Charity Case/LCR Misphits312:03 PMSolo Male, ,
485106Cactus Whisperers312:04 PMSolo Male, ,
486111Jared Wright312:04 PMSolo Male, ,
487164Robert Doubler312:04 PMSolo Male, ,
48881Two Wheels, One Chafed Taint312:11 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleDrunkcyclist, Flat Tire Bike Shop, Landis Cyclery, Your Mom
48932Twin 2312:47 PMSolo MaleMy wallet., ,
490604Operations out for a ride312:59 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
49176Desert Fantom31:10 PMSolo Male, ,
492137The Lawless Runner32:10 PMSolo Male, ,
493142Sore Butts, Numb Nuts212:02 PMSolo Male, ,
49438Tex Mex212:05 PMSolo Male, ,
49548Rollin' Fatty21:09 PMSolo Male, ,
49668Don't call us roadies11:15 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF489Calero168:40 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
DNF603Los Pitudos1511:03 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF4943 Men and a Baby138:08 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF437Sometimes Fast138:31 AM5 Person Co-ed 200-249 Combined Age, ,
DNF590Velociposse1211:02 AM5 Person Co-ed Total Ages 250+Slate Rock & Gravel Co., ,
DNF508PNW Rockers1110:29 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
DNF125The Hammer101:11 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF251Tuesday Moto102:10 AMDuo MaleJohn Shelton, Inc., ,
DNF108Specialized Canada104:28 AMSolo FemaleSpecialized Canada, Gruppo Nutrition, Ski Base
DNF100Cory Fagerholm1010:22 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF720Toadie's Wild Ride92:31 AMCorporate Team, ,
DNF721Narpoleptics93:06 AMCorporate Team, ,
DNF770JRM HEATING & AIR98:25 AMCorporate Team, ,
DNF69Brian Elander89:29 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF544Crack Monkeys811:54 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF51840681:26 AM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF435Prickly Pear Pacers81:48 AM5 Person Co-ed 150-199 Combined Age, ,
DNF16Schultz85:15 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF767NORTHLINK SERVICES89:41 AMCorporate Team, ,
DNF730El Carnaval73:18 AMCorporate Team, ,
DNF19I MuSSt Mullet Over68:16 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleFlat Tire Bike Shop, My Beautiful Wife,
DNF42The Kitty Song610:32 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF200Toby611:13 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF299Transcendental Pie612:01 AMDuo Co-edBushwhack Design, ,
DNF61Team Coco66:43 AMSolo Female, ,
DNF756CZ Racing56:34 PMCorporate Team, ,
DNF240Coop & Co58:36 PMDuo Male, ,
DNF555How many Polak’s Does it take ?59:20 PM4 Person Men Open, ,
DNF293The Hooties!512:33 AMDuo Co-ed, ,
DNF41Chase Me Down!510:21 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF1Gary Epple46:07 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
DNF257The Wheel Deal49:37 PMDuo Co-ed, ,
DNF10El Huevo Ranchero49:18 AMSolo MaleMy Wife, Kids,
DNF285Dominos49:30 AMDuo Co-ed, ,
DNF739Pinal Pounders49:42 AMCorporate Team, ,
DNF165George Deckey410:11 AMSolo Male, ,
DNF235Wyld Stallyns411:32 AMDuo Male, ,
DNF178Recovery Rider411:32 AMSolo MaleEast Valley Recovery Adventures, ,
DNF449One Lap Wonders411:37 AM4 Person Women Open, ,
DNF183Solo Susie35:26 PMSolo - Single Speed Female, ,
DNF182B-Dub36:27 PMSolo MaleB&S, ,
DNF40RunningMan2736:55 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF244Otter 84137:41 PMDuo Male, ,
DNF121Uno CG Loco39:53 AMSolo MaleRound Trip Bike Shop Casa Grande, Youth On Track Cycling,
DNF277Wonderful Suffering311:04 AMDuo MaleDori Coetzee, Lynda. Hurlow,
DNF9CAPTAIN COSMO aka "Hit The Kicker"!!!22:33 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleRoca Roja Bicycles, Flat Tire Bike Shop, AZD
DNF1013 Pillars Performance Group22:38 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
DNF105Rene Gomez24:25 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF258Stallion Tamers24:39 PMDuo - Female, ,
DNF134Alta25:22 PMSolo - Single Speed Male, ,
DNF97Club Solomander25:47 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF152Dan Flashes29:37 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF17Guero Canelo11:21 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF84The Caveman!12:00 PMSolo Male, ,
DNF170Solapas16:54 PMSolo - Single Speed MaleZulka, Morena all natural sugar,